Feb 28

Well, rounding out the Fashion Flash for February is hosted by none other than JoJami Tyler and Deborah Boland, the authors of FabulousAfter40.  With their blog, you’ll see it is true that life begins after 40!

Your authors, JoJami and Deb are  image coaches with expert tips on beauty and fashion.

Be sure to check out their newest post on how to wear the latest trend of color blocking, this season’s hottest look! Love the pics and explanation of this sure-to-be hottest trend and how to make it work for you!

Stay tuned for more Fashion Flash news as we head on into Spring!  We are learning a lot! How about you? And, we hope you are having as much fun reading all of our friend’s posts as we are!

Feb 24

We are going to do something a bit different this year for my most favorite night of the year!

Looking at current trends, I have come up with a short synopsis below along with a rationale as to why I think a particular style will grace this year’s Red Carpet at the Academy Awards.  The closer we get to Oscar time, I will update and see just how close I came to reality!

This year’s Oscar red carpet styles will have some definite themes and feature dresses in monochromatic neutral tones.  This look is so feminine with its soft tones and fabric which drapes beautifully to flatter any figure.  The draping affect hugs curves in all of the right places, no matter the silhouette and is definitely a keeper!

Photo:(Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/MCT)

The focus on feminine continues as we have seen styles and silhouettes from the 1930′s and 1940′s which also has lace, just the right amount of feathers and embellishments.

This style is a classic and shows off a woman’s curves with a modern twist!

Minimal embellishment and every day glam, wear-able accessories with big rings and especially statement earrings such as these Kimberly McDonald earrings shown above on Kelly Osbourne which allows the focus on a pretty face and accentuates in all the right places.

Ok, let’s see how close I come to the real thing! More as happens!


UPDATE!!! Five  minutes to Oscar gotta run! But…Taken fashion on the Red Carpet to the Next Level, we saw Red, Red and more red! Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock; Reese in black and white, some lace… and the neutrals were taken to another level!~

Neutrals, with a twist!! Perfect!

We saw Hilary, Nicole, Kate, Mila, Celine, Michelle…so feminine and elegant!

Gweneth Paltrow’s sparkling Silver Metallic gown by Calvin Klein is so beautiful for the Red Carpet!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty

Halle Barry in Marchesa nude and crystal encrusted corset gown with organza and silk ruffles.Beautiful!

Feb 21
President’s Day Fashion Flash
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This week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by Shawna, author of FemaleFatLossOver40.

Shawna’s passion is teaching people how to work fitness into their daily lifestyle in order to improve their quality of life.  She offers tips for living healthy along with workouts that you can do while traveling and at home.  So, here is our lovely host! Check it out!

She can work with you to help you reach your fitness goals!  Read more about her on her blog!

Feb 18

To find the latest and greatest deals, I look at Smarter.com for rebates, coupons and deals.

That’s not all. You can comparison shop, get great coupons at their sister site, Coupon Mountain and more!

And wait, there’s even more–I am always checking out the Blog  team at Smarter.com for their insights and latest information on all things related to fashion, beauty, home and garden.

There are a lot of sites like this, but this site makes one-stop-shopping easy!

More as it happens. Jodell

Feb 16

Hi From Magic where we are seeing the trends for Spring ’11 and beyond!

Take a look at one of the MAGIC booths where the hottest fashion trends are front and center!  This is Desigual’s booth where a lot was goin’ on!  “Painters” were creating a look on a real live model who was all in white!  The booth was mobbed with spectators, food and drinks were being served!  A celebration unlike no other!

Big Trend #1

The Go West Theme is going strong! Designers take inspiration from the pioneers of the wild frontier with  key prints which have heritage and cowgirl themes, and where the denim shirt is a big on trend look. Also be on the look-out for feather details, touches of crochet, aged leather and lots of turquoise to put you in a Southwest frame of mind!  Take a look at this Neon Buddha slash collar turquoise tunic! Hint of southwest and 70′s combo!

Trend #2

Bling in the Daytime!  Daywear gets glammed up with nighttime sparkle and shimmer.  Take your look from day to evening by adding a touch of glamour to any of your basics like this anything-but-basic Rose poncho from Cover Charge! You’ll see key details which  include the liberal use of sequins, beading, jewels and metallics, as well as a healthy dose of fur — real or fake — for an extra lush effect.

More as it happens! Jodell

Feb 13

This week’s host of the Fashion Flash is the Shoe Dish.
I love what the Shoe Dish has been “dishing” about among other things—Valentines Day Treats for your Feet.

The Shoe Dish is a website devoted to the love of shoes; shoe fashion, industry news, trendspotting, and the eternal devotion to a girls “other” best friend. You cannot go wrong with the latest in all things shoes from the Shoe Dish.  Be sure to check it out.

Happy Valentines Day! Hug Your Cat!–More as it happens!


Feb 8

We are pleased to have Maria Rainier, a self described blog junkie and freelance writer as a guest blogger at Black Cat Plus.  Read below as she demystifies dressing for your particular body type.

More as it happens. Jodell

Plus-Size Women Have Shapes, Too!

Is anyone in the plus-sized club tired of being relegated to an entire body shape demographic—as in, “the plus-sized club”?  What do I mean?  Glance through your average fashion magazine or website and eventually you’ll find a “Dress for Your Shape” article.  The typical categories of shapes are as follows:

  • Slim
  • Athletic
  • Pear-shaped
  • Heavy

The oft-overlooked truth is that plus size women, just unlike their slender  counterparts, have many variations of silhouettes that welcome certain pieces and dismiss others.  For the sake of brevity, we’ll take a look at fashion tidbits for the three basic shapes of plus-sized women (courtesy of Good Housekeeping): square, hourglass, and pear.  Remember though, dressing for your shape is exactly that—dressing for your shape.  Fashion ought to be individualized rather than categorized.  Since I can’t write a blog post for each and every one of you, this overview will have to do for now!


The square doesn’t exactly sound like an appealing geometrical shape, but it’s of course untrue when it comes to women.  Having a square shape just means that — she’s got broad shoulders and a thicker middle.  Just like slender women with broad shoulders and an undefined waist, the plus-sized square woman could use clothes that add curves rather than hides the.  I know—adding curves sounds like blasphemy; but don’t be afraid to try it out.

  • Wear colors and cuts that break your body up into sections.  For example, sport a colorful blazer with a white or button-down shirt that you can leave untucked so it covers a higher-waisted and slimming pair of pants.
  • Look for coats and blazers that are fitted to slim your shoulders but cinch in your waist.
  • Now it’s time for the curves. Hunt down a wrap dress (like this Linda Lundstrom Six Way Knee Cover Dress) which creates a waist and adds shape to your figure.  Similarly, look for paneled cut skirts that flare out at the bottom to balance your broad shoulders.

  • Wear bold jewelry such as a necklace or earrings to draw eyes upward.
  • Don’t be afraid to draw attention to your peepers (your toes, I mean).  Wear pointed-toe or decorated-toe pumps (they’ll lengthen your gams).


Make an effort to work with contrasting colors, slimming v-shapes, and swinging threads.  You’ve got curves where it counts, so don’t hide them, play down the extras.

  • Try a fitting v-neck shirt under a flowing cardigan or coat—it’ll show off your cleavage and cover your hips.
  • Don’t be too cool for a preppy look such as a sweater across the shoulders, since it softens your pronounced upper half.  Check out our Pure & Co. Button Wraps for the desired affect.
  • Try on a pair of ankle boots to lengthen your legs and show off your style.


To balance out a heavier bottom, go for wider necklines and separates with brighter colors on top such as this Kenya Catalina Tunic and darker ones for the bottom.

  • Wear wide-neck shirts to broaden smaller shoulders.  Go nuts with colors, while you’re at it!
  • If you have collared shirts, be bold and pop up the collar to emphasize your upper body and draw attention to your beautiful face.
  • Look for tapered pants in darker colors, but balance it put with a bright, fitted blazer.
  • Don’t be afraid to sport dangling, vibrant earrings.
  • Go for pointed toes to elongate gams.

Bio: Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education where she’s been researching the  lowest paying college degrees as well as what engineering degrees pay best. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

Feb 7

We are so excited to be with a powerful group of bloggers.  Each one, a renown fashion expert in her respective field!

We hope that you will enjoy reading their fashion tips as much as we do!

As you have seen in the past few Mondays, each Monday, we  link to one of our favorite fashion experts who shares the best of the best of her tips with us!

This week it is our turn at Black Cat Plus to provide you with an overview of the latest and greatest posts from each fashion expert.  As you read through their posts, we know you’ll agree–we are in good company!

Welcome to this week’s Fashion Flash: Worldwide Group Edition!

Fabulous After 40 (Fashion Tips & Style Advice To look Modern and Age Appropriate!)

In the midst of a long, dreary winter do you find yourself sick of living in pants? Then visit Fabulous After 40 where the Glam Gals have discovered the Snow Skirt!

Female Fat Loss After 40 (Tips for Successful and healthy weight loss after 40)

Need a quick exercise routine? Check out Female Fat Loss Over 40 expert, Shawna K, as she makes a scene in an airport.  This is a wonderful workout she did in public that you can easily do in your living room.

No-Nonsense Beauty (Testing and beauty product reviews)

No Nonsense Beauty Blog explores the use of IPL to erase age spots and wrinkles on the hands.

The Shoe Dish (All the things you’d ever want to know about shoes!)

It’s a shoelaboration circus!  Mass market shoe brands have joined forces with big name designers for their Spring and Summer 2011 shoe collections bringing catwalk chic to the rest of us.

And at Black Cat Plus, we are discussing Monitoring the Runway and what mainstream fashion can learn from plus size fashion.

Feb 6

The Council of Fashion Designers of America recently released its health initiative to make sure models on the runway are healthy adult representatives of our population.

I applaud President Diane von Furstenberg for taking the lead on addressing this most serious issue.  I agree with Diane when she said in her Op Ed post  that, No single influence is responsible for the development of eating disorders. Genetics, neurochemistry, personality, weight- conscious occupations, and sociocultural factors all play a role in the etiology of these illnesses.

No kidding?

Even supermodels such as Natalia Vodianova (below) have discussed their issues with food and body image.

Diane also discusses the need for increased education about living a healthy lifestyle no matter what size you wear.

I am all for that, how about you?

While we have seen an increase in the rhetoric, from Anna Wintour’s charge to, celebrate women’s bodies in all of their different healthy forms to Michael Kors declaration that he will not use any models under the age of 16,  will we realize an increase in the acceptance and hiring of plus size models in mainstream fashion?

We need to have an even broader plan! 

First, within the fashion industry, to include the plus size faction and then extending beyond…

Not just the fashion industry, but discussion and input from experts in many different fields: psychology, sociology, health and medicine and media.

The plus size industry has known all along, to effect change, we must have dialogue and education at every level in just about every industry/field.

Diane says, Although models are key to effecting change, they obviously cannot do it alone. Everyone in the fashion industry – designers, casting directors, agents, fashion-magazine editors, show producers – need to join forces. The bottom line is the importance of healthy, fit models whose well-being can in turn promote the development of positive body image and improved self-esteem in all girls and women.

Time for a pow-wow.

Stay tuned.