Jan 26

Back to Denim: I was reading Women’s Wear Daily Lifestyle Monitor Column yesterday and this week’s column talked about how women, nearly 70% of them, prefer to wear denim jeans rather than casual slacks. That’s me!! How about you???

The average number of jeans a women owns is now 9 pairs. I counted in a previous post how many jeans I had, I think since then I have added another style and color.

Please, Don’t tell my husband! I just LOVE jeans!

In our quest to find the best of the best each season, I still cannot talk enough about the Svoboda Cate Jeans.

As I sit and type I am wearing the Svoboda Cate in Black. I just went out to dinner in them, paired it with a jacket and casual tee underneath and instant cool outfit. I have to twist my customers arms to try the jeans on in our store-front store. I think it is because they are not the typical style of jean, but they are oh so flattering on. The wide band minimizes and flattens the stomach and the butt, the butt looks great! Gives it curve appeal!! :)

And I also love it when important people who know a lot more than I do–agree with me!

Alison Sokolove, fashion editor for The Tobe Eports, says, “Creating the right fit for the plus-size ia a tough undertaking. Svoboda denim does it best since they already specialize in plus sizes.”

So… Try the jeans!! Just try them. You have probably several other pairs of the classic style, but think a bit more dressy, a bit more tailored and you have the Cate Jean. Mention that you saw this blog and we’ll include a free gift in with your purchase. It’s a gift for finding the smartest pair of jeans!!

What do women really want in their jeans? Think about what you look for when buying a pair of jeans. Most of us, according to the survey that Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor conducted recently, look at the fit, cut and length as the number one priority. Quality and durability is second and comfort is third. Is that how you would rank your priorities for jean purchases?

The Cate is a classic exanple of great fit, great quality and great comfort. I remember lying on the BED to put a pair of jeans on back in the…never mind. A number of years ago-when I was a mere child!

Designers are getting the fact that plus size women wants to look as fashionable as their smaller size counterparts. Remember, the Svoboda Cate is the first place to go for a jean that is not your average jean! Stay tuned we are on the prowl for the spring’s hottest jean. We’ll keep you posted! Jodell

Jan 19
How To Look Good Naked
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How To Look Good Naked. Yup, that is the name of the show. You know the one with Carson Kressly? I love that show. I love its spirit, I love the message, I love the transformation of the women on that show both inside and out and I love that the message is loud and clear if you choose to look beyond your nose and hear what it is trying to say!

I will say it again. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I just read a review and I cannot even remember by whom to be honest or where, only that it was on the internet. When I went back to try and find it again, I cannot and that is making me even madder right now as I am furiously typing away. So when I calm down I will try to find it again. The review talked about how the women on the show should be encouraged to lose weight. OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE! That is NOT the point! For once, that is not the point or the message of this show.

I do not want to have one more woman come in here and apologize for her size. And by the way, I am not ONLY talking about plus size women who come into our boutique and do that. I had a size eight in here today who stopped trying on jeans because the eights did not fit in the two styles I grabbed. It was my fault and I grabbed the wrong size…..”I will come back later, I will lose ten pounds, I will feel better, ” she says.


To me, the point of this show is self acceptance. Self acceptance is the key to understanding who we are. Once we understand who we are-we can be who we are–we can then choose to truly live who we are–it is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and those we love–to be who we are. No matter what size we are. YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, capable enough. Just live it. Don’t wait to lose ten pounds, gain ten pounds, get hair colored or not colored. You are enough right now. Celebrate it. Jodell

Jan 11

I have received several emails asking for more information about Black Cat Plus’s Authentic Woman Model Search Contest. There is no catch!! We are just looking for women to grace the pages of our new site.

As a trainer and speaker on women’s leadership issues, I have discussed the concept of self-esteem many times and how self-esteem is central to our success in life. With that concept in mind, we have decided to portray women who are dedicated to being their own unique, authentic selves.

And, we want to show the world that confidence comes in all shapes and sizes, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and that true beauty comes from within.

We are excited to announce the Black Cat Plus Search for the Authentic Woman Model Search Contest!

Yes, we are on the prowl for models to grace our cat walk for our Spring ’08 Collection! http://www.blackcatplus.com/

The requirements: Models must be 21 years of age, at least a size 12, must be willing to come to our showroom boutique in Rochester, NY and must provide a full length photograph in jpeg format. In addition models must answer two questions in short answer 500 word essay format: What is the best lesson I ever learned and how do I live an authentic life? Accomodations, ground transportation, and meals will be provided for the two day photo session. Contest deadline is March 15, 2008. Models will receive a $500 wardrobe credit for their services!

It could be you!! For details go to our customer service page on our website to find out more information. http://stores.blackcatplus.com/Service.bok Black Cat Plus offers stylish, contemporary fashions for plus size women. If you want to wear the latest and greatest styles in contemporary fashions, contact us! We would love to hear your story of how you keep it real and see you walk our cat walk!! Jodell

Jan 6

One word. Quality. Sonya, owner of SoLia Boutique and I were having a conversation this afternoon about quality of clothing and what makes an article of clothing so expensive? In the age of disposable fashion, we are so used to cheaper quality that sometimes when we see a higher quality and higher priced garment we are in shock!

As our tastes mature, we get used to quality over quantity. I remember when I first started working right out of college, I was in the discount stores every weekend buying clothes. Now I would much rather have three to five key signature pieces to work into my wardrobe than several pieces that I will have to throw out because they have worn out.

To train your eye, start looking at fabric, workmanship and overall style. Close your eyes and feel the fabric. Look at the fabric and see how it drapes across your body. Compare fabrics–is it shiny-sometimes, not all of the time, sheen can be an indication of a cheaper fabric. How does the fabric feel against your skin? Is the fabric soft such as the Modal cotton tees from Kiyonna that our customers love and we sell so much of in our store. http://stores.blackcatplus.com/Categories.bok?category=Kiyonna.

Take a look at workmanship-how are the seams finished, and evaluate the quality of the overall garment? Do you have to dry clean the fabric or is it machine or hand washable–sometimes that makes a difference in price? How about the zippers and buttons?—do you have a hard time pulling up the zipper or buttoning the buttons? Canadian Designer, Linda Lundstrom, has some of the best quality workmanship I have ever seen. Take a look at her pieces on our site. http://stores.blackcatplus.com/Categories.bok?category=Linda+Lundstrom. There is not a single item that is unfinished and each item of hers can be a staple in this season’s wardrobe. Her pieces are show stopper pieces for sure!

Also, take a look at where the garment is made. A garment made in the U.S., Canada, or Europe is simply going to cost more.

For plus size women, clothing quality is so essential to looking our very best. We cannot get away with cheap, unflattering pieces of clothing. This year make a promise to yourself to pay attention to what you are wearing and how you are dressing. Does your outfit make you look and feel your best. If not, take it off and donate it! Yes, you can still lose those ten or twenty pounds by all means, but dress for right now. It is the truth that people judge us by how we look. It is about confidence and how confident we are when we are wearing clothes that are made well and that we wear well.

Here’s a practical suggestion for the New Year! Evaluate your closet and take a look at where you can add a few “keeper” pieces of your own that can be mixed or matched with anything in your wardrobe. Looking to donate old suits and career separates? Dress For Success, our favorite charity is the place. Go to our site for info or http://www.dressforsuccess.org/ for additional info. For those customers who donate in January, take 10% off of your order on www.blackcatplus.com! Use Code DFS when checking out! Jodell