Best Food For Your Cats

Wet, dry, canned? When it comes to choosing cat food, you have dozens upon dozens of options regarding packaging. And, let’s not even get started with the brand names (and marketing competition companies play) when it comes to choosing the right food for your feline friends. So, let’s step back and take a look at what you should look for, and what to avoid when feeding cats.

Go canned over dry
If possible, canned food is the way to go. Yes, it is pricier, but it is far superior for your cat’s health.

Some of the negatives which you should keep in mind as it pertains to dry food include:

  • It is too low in water content.
  • It is far too high in carbohydrate content.
  • It is highly preserved (to extend the shelf life).

In addition to this, dry foods are usually too high in plant-based, versus meat-based proteins. So, your pet isn’t getting the essential nutrients they need to thrive, and for optimal health levels. Dry foods being heavily processed are also put through temperature extremes (high temperatures) which further kills off nutrients your cat isn’t getting from their dry food mix.

Cats are felines, meaning they are carnivores. So, when choosing foods, look for those which are animal based, rather than plant-based for the proteins your pet will receive. It provides good nutritional support, and is easier for your cat to metabolize, and provides the complete range of amino acids your cat should be getting, which it isn’t getting from plant-based proteins alone.

This is an important nutrient found in animal protein which isn’t found in plant proteins. It can lead to deficiencies if your cat doesn’t get enough. Deficiencies can cause blindness as well as heart problems in your cat. So when choosing your wet, canned foods for your cat, make sure this is a leading nutrient (ingredient) when you are reading the back of the label.

Of course, every company is going to market, and try to sell you their food, as being the “optimal” or “healthiest” option for your cat. With this in mind, you simply have to understand the basics and know what to look for when purchasing cat food. So, keep these factors/attributes in mind, to ensure you get the best quality, the highest protein content, and to ensure the best foods are fed to your cat routinely.

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