Feb 22
Seasonless Dressing
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Svoboda’s Valerie Jacket and Charlotte Pant at The Black Cat Plus Four Seasons Boutique

Back from the Trade Shows! We saw some great new items to help you fill your closet with great essential pieces this coming spring!

Yes, pics are coming soon and you will be able to pre-order your favorites! Don’t be left out!

Small boutiques such as ours have limited quantities and we want you to have the pieces you cannot live without.

Of particular Fashion Interest—You will find this coming season a trend towards fashionable clothes that are considered seasonless. What is seasonless dressing? Seasonless dressing offers clothes that can be worn year-round, taken from spring to summer to fall and depending upon where you live–even part of the winter. With our climate getting warmer as a whole and our desire to wear lighterweight clothing, designers and clothing manufacturers have responded with fabrics such as Modal and combed cotton that can be worn throughout the year. Over the next few days we will be adding our Four Seasons Category to our site. A perfect example above: Svoboda’s Valerie Jacket and Charlotte Pant. This jacket and matching pant can be worn year round.

For now, check out http://stores.blackcatplus.com/Categories.bok?category=Kiyonna our Kiyonna clothing boutique leads the way in seasonless dressing.

We have chosen over 20 items to begin this category. It is just another way to offer another alternative in lifestyle dressing for our customers.

Feb 16

Hi From Las Vegas!! The CFO—Chief Fashion Officer and our buyers from Black Cat Plus are at our second Magic trade show. It has been a crazy week! And fun to see what is ahead!

By the way, I found out what Magic stands for. Men’s Apparel Guild Association of California. However, there are not just men’s fashions at Magic. Picture a trade show with miiiiiiles of clothing, accessories, shoes. It is impressive… and for retailers an efficient way to do business and to get an overview of trends in fashion.

It is the place where we conduct the business of fashion–where Wall Street and the fashion industry come together and it takes place twice a year, once in August and once now in February. Above is a picture from one of the many fall fashion shows. I could not get anywhere NEAR the stage, so we took it from a staircase…not the greatest, but you can get an idea as to how many people attend and how extensive the show is.

There are 120,000 attendees from every country and representatives from 5000 brands and 4000 companies and 20,000 product lines –That is Magic in itself! There’s your history lesson. :)

The message is loud and clear and what you will see this coming season and in the seasons ahead are Eco-friendly fashions in the form of organic fabrics, textures that are remniscent of nature, and colors that reflect our commitment to our environment.

We are not just talking about clothing from socially responsible companies who care for our environment, but clothing that is woven from natural fibers and where the processing does not hurt our environment.
We have begun to build our eco-friendly fashion category at Black Cat Plus. We are seeking out the best in eco friendly plus size fashions and have found several new vendors who are environmentally responsbile AND fashion forward. In the coming weeks, we are excited for you to see what we have found. This is a movement that when combined with the casual lifestyle and seasonless dressing concept is here to stay!
More as it happens! Jodell

Feb 9

Ash and Sara’s Floral Mod Print Tee Buy at Black Cat Plus

Linda Lundstrom’s Pretty Leaves Dress at Black Cat Plus

On my way to Magic in Las Vegas: No, I am not going to a show for Magicians! Although sometimes, I think our job in retail is to create Magic for our customers!

Magic is the trade show where retailers do their buying for the next season ahead. It is exciting and fun to go to trade shows. Picture miles and miles and miles of clothing. Fun, but tiring.

In this case, the next season we are shopping for is Fall ’08. Yes, Fall ’08..

Most importantly, we are also putting the final touches on our Spring ’08 Collections.

For now, we are focused on Spring ’08. In the next month, at http://www.blackcatplus.com/, you will see our edited collections of the best of the best of we believe are show stoppers for Spring ’08. We are almost done searching for THE LOOKS that you cannot live without!

So stay tuned, we will post pictures of our collections as our shipments arrive.

For now, think about what you want to add or incorporate into your wardrobe for Spring. Hard to tell from just a few paragraphs here, I know.

But, there is a new wave of fashion developing, a bit of romance this Spring that has a spirit of kinder, gentler times. Florals, solids, art deco patterns, and pastels. And just when you think that the tone is subdued, you will find colors that POP mixed in.

It is my favorite time of year–the promise of things to come.

And while you are at it. Don’t forget to check out our Winter Clearance Sale with lines from Linda Lundstrom, Pure & Co., Kiyonna, and More.

Now is the time to try some of the items that you have been waiting for to go on sale and fill your closet with great items.

More as it happens from Las Vegas! I can’t wait! Jodell
Feb 3

News From the Back Alley:
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