Mar 20

We’ve got you covered! Take advantage of the season’s best in tights and leggings.  Some things to keep in mind when selecting the right pair of tights:

1. Make sure they are not too tight (no pun intended).  Go up a size if you need to.

2. Make sure also, that the tights are flattering to your legs.  Use a solid color to balance.

3. Extra long length tunics can be great if you want to wear wild patterns and colors.

Be sure to check out the tights selection at We Love Colors! We thank our friends at We Love Colors for supplying us with the tights for use in our video. Check out their March We Love Colors Music Contest!

Check this out:

Need an alternative to tights?  Try Diane Kennedy’s capris or gauchos?

Mar 19

Fashion isn’t about the brand, the size or the price tag. It isn’t about being a hand-me-down vintage or a gorgeous, credit card-busting ( pret-à-pôrter designer piece. It is about how it makes you look and feel! Everybody has known that great sensation a superb new outfit can give you. If you don’t– then you had better read this blog more often! There are so many fantastic options out there, for beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

Now I have heard it all.

The latest on plus size models in advertisements appears to have taken a negative turn?

According to a new Arizona State University Study, plus size models have no clout in persuading women to buy certain products.

Dove\'s Real Beauty campaign.Photo: Courtesy of Dove

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.Photo: Courtesy of Dove

I know you are dying to know why. Ready:

Because the ads may (may?) make them feel bad about themselves and not want to purchase the products.

The research (and I want to see this research report) report basically said that skinny women identified with skinny and heavier models because they identified with the skinny women and felt better about themselves when compared to the heavier women; heavy women with high BMI felt big when they compared themselves to the thinner models, yet they identified with the bigger models.  Average-size women felt skinny and better about themselves when faced with thin models, but heavy and bad when faced with bigger models.

Most of the women in the U.S. are a size 14 so what is the point?  Helloooo They identified with the bigger models. If the majority of the women in the U. S. identified with the bigger models wouldn’t they buy the products they represent?

So, I will be right back.  I am going to the store RIGHT NOW to buy everything that Dove has in stock. Dove Soap, Dove Liquid, whatever Dove has, I am buying it.

Here’s the uh, “good news.” The researchers found that plus size models were useful when they appeared in ads for certain things, such as weight-loss supplements and gyms.  Why? Because this type of product advertising makes women feel bad enough about themselves and motivated to purchase those products.

Seems as though there is a bit of bias in the interpretation of findings to me.

More as it happens. Jodell

Mar 7

I love, love, love, the Oscars! How about you?! I was thinking about how plus size women can take advantage of the trends that we have been seeing for special occasions.

Two things to keep in mind: outrageous and elegant mixed together.

There is a nod to trends of the past, but this spring, fashion is taking a big step in what we are being told, is quite a new direction.  This season: smart and sexy looks rule when paired with sporty and delicate styles and how about in neutral tones all serve to create an elegant, barely there look.

Look for champagne, beige and all shades of grey are in!  Take a look at this grey beaded jacket from Simply Silk.

Part of the reason why this neutral color style has emerged is because there is so much print and energy in other trends this season, which suggests that neutral will also outlive these other trends. You will see bold geometric patterns and animal prints to complement and contrast with the neutral tones.

I am wondering with great anticipation! Will we see these neutrals with a hint of the outrageous this evening for the Oscars?  What will Mo’ Nique and Sandra and Meryl be wearing?
Cannot wait! More tomorrow! We will know soon!

Mar 7

Join us live on Black Cat Plus Radio on Wednesday, March 10 at 3pm EST, where host, Jodell Raymond, will talk with Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi Founder and CEO of Kiyonna Clothing.

Jodell Raymond, the Owner and CEO of Black Cat Plus and host of Black Cat Plus Radio, says about this month’s show, “I am excited and honored to talk to Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi of Kiyonna.  We have been carrying Kiyonna since we started our business and are pleased that the line has a loyal following. We love Kiyonna’s dresses and tops and we are anxious to hear what is in store for Spring ’10. “

Also on the show, will be Tai Goodwin Career Makeover Coach who will talk about adjusting your career goals in this economy.  Jodell says about Tai, “You’ll love Tai’s energy and passion for what she does.  Tips and techniques abound with Tai who is clearly an expert in her field.  We are proud to have her on our show.”