Nov 23

Black Cat Plus is pleased to offer its customers Pierre Q, a unique alternative for designer scarves and wraps. Using the age-old tradition of textile weaving combined with up-to-date manufacturing technology, Pierre Q designer scarves and wraps feature natural and man made fibers which create an unusual combination of woven and unwoven yarns in each piece.

Manufactured in Paris, France under the supervision of professional weavers, each piece is hand finished and can ultimately be a collectable item, a great gift-giving item and a definite conversation piece for customers. Black Cat Plus is excited to take advantage of one of the hottest accessory trends of the season and offer a quality line with an international flair. Black Cat Plus Owner and CEO, Jodell Raymond says, “We are pleased to have found the Pierre Q line which allows us to add another international line to our collection and items we know our customers will treasure for years to come.”

Nov 16

Will the fashion world make room for women of all sizes on the catwalk? Time will tell.  While I think we have made some headway with the inclusion of real women in fashion magazines, can plus size women and women of all sizes eventually make it to the runway or does prejudice go too deep?   This segment was on CBS Sunday Morning on November 8, 2009. Take a look. What do you think?

Nov 12

Thanks to our V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Lyn Baskett, the best sales rep in the world, Cynthia, and all of our friends at Pure & Co., Hand Knit for their offer to raffle a hand knit wrap to one of our listeners for Black Cat Plus Radio! No purchase necessary!  We are just passing on the spirit of thanks for the month of November!!

Have you tried the wraps? You must!  Makes a great gift item!  We love Pure & Co., and we know you will too!! A company that is committed to social responsiblity and to providing a product our customers ask for by name!

As Pure & Co., says, “We are proud of the dedication and commitment we receive from the 3,500 women who partner with us to translate our visions into intricate masterpieces.  As artisians, they knit in their villages giving life to our designs.  We deliver yarn and pick up finished pieces from localized hubs allowing for these women to knit from their homes in remote parts of Northern Thailand.  On arrival to our facility each piece is inspected by a specialized quality control team assuring superior quality.  There are a lot of sweaters being produced in the world today but only a few that make a difference.”

Black Cat Plus is excited to be recognized as an official e-retailer for Pure & Co. and Neon Buddha!