Nov 30
Celebrity Style
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Offering style tips, celebrity looks, and relevant product features.

Nov 29

A frequent customer’s club which allows participants to provide their feedback on buying and merchandising options as well as giving their input on current trends and styles.



Nov 25
Sienna Rose
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Black Cat Plus is pleased to feature plus size tops from Sienna Rose. Founded in 2005, Mushka by Sienna Rose Inc. is a Los Angeles-based women’s clothing line that specializes in unique, sublimated prints with bold, painterly hues. Sienna Rose uses comfortable knit and woven fabrics that flatter a plus size woman’s natural curves. Mushka appeals to women of all ages from teenager to mature and we are proud to feature plus size tops that are truly inspiring.
The tops are created through a unique printing process that leave the garment’s natural folds and creases untouched by the printed color wash. The result is a truly unique garment with its own character and style. The Mushka collection translates high fashion trends and prints into everyday life for toady’s fashion-conscious plus size woman. Women are instantly drawn to the flattering, feminine looks and positive feelings that the brand inspires. Sue Halevy, the lead designer and creative force behind the Mushka collection, draws upon her artistic background to personally create every garment. Design inspirations range from organic florals and landscapes, striking graphic elements and beautiful Asian-inspired imagery.