May 24

Can’t wait–this weekend marks the official start of hot, summer nights, playful days, and memorable moments to treasure for a lifetime.

So, what do you have to do this summer? I have to teach business courses at two of our local colleges, run my web and consulting businesses, clean up around the house–actually I am looking forward to that one :) it was a long winter wasn’t it?, buy for black cat plus’s fall season and see what is in store for Spring ’09, finalize our private label product line, finalize our next model search contest-attorneys take forever to review…reamp our web site…btw–all suggestions and input are welcome on that one..send them to, go to Chicago and New York City, attend a few summer concerts, visit with friends and family, take one of our show cats to get his champion status, get back to doing yoga and pilates on a regular basis, eat regular meals instead of eating while standing up, talking on the phone, or sitting in front of the computer…and look forward to spending time with my husband every day and especially when we go on our summer Vegas vacation.
Whew! That is a lot! But I cannot wait!! I love summer! What will I WEAR to all of these events?

I have a checklist of things to bring with me to the various events…capris are still a hot item for plus size women. Remember to go to a bit longer length if you are short. Pressed for space in a suitcase? Take a set that you can mix and match with other items. We love the casual yoga inspired sets from Neon Buddha and Kaktus. Want to show off your legs?? Try our Nina Nguyen anklet. Nina made extra long lenth just for us! I love mine and wear it all of the time. The gemstones in the anklet are so pretty. I have to start packing now!!

How about you?? What do you have to do this summer? Let Black Cat Plus help you make memorable moments!!

Oh and here’s our memorable moments promotion!! Sign up on our mailing list and receive a coupon for $20 off any regular priced apparel item and give us one suggestion and we will make it TWO $20 coupons!! Come ‘on!! Help us to our goal of being the #1 Plus Size Web Boutique for contemporary plus size fashions!! We can do it with your help!!

Oh–and one more thing to add to the list–one more week until I attend the premier of Sex and the City with friends!! More as it happens…

May 14

Just a couple of real quick things. A bit of this and that this week. Tells you where my mind is at!

Quick shameless product plug here! But we are excited to have our Kristine Accessories back in stock!

Finally!! We have our new shipment of the infamous flat wallets back on our site! Fun colors in turquoise, hot pink, and lime and the staple colors of beige, black and the metallics! Check them out when you get a sec. Why do we love them? They are flat and do not take up a lot of room at all in your purse and you would not believe all of the stuff that you can get in them. And while you are at it, from Kristine–check out the square bangle bracelets, stackable and a different twist on a favorite accessory.

In other news, we are getting ready to finalize our fall buying plan! Can’t wait for you to see what we have in “store” no pun intended here :) for you for Fall!

Want a hint or two? What will you see? It is official that Floral prints, natural shades and black will be strong this Fall and separates, especially jackets and blouses, will be key pieces. We’re working on it!

Speaking of separates? Take inventory now to see what what can transition easily from spring to summer to fall. I love reading my surveys and I recently read that tops out-number bottoms in women’s closets by a 3 to 1 margin. Does your closet reflect those stats? Mine does. I also have had jackets that I have had around for years that I still wear. How about you?

Our best sellers this week have been Fenini, Kaktus, and once again the awesome Kiyonna line.

For those of you who have inquired about our next modeling contest? We are working on it! Expect to find details on our home page at the end of June 08 for our fall campaign.

In the meantime, we have a contest going on. Sign up now on and we will email you a $20 off coupon good towards any full price item worth $40 or more that we have on our site!! We love our customers!! And want YOU as one of our preferred customers!!


May 8
Tailor Made
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A girl’s best friend? A good tailor. Tailoring is a necessary piece to dressing well. Recently, a local customer saw something on my web site that she absolutely loved. However, when she tried it on, the two piece garment looked big and unkept on her frame. She was crushed as she really loved the fabric and the garment. So, I suggested she buy it and take it to the tailor to see what he said he could do with the skirt set. If she did not like the suggestions, she could bring the item back and I would refund her purchase. I gave her the names of two tailors I work with and trust would do a good job.

Don’t know a good tailor in your area? Ask around and try them out by starting with a no problem alteration such as taking in a hemline or taking in a skirt at the waist. Watch while they pin the garment and be clear with them about how you want that garment to look.

My customer? The end result was spectacular!! The tailor “trimmed” the side seams and took in about four inches total, added more ornate buttons and took up the hemline. The outfit looked totally different on my customer and she loved the results.

What kinds of things can be taken to the tailor without a lot of cost? The easier pieces are dresses, pants, and suits or separates that are not too difficult to work with.

Really like a piece that is too small? Buy two and have a tailor insert fabric from the extra garment. A good tailor can get that garment to look as it was tailor made! In cost-conscious times, take a look at your wardrobe and see if there is anything that you can have re-worked for a totally new look and new outfit!! More as it happens! Jodell

May 1

Ok!! Checking in real quick this week!! So much to do here at BCP!! Thanks to our customers–we have doubled our sales this month!! YAY!! We look forward to bringing you up and coming designers, hot, hot, hot accessories, and flattering plus size contemporary fashions!! Thanks so much for the encouragement and support!! It has been a fun journey!
Ready? Get the pen!
The next installment of spring and summer must-haves!!
#1 on our list and now yours!–A great, basic, white shirt. We KNOW you need one. You know you need one! You have probably worn your other one to death and it is ready for the give-away pile. Crisp, tailored and even sheer for evening. A simple shirt is the answer to your prayers. Well, we found one that fits and is anything but ordinary!! We love our Fenini Asymetrical Shirt pictured above.
You’ll also notice what we call a bit of “Flounce” details this spring and summer. Yes, you do too know what we mean!! Ruffles and bows and all things that we thought about when we were young fashionistas in training! A bit of flounce is perfect to add just a hint of femininity. Check out the details in tops and dresses. Sleeves, hemlines, necklines that is where you will see a bit of flounce!
A must have item– full skirts in wonderful patterns. Flowered, printed in abstracts as shown above, plaids, stripes, they work for work or for a picnic outside! Pair with a basic top and you have QUITE the outfit! Just remember, full on the bottom needs a close-fitting top to strike the right pose–i.e. balance! And as for hemlines, up, down and everything in-between!! Anything goes!!
And for shoes….you may want to check out a pair of wedges especially if you need height, like a pump. Wedges are comfortable just like a flat. They are so right with everything casual from long skirts to short shorts!!
Have a wide foot?? Check out Jodell’s favorite store for wide shoes. Leonard’s Wide Shoes in Las Vegas!! Wait, you do not have to travel to Vegas. Well, you can if you want. Remember what happens in Vegas… You can order on the web!! Leonard used to live in Rochester and went to the same high school as Jodell!
There’s Trivia for you!! Great products and great service at Leonard’s!!
P.S. We have more items coming in for Mother’s Day!! Wait until you see our Yoga wear and for early summer–more Wraps!!
More as it happens!! Jodell