Oct 28

Mad again!

Since I have been meaning to give my opinion of CBS Television’s new sit com, Mike and Molly, I am now motivated to do so.

(Credit: CBS/Richard Cartwright)

I am sick and tired of fat bashing being the last thing that is acceptable. It is not.  I am tired of ” well meaning”  individuals giving us advice, ‘If we only knew how to exercise, how to eat properly and how to control ourselves’ then we would be fine.

So..my first pass at this post read like this:

Dear Marie Claire Editors:

Fire Maura Kelly.

Yup, I am mad. And I got madder at each word I read.

She was “grossed out” to think that she would have to suffer watching two obese characters with rolls and rolls of fat, kissing. For those of you who are overweight,  you will be glad to know that she’s happy to give us advice on diet, exercise and nutrition.

Then, I took a breath.

Maura: I would be happy to give you advice on diversity, tolerance and acceptance.  It works both ways. We first must accept ourselves. I know, some days are easier than others. Doesn’t matter which line of the scale you are on, how old you are, whether you are married or single. We are all there. And, it will be o.k.

I like Mike and Molly. (I do think that we at BCP could really have fun dressing that Molly–she is pretty!)  They are real. They are funny.  Oh, not everything, am I thrilled about, there ARE too many fat jokes and sometimes they are really mean. But here is the thing. I see two people in a relationship, trying to make it through and realizing that they might, just might, have each other.  In the end, that is all we have.

Maura apologizes in an update of her post.  Maura, we have some dialogue that needs to begin.  Our ears and hearts are open whenever you are ready.

I don’t know about you, but the time to start talkin’  is way overdue.  Mike and Molly have started the discussion. Let’s continue.

More as it happens.


Oct 10

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