Sep 30

Two posts in one day! I am so excited. What now, you ask?

Crystal Renn in French Vogue’s 90th (is it that old?) Anniversary issue!

A plus size model eating for all of eternity. Cannot be?!  Hahahahahaha!

Photo: Terry Richardson for French Vogue

Is this way over the top? What kind of statement is she trying to make?  There is no doubt, Crystal has done a lot for modeling and plus size modeling and just when we think she is going mainstream, she shocks us again.


Too much? No big deal? About time to break some taboos?   What do you think?

Is that an octopus?

What next?

Sep 30

I am a bit (um if you’ll pardon the pun), behind on this one.

But I was just reading that Australian retailers, Myers and DJ, are making their debut on the lingerie floor, and are now more visible to everyone who visits the store and not just to the women who are visiting the plus size section.


Hail to the store manager who was inspired by British department store Debenhams, which launched a trial of size 16 dummies in the UK this past  February.

The mannequins are actually based on the measurements of the Australian international model Laura Wells.  Congratulations to one retailer who is interested in catering to women of all shapes and sizes. Ahem, U.S. stores…what’s up?

More as it happens. Jodell

Sep 18

Kudos to One Stop Plus for breaking barriers with first ever plus size fashion show!  I am proud to be one of the 75 million women in the U.S. who are size 14 or larger!  How about you?  I am active.  I am energized.  I want fashionable clothing to wear!

Time to be heard!

What I find interesting from the CBS News Video is that plus size

fashion makes up only 17% of the fashion industry.   Watch!

Sep 12

I am pleased to hear that on Wednesday, September 15, 2010, U.S. company, One Stop will showcase outfits for women sizes 16 and above on plus size models including Tocara Jones (of America’s Next Top Model Fame) and Lizzie Miller.  Plus Size Model, Emme’ will host the red carpet festivities.

I have found that change comes slowly and that sometimes one has to play within the rules in order to change them and I applaud One Stop Plus for finding its own “ballpark” to play in and for serving as a reminder to the fashion world as to how many women really are size 14 and up!

Next week’s show is not linked to any of the major fashion houses, the reason could be because One Stop Plus does not carry any of the major fashion houses and a fashion show must directly or indirectly affect the bottom line as they are not cheap to produce.  However, One Stop Plus says that Spring 2011 fashions from Europe and the U.S. will be showcased in the fashion show.  “It’s about inclusion and fashion democracy: fashion risk-taking and empowerment,” adds the site’s vice-president of design, Zahir Babvani.

I also applaud plus size models like 21 year old, Lizzie Miller! We are on TEAM LIZZIE.  Once teased about her weight, she now makes a living from her size 12 figure.   You remember Lizzie? I wrote about her in a previous post. She was in a Glamour Magazine ad that ignited a great discussion about plus size in America!

“This is a huge step for the fashion industry. It is going to be a beautiful event. It is going to prove to everyone in the fashion world that it is beautiful to have plus-size women wearing these clothes,” Miller told the Observer in New York last week, fresh from having a fitting for the clothes she will wear on the runway.

Take a look at One Stop Plus You Tube Channel to see their Paris Fashion Show!

I hope this is a continuing a sign of the changes that are taking place in the fashion world.  Can’t wait to see pictures from Wednesday’s fashion show.  Wish I could be there to witness history! When Black Cat Plus Grows Up we wanna be like One Stop Plus! Congrats to everyone involved, we’ll be watching!
More as it happens! Jodell

Sep 10

We were so excited to hear that we were in the top FIVE, out of

the top 40 plus size fashion blogs on the web for 2010.

What do you think of that?  As you know, I love writing about all things related to plus size fashion and trends–it is one of the fun things that I do as owner of Black Cat Plus.  We have worked hard to bring you on the spot video interviews with designers and key fashion experts this season and it is good that others have noticed!

The review says,

“The Black Cat Plus blog is actually part of the bigger Black Cat Plus online shop. The shop has tons of great plus size clothing in many of the biggest brands, all of which are available to purchase through the site – which is something that sets it apart from many of the other plus size fashion blogs on the web. The blog itself is written by Jodell Raymond and has a vast amount of information on plus size fashion & fashion trends in general. Taking cues from pop culture and fashion sources alike, this blog puts together great posts that give good tips to its readers.”

Isn’t that great!?  It is an honor to be on that list with fellow  bloggers, Glen Johnson of Full Figure Plus, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, M. E. Wood of  PlusShe (look for a give-a-way on there soon!) and Sara of Pazazz, who have inspired me  to keep on bloggin’. When you get a minute, please check out these talented bloggers as they dish on all things plus!  The top 40 also has a few new and established blogs to check out.  It is a great resource for all things plus size!

Need a Halloween costume? The top 40 list is a part of the Halloween costumes site. When you get a minute,  check it out!  Yes, there are even a few cat costumes in the mix!

Sep 6

We have several key items to complete your fall wardrobe.  This season it is about mixing and matching from memorable prints to patterns and texture, finding easy-to-wear jackets and pants suits, selecting classic shades in neutrals to add to your wardrobe and dresses that can go from day to dinner and beyond.

As long as the print colors are true to nature, your animal print will never go out of style.  Check out Simply Silk’s Animal Print Silk Jacket with just a hint of leopard print, this jacket is timeless.

Pair with red shoes to make a statement!

Our Caribe crushed taffeta jacket fits the bill in so many ways.  It is seasonless!  This jacket is packable, comfortable,  and has a crinkle texture. Better yet! You can mix and match with your favorite skirt or pair of pants.

Need a new pant suit? Check out Brooke Chapman’s Bolero pantsuit.  Great to pack and easy-to-wear!  We just love  both the color and the style of this  Neon Buddha shirt tail jacket in olive!

Influenced by AMC’s Mad Men perhaps, this Portrait Dress from Brooke Chapman, from Canada, provides both a flattering silhouette, wonderful texture and the season’s celebrated color combo in black and white.

Here is Shannon Cooney, Head Designer from Pure and Co., and Neon Buddha discussing this season’s trends.  No matter what your shape, make your look work for you! Happy Fall!