May 22

Are you as  tired as I am of not being represented in the media and fashion and beauty worlds?

Well…here is our chance to be heard!

They need our help with 10,000 signatures!

Sign the Real Bodies Unite Campaign petition to show the fashion and beauty industry that we mean business and want to be better represented.  For more info watch the video below!

May 18

June is almost here can you believe it? Almost six months into 2010.

And ’tis the season for love, love, and more love.  Wedding fever is upon us!

Here are three things to keep in mind when you are searching for that special dress to wear to a wedding:

#1:  Note the time of day, the location of the wedding and what the invitation says.  For a more formal wedding or a wedding later in the day that runs into the evening, you may want to consider a suit, a cocktail dress or a more formal dress in a longer length.  Depending upon the formality, you may want to have a dress that has a bit of beading.  Take a look at our Simply Silk Two Piece Beaded Dress for a more formal wedding.

For a less formal dress, you can consider a jacket over a pant suit or a tank dress.   Take a look at our Sienna Rose Black and Cream Feathered Daisy Dress

or our Simply Silk Jackets like this Aqua silk burnout kimono jacket or the

Simply Silk hand painted, beaded mini butterfly kimono jacket.  For the most part, anything goes—within reason.  However, club wear, too-revealing attire and wild prints are best left for another time and place.

Remember the choices are endless! You can dress in pretty floral prints or solid colors in yellow, blue, green,  or purple and certainly avoid anything that will “outshine” the bride–like all white– on her special day.

When in doubt: Call and ask– it is perfectly acceptable to do so.

#2  Consider the wear-ability and reuse-abilty factor. In other words, can I wear it again?   Many times, I have purchased “the season” dress up dress as long as I am not going to be seen by the same circle of friends and family.  Make the dress different by choosing different accessories.  I love to be able to have an item that crosses over from work to more formal wear.

#3  Consider the  fabric and detail work on the dress. Can it be removed if you want to make it your everyday dress.  Don’t forget your tailor! It always amazes me when women come into the store and find that perfect dress but it is too long here or  too big there or shows too much here…A good tailor is a must!  For a small amount, you can take the garment to the tailor and get it adjusted to you.  Very few things today fit like a glove.   Investing a little bit will save you a lot in the long run.

Most of all, share the love and have fun! Happy Wedding Season to All!

May 5

Need something to cover up those plunging V-neck wrap dresses or tank tops?

I must admit I was skeptical at first.  As a Size 18, I was like, “Ummm. Will it fit? Will it feel tight?” Yes and No! It is the perfect piece. I cannot stand another layer of clothing and this is the perfect accessory and it fits!

We’ve got the perfect answer!  Our Miss Oops Plus Size Boob Tubes! You will love this item and not ever want to be without it!  Watch the Boob Tube on the View!

As you can see…It is a great product, great company and we are pleased to offer the Plus Size Boob Tube here at Black Cat Plus–it is a popular, must have item and our customers love it. I love this product and cannot recommend it enough! I am wearing one right now under one of our Sienna Rose tops.

Great, cotton stretch jersey that sits in the right spot–front and center and covers right where you want it to and does not move or bind.   The Boob Tube comes in black, white and beige. And, pretty soon the Boob Tube will be coming in sizes 2X and 3X.  We’ll let you know when we have them in stock!

We recommend wearing the Boob Tube with our plus size Sienna Rose tops or our plus size Kiyonna wrap dresses or tops!

Check it out! Free shipping!

May 3

We are very excited at Black Cat Plus to Welcome Plus Size Silk Threads to our collection of esteemed designers!

We love Silk Threads tunics and know you will too!!  Designed in Dallas, Tx by Ruby Bhandari and her team, and made in India–these items are anything but ordinary!

In 1X, 2X and 3X which equals sizes from 14W-16W; 18W-20W and 22W-24W, Silk Threads tunics are generously cut with the right fit and proportions to properly fit a plus size woman’s curves. This Silk Threads keyhole tunic is an excellent example of the quality, detail and fit of a Silk Threads tunic!

Renown for their colorful and stylish tunics and tops with embellishments and thread detail, a Silk Threads tunic will be treasured for many years to come.  Taking inspiration this season from the popular tribal, animal, and East Indian cultures, Silk Threads has the item you will need for a night on the town or to dress up and pair with your favorite skirt or pants for a colorful day at the office.

The Silk Threads tunics are conversation pieces which are well done with enchanting designs and flawless quality such as this animal print peasant top.

We think you will be pleased with our new Silk Threads line!  As Silk Threads says, “Silk Threads–Raises the spirit and lifts the heart!”

We think so too!!