Nov 28

I assist a lot of women in choosing items for their wardrobes in Black Cat at SoLia Boutique, our Black Cat showroom and store-front boutique in Rochester, NY and I cannot tell you how many plus size women are self-conscious of wearing clothes that have bright colors. Our Y.A.S.B. Kimono Sleeve Top is a perfect example of color and great style. This top has a wonderful fit and is a key piece to add to any wardrobe.

What a bad time to be self-conscious of wearing color! For the next few seasons, colorful separates and dresses are all you will see! Fall is full of color and wait until Spring! I compare wearing colorful clothing to getting used to wearing a RED lipstick shade. Most of us who wear make up, started off by wearing more subtle lipstick shades and as we got used to having some color on our lips we were able to deepen the color and perhaps back off the intensity of color on our eyes and cheeks so that we can play up one feature!

The same concept applies to our clothing choices. A step-by-step plan to integrate color into your wardrobe: Start off by using colorful accessories to accent your outfits. Show your personality with a colorful piece of jewelry or scarf. As you get more comfortable with how color looks on you, add a colorful top with solid color pants. Remember for pants, especially if you are wider on the bottom, the darker the leg, the more slim the silhouette. If you have a larger bust and want to minimize, use a darker top than bottom to slim your silhouette on top. Then concentrate on finding bottoms that are more coloful! For example our wrap tie dress with a Pucci Print Bottom is a perfect example.

In time, and as you receive more compliments on your clothing choices and gain more confidence, you will find that you will integrate colorful prints and solids into your wardrobe. If you are not sure what colors look best on you, spend some time with a personal shopper to help train your eye. However, I have found that most women know instinctively what colors look best on them. Remember, we do not have to be banished to wearing dark colors anymore. It is a myth and it is outdated thinking and we need to stop it. If you have worn basic colors start with my suggestion to focus on accessories and then move to clothing pieces. You will find wearing clothing you feel fabulous in is so much fun! Have Fun! Let me know how your challenge is going! Jodell