Sep 26

Kudos to Kelly Bliss for launching her new Lifestyle Watchers Program!

Congratulations to Black Cat Plus radio Lifestyles segment contributor, Kelly Bliss, for offering this new and innovative program!

As Kelly says, “Self Care works better than self hate!” Amen to that! Striving to live the healthiest lifestyle that we possibly can is the best gift we can give to ourselves and to those we love.

So, I promise for today to live the healthiest lifestyle I possibly can in body, mind and spirit! How about you?   WE look forward to talking with Kelly about her new Lifestyle Watchers program on our next show which airs live on Wednesday, October 14, 2009.

And, if you live in the Philadelphia, Pa area, check out one of Kelly’s Lifestyle Watcher Classes

Sep 13
Fall Fashion Forecast
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We’re talkin’ about jackets! Clean lines and tailored looks in year-round fabrics are popular trends for Fall ’09 from the boyfriend jacket to more formal occasion wear as we head into holiday ’09. Look for big collars, soft pleats, fold over and big bow accents on jackets. This cute side tie jacket from Fenini in charcoal is a perfect example of a a big-collared, bow accented jacket in a neutral color.

On the catwalk you’ll see much less traditional autumnal hues.  Colors range from richly hued, jewel tones to wearable colors that bridge the gap between beige and light grey These subtle tones set the stage for accentuating your best features in eyes, cheeks or lips.  Check out NARS lipstick in Fast Ride–A Sheer Mulberry or Mekong Eye Shadow, espresso infused color shadow with gold. Both make up items display Francois Nars’s intention for this season’s collection:  A contrast in bold and feminine and a study in strength and refinement!

Subtle neturals can be mixed and matched from season to season and can be seen in muted grey, charcoal, or muted mauve. This Jacket from Simply Silk is a perfect example of the FAll ’09 Realism Look which pairs a graphic pattern on silk to provide a feminine, urban chic look.

Subtle neutrals also set the stage for statement necklaces in shiny metallics and/or varnished ornaments providing an art deco Realism. Check out this black and white artisian glass necklace from Andrea’s Jewelry or this statement piece in copper and gold with accents of magenta, blue, and green. This plus size contour jacket in smoke from A People United is a perfect example of a jacket that can transcend seasons.

Jackets and coats in cozy fabrics and versatile tones such as this Fleece Swing Jacket from Fenini can easily go from season to season worn as an outercoat or a jacket in colder weather.

With less emphasis on one-season wearables, you will find the colors for Fall ’09 able to transcend seasons.

Contrasting with the neutral tones, you will see popular richly hued tones come in shades of purple, orange, green, red, and blue. Sparkling jewel tone colors make a bold statement in solid and printed tops and dresses. Animal print is still going strong! Accent with colorful longline gloves or animal print ankle boots such as Yves Saint Laurent’s Leopard Print Ankle boots, purses and clutches and the sky is the limit.

Sep 10

On a book kick this week!

Saw the lovely Crystal Renn on Good Morning America and I really enjoyed listening to what inspired her to write her book, Hungry, her story about modeling, eating and finally, the journey to body image acceptance.  I immediately ordered the book because what she had to say on GMA was so true and so relevant–cannot wait to get it in the mail!

Now, this is one woman who gets it: A true beauty inside and out!

Sep 7

I must admit, I was skeptical. Oh yet another chick lit author I thought to myself. It has been awhile since I have read anything other than textbooks or fashion industry-related materials.

But, with Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever, (Simon & Schuster, 2009) I was pleasantly surprised. And even more surprised, when I realized that I started and finished the book on a west-to-east coast plane ride. That has not happened in a long long time!

Best Friends Forever is really about the lasting bonds of friendship that we form when we are young; imperfect families that we belong to whether we like it or not and how we learn to adjust because our family is a part of us; coping with the betrayal of a childhood best friend; and finally, the journey to acceptance of your family, your best friend and yourself.  Oh, there is this little black cat that Addie, the heroine, feeds at the back door every now and then.  You guessed it, we were sold!  The most touching story down to its smallest details, you will love reading Best Friends Forever.

Here’s the greatest thing I found out about Ms. Weiner’s novels. Her heroines are plus size awesome, smart, talented, sexy women.

As Ms. Weiner said in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily in the July 27 issue,  “Fifty-percent of women in America wear size 14 or bigger, but if you read bestsellers, it’s like those women don’t really exist. I wanted plus-size women to be the heroes, not the goofy sidekicks,” Weiner says. But entertainment, not activism, is her top priority. “I don’t want people thinking, ‘Ugh, a message book.’ But I want the idea that your worth does not reside in your jean size to be in everything I do,” she says.

So, quick! Before summer’s over—Go and read Best Friends Forever and call your best friend and tell her to read it too!  It is the latest novel by Jennifer Weiner.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to order more of this author’s novels and to call my best friend.