Aug 25

Wow! I love Project Runway on Lifetime! Always drama, always fashion, always entertaining and now a plus size fashion designer named Qristyl Frazier as one of the Project Runways Fashion Designers! Finally.  If you haven’t seen the show.  Log onto Lifetime and watch past episodes. Check out first run episodes on Thursday at 10 p.m. est.  Now, perhaps more aspiring fashion designers will take note?  We need more plus size designers.  Best of luck Qristyl! We’ll be watching and cheering you on!

Aug 21

Hats off to Michelle Cantrell, owner of a Blog that promotes self-acceptance among women. Michelle wrote to the Editors of Glamour to let them know what it means to have an image of a woman that is authentic and represents so many of the women in society.

If you are as inspired as I am, write your own letter to the Editors of Glamour to let them know how much we appreciate their desire to reach out to all women.

The best gift we can give to ourselves is to be ourselves and the best gift others, especially advertisers and members of the media, can give us, is to recognize that fact.

Thank you Michelle for having the courage to bring self acceptance out in the open and thank you Glamour Magazine for having the courage to go outside the boundaries society places upon women.

Now, I am off to go and re-new my subscription to Glamour Magazine!   More as it happens! Jodell

Aug 21

Congratulations to Tammy S. from Canandaigua, NY for winning our First Anniversary It’s A Wrap Contest on Facebook! Tammy chose this Roni Rabl Plus Size Ruffled Wrap in Black and White!  Tammy said in her email to us, ” I could not believe it was true! I never won anything.” Well, now you have and we are so happy for you!

Great choice, Tammy! The Roni Rabl collection is known for its distinctive cuts and unique designs.  Her designs are made for real women’s curves.   Stay tuned for our next Facebook Give-a-way! Become a fan of ours on Facebook to preview our next contest beginning Sept. 1.   Don’r forget, follow us on Twitter too!

Aug 19

Full figure shapewear can complete your look from that special party dress to your favorite pencil skirt to your jeans. Today’s technological advances make for a perfect compliment for plus size women when it comes to choosing and wearing their shapewear. Gone are those bulging seams and heavy boning with yesterday’s shapewear garments that can produce unnatural contours as well as thick nylon and power mesh layers that move unflattering inches to other parts of the body. Seamless, heat sealed technologies along with fabrics that feature feather light, breathable control panels that move with your body and feels like a second skin, is a welcome addition to any outfit.

It is possible to find full figure shapewear garments to flatter and show off your curves. After all, it is no one’s business but your own what parts of your body you don’t want to advertise! There are a variety of plus size shapewear garments that look and feel wonderful and go with your curves providing a flattering silhouette underneath dresses, skirts and jeans!

Some tips to keep in mind when selecting the shapewear garment of your choice:

  • Measure: Make sure you know which areas you want to target and get accurate measurements of those areas so you can find the right size based on manufacturer specs. As with apparel, each shapewear manufacturer’s sizing is different, so do pay close attention to their size charts.
    • Fit: Getting shapewear that is too big or too tight will negate the affect you are trying to create. Ever have your shapewear twisted? To ensure that your shapewear will stay in place and that the seams and panels will be straight. Step into the legs of the garment, pull up until you reach the point where you would like your shaper to begin. As you pull the garment up and over your torso, simply un-gather the shapewear. Once you have your shapewear on, sit down, bend and stretch. If you feel a binding area, readjust. Your shapewear must be comfortable while sitting as standing. And whatever you do, do not buy your shapewear one size too small. A smaller garment will not hold you in MORE or give you more control it will just make you unnecessarily uncomfortable. Instead, go up to the next level of control. (If you have moderate control go to a firm control garment). Shapewear make you hot? Look for pieces that have a cotton blend so that the garment can breathe and you can feel more comfortable. Make sure that your waist stays in place and does not move or roll over, as it may be an indication that you will need another size or that your shapewear has been broken down and needs to be replaced. Your shapewear should not have any wrinkles or bulges and make sure that you have a proper fit in the crotch as well.
      • Control Level: Shapewear comes in a variety of control levels: from light to very firm. These control levels allow you to choose the amount of support that’s right for you. In some instances, control top pantyhose or a full or just a half slip can provide about the same support as light control shapewear garments. Moderate control provides extra smoothness with light control panels. You should be able to move around comfortably for the day or evening activities when wearing moderate control shapewear garments. Using current technological advances, firm and extra firm shapewear garments are comfortable and provide the most support and control. However, in some instances you may not be able to wear them all day long.
        • Desired Target Area: Not all shapewear is created equal. Each shapewear piece is designed to target a specific area or areas: tummy, thigh, waist, buttocks, or all over coverage. Choosing the right garment depends upon how much control you desire and which area you want to focus on.
        • Below is a synopsis of each target body area along with the corresponding shapewear pieces you can choose from. Note: Each shapewear piece depends upon what you are wearing over it and what area (s) you want support and control.
          1. Tummy- If you want to focus on your tummy and midriff area and give the illusion of flat stomach and rock hard abs, choose from a cami shaperpanty shaper or tummy shaper.  

        1. Thighs, Waist and Buttocks-If you wish to shape the thigh area, lift the buttock area, narrow your hips and minimize your waist, choose froma boxer shaper, high waist boxer shaper or legging shaper. If you are a pear shape, make sure your shapewear piece has extra support in outer thighs and buttocks.

        1. All Over Coverage When you need all over trimming and toning consider a boxer body shaper or high waist boxer shaper if you want to or need to wear your own bra.

          Finding the right full figure shapewear garment will provide the “foundation” for every item in your wardrobe and give you the opportunity to improve the way your clothes fit and feel! Shapewear gives you the option to wear your garments in the most flattering way possible! Shapewear gives you the option to wear your garments in the most flattering way possible! After all, it’s not about what size you wear it’s how you wear your size!

          Aug 11

          We have had a few inquiries about the trend of printed leggings and how they translate to plus size.  With help from our friends at we have a few great suggestions on how to wear plus size printed leggings.

          Actually, graphic eye-catching printed tights can hide problem areas.  Think of the concept of to “distract” rather than to “attract” which is what printed leggings can do when paired with the right ensemble.  Make sure you wear your printed leggings with oversized t-shirts, long belted shirts, or plain-colored simple tunic-style tops such as our Comfy USA Black Tunic.  Choose high heeled shoes to make your legs look  slender or wear leggings with simple flats and take note: this is not the time to wear your statement shoes, let your tights do the talkin’.

          Leggings will be everywhere this Fall and why not take a chance with this exciting fashion statement?  You can order your tights online at or by phone at 1-800-770-3177 and soon from Black Cat Plus! We love their tights! And oooohhh U.S. shipping is only $5 and they ship internationally too! And Follow WeLoveColors on Twitter OR on their Facebook Fan Page, mention to We Love Colors that you saw this blog post or heard the promotion on bcpradio and you will receive one pair of tights for FREE when you purchase two pairs of tights at regular price.  And that’s not it! Also receive Free Shipping! Just Mention blackcatplusradio in your tweet or on their wall!  This offer is good until September 1, 2009 at 12:00 midnight EST.

          Aug 11

          Bienvenue au grand créateur  de mode Alain Weiz au stayaux Chat Noir Avantage !  Welcome world famous fashion designer, Alain Weiz to Black Cat Plus! We are pleased to include plus size fashions from Paris and designer, Alain Weiz.

          Since 1983, the AW Brand has been dedicated to the well-being of curvy women.  The Alain Weiz line with its modern, easy silhouettes in fashionable fabrics and prints, is apparent in every piece the designer creates. And, subsequently, you will treasure each piece that you purchase.  From weekend wear to active wear to sophistacted elegance, you will love each Alain Weiz piece that you add to your closet.

          We love the season’s dresses in crinkle fabric with extra added details.  Plus size party dresses for all of

          Plus size party dresses for all of your festive occasions!

          Appeal to the sensual, refined, discreet, elegant woman, full of humor and vitality. Alain Weiz.

          Yes, that describes this collection! Come see for yourself!

          Aug 4

          Join us on Wednesday, August 12 at 3 p.m. on Blogtalkradio as we talk to our featured guest, Kelly Bliss.  We are so excited to have Kelly as our special guest in our Lifestyles Segment!

          Kelly will be discussing Three Secrets to Your Healthy Living.

          And, One lucky listener will win a package deal from Kelly! Call in and talk to Kelly at (347) 857-1670

          You can also Live Chat with us during the show!

          We’ll  have a Fall Fashion preview, the latest news, tips and trends, specials and promotions, and more!

          Can’t tune in?  Not to worry—you will be able to listen at your convenience, just go to our site and find our on demand episodes links and hit play!

          About Kelly

          Kelly BlissKelly Bliss M.Ed., A.C.E., is a Lifestyle coach who has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health as a national leader in plus size fitness and wellness. She is the author of Don’t Weight, Eat Healthy and Get Moving Now as well as several exercise DVD’s. As a professional member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH), Kelly helps people find what they need for “Health At Every Size” (HAES).  Kelly also started the plus size reference web site, Plus Size Yellow Pages (yes, we’re listed!) Check it out!

          Can’t wait! see you on the Catwalk Radio Network!

          For additional details, Go here to view the complete press release.