Apr 24

Want a suggestion for a way to be cost-conscious and right in style without breaking the bank?

Add one item this season to your wardrobe! A topper such as a Jacket or a Vest!

Jackets and vests are wardrobe builders that can go high-style or casual.

Jackets can be in such fabrics as denim, linen, silk or cotton twill. Take a look at our Kaktus cotton twill Picasso and Minstral Jackets! They are a colorful, playful and fun pieces that we could not resist!

Don’t want anything too heavy?? Try adding a lighweight laying piece which is perfect for summer. Our Belush cutwork detail jacket is a great option at a Me-WOW Price!

Need to attend a special occasion and want to wear a basic color and fabric underneath a jacket? Try a fabric that is elegant and refined such as silk! Our Rising Phoenix Jacket is a real show stopper and qualifies as wearable art! You will not see this jacket on other attendees!

A few fit tips: Make sure that the jacket is long enough to and large enough in the upper arms to fit. There is nothing worse than to have a too-short jacket as it ruins the whole silhouette.

Also, back in style-the vest!! We went high style with our vest choice this season. Vests can actually be found in the same fabrics as the jacket and a wonderful piece that can top off an outfit.
Happy Shopping!! Jodell

Apr 13

WOW! I was so excited to see that the latest copy of Vogue featured the SHAPE issue. And then I read it…

Ok, to be fair, I will be positive first. I have written this entry about ten times because every time I re-read it, I came off as sounding haughty and pissed, so I would start again. And I am not a haughty and pissed kind of person as I don’t think that accomplishes anything to do with positive change. The tone I am trying for is exasperated and flabbergasted because I don’t think this concept is difficult to understand or hard to pull off. So picture me exasperated and flabbergasted here because I need to get this written.

It was so great to see that a fashion “bible” such as Vogue is dedicating an issue to shape and featuring an article entitled, “Dressing For Every Shape From Size 0-16.” Great for the 14′s and 16′s. I am glad to see that those sizes are being included.

Not so great for me because I am an 18! And what about 20, 22, 24 and up? We all wear clothes last I checked?

I was eager to read about dressing for your body type, since at Black Cat Plus we are always on the lookout for silhouette info as we include silhouette info in our plus size contemporary clothing descriptions. And, the 87 Swimsuits to Flatter Every Figure article? Every figure…not so much.

The five different body types mentioned in Vogue? Tall, Pregnant, Thin, Curvy, and Short.

And the rest of us? Some of us do read Vogue?

In Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour’s Letter from the Editor she talks about the young models on the runways at the recent New York fall fashion week collections. She said, “Overall, they were pale and thin, and entirely lacking in the joyfulness and charm that once defined the supermodels. This is, of course, not their fault: Designers now near-uniformly favor a non-vivacious, homogenous ideal.”

Note to Designers and Vogue: Ever see the plus size models? Not pale and thin. And joyful and charming is an understatment!! They look as though they are glad to be there and are glad to be who they are!

Wintour urged designers to to “consider athleticism and vitality as assets in the wearing of great fashion.”

P.S. to Vogue: How about we add, “full figured and vivacious?”

We’re here…please see us!


Apr 7

Pressed for time in the morning and want to grab something quick and easy to wear? How about this spring’s essential for stylish, contemporary plus size fashions?? Consider semi-tailored, close fitting dresses in either a wrap, belted shirtdress or sheath style are sure to be popular this season and must-have pieces to add to any wardrobe. Note in our blackcatplus descriptions which silhouette is flattering to your shape. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, there are plenty of choices this spring in dresses from prints to solids–bold and muted and everything in between. Why do dresses continue to stay in our boutiques and in our closets??
#1–They are easy to wear!! You do not have to think to coordinate!! Pick a dress and grab a bag and shoes and you are off to work!
#2–They are business-like and give you freedom to work and you can show a glimpse of your personality with details on the dress or adding accessories.
#3–They are longer and have more volume than in past, seasons which can easily be taken from day from work, luncheons, out for dinner, weekend party, and shopping to evening–parties and dinner dates! You can wear a dress over trousers or pair with tights and high heels.
Want a change of pace?? Incorporate two-piece dresses and skirt sets to mix and match your wardrobe.
You are sure to find a dress this season that is vesatile and can be used for work and many other occasions. Want to be on the best dressed list?? Check out our dress category on black cat plus—we are adding more styles each week. Happy Dressing!! Jodell