Sep 20

I always use this part of the year as a time to re-define my personal and business goals and to re-new my sense of personal style. This Fall is a time for renewal as we look to fashion to help us reaffirm our sense of style and give us stability as we manage through uncertain times.

This season, you will take your front row seat on our Catwalk at a Fashion Show designed just for you. You will be able to see firsthand what our CFO (Chief Fashion Officer) and buying team believes is the best of the best for Plus Size Fashion for Fall 2008.

We have tried to eliminate S.A. S. or Shopping Anxiety Syndrome to save you time and money (and gas) and help you decide which key pieces are best to add to your wardrobe.

The curtain is about to open and the show is about to begin. What can you expect? Bohemian Chic, Floral prints (although much more subdued than in previous seasons), Active-wear influences, Animal Prints, Menswear and Retro Glam influence, Environmentally conscious fabrics, Metallic’s representing Mother Nature and Earth and a touch of Artistry, Exploding Brights, and Mysterious Darks with the color purple taking center stage.

All of these items combine with a sense of taste and elegance that can easily transcend from season to season and allow you to get more wear from your wardrobe. You will also see many of these silhouettes, patterns, textures, colors, and hues carried over into a renewed love of separates from coats to tops and skirts to handbags and accessories.

What are excited that our designers have successfully and tastefully translated these elements into plus size fashion and it is perfection personified. Having a Shape is IN! And, we have Shape and we know how to use it!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the show in your front row seats!

See You On the Catwalk! Jodell