Mar 31

In the store today we wanted to see if we could take one outfit and make it go from work to casual to evening without using too many pieces. After all, if you are traveling who wants to take two suitcases.

Skirts are definitely front and center this season and provides the key item to center your outfit!

We decided to use a skirt, a tank top, a belt and jacket for all three occasions.

An easy wear, easy care basic black skirt is the perfect piece for every plus size fashionista’s wardrobe….

You can take a skirt, such as this basic Comfy USA Slim Skirt and make it a staple item in your wardrobe.

Pair the skirt with a jacket  that has a lot of color and is easy to wear such as this Art of Cloth Ella Jacket is the perfect item to create a professional,  on trend look.

A belt is the perfect item to give you versatility and help you match your outfit to the proper occasion.

Here’s how to “Go Casual”  with belt, try a belt that has chains or metal or  “Go Glam” with leather and crystals when you want to dress it up!

If you have en even dressier occasion for evening, just make a jacket switch!, Take along another jacket such as this Simply Silk Blue and Green Patch Jacket and you are good to go! Remember any kind of patch or pleats tends to elongate the body and show off your shape!

How did we do?

Mar 28
Go Kirstie Alley!
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Does it ever end?

So, George Lopez insulted Kirstie Alley in a series of tasteless fat jokes this past week on his talk show.

Now, I know George was not the only one..Conan, David, Jay….

The first thing I said was, “See?? See? I would never get in front of all of those people and dance! SEE what happens!” But, I calmed down..took a breath and thought to myself, “Well, then it would be my problem and I would not want to make it my problem…”

I was so excited to see Kirstie do so well and am even more impressed that she is 61!  She looks great!!

How about we start thinking AHEAD of time before we speak, George.
Save the flowers and the ( Twitter) apology..think…what if that was your wife, daughter, sister, mother..think.

Mar 28
Fashion Flash Monday
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Spring’s coming! Want to find out how to get healthy and fit just in time for warmer weather?

This week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty!

We have one of our fave bloggers who can tell us how to make some changes to shake up your workout program.

Check out her latest and greatest posts from the Soccer Mom Workout to a discussion on how hormones can affect body fat.

More as it happens!


Mar 24

The number one best way to shop for great plus size fashion is to ignore the size!

Yes, you read correctly!

Ignore the size!  Most plus size women are not the same size from top to bottom. Each designer has his/her own fit, pay more attention to the fit of the garment rather than the size on the label.

Focus on dressing for the largest area of your body and get the garment tailored in the smaller areas.

A great look this season is the cardigan with embellishment for an updated, classic look such as this Pure & Co Studio Swing Cardigan in navy and white-a perfect item for Spring ’11.

Tailoring goes a long way towards getting the right fit. And if you need a little assistance here and there, don’t fret, just get the right shapewear!

Make sure you don’t conceal unnecessarily.  Big and baggy defeats the purpose and makes you actually appear bigger than you are!

Focus on the part of your body that you love, love, love and play it up!  Want to show off your legs? How about a great pair of leggings such as these Diane Kennedy leggings paired with a long tunic such as this Neon Buddha Slash Collar Tunic in Turquoise?

Keep in mind, by ignoring the size label and accentuating your best features with clothes that keep you on trend and front and center, you will find the right outfits for your form.

More as it happens Jodell

Mar 22

Hi! This week’s fashion flash is hosted by The Shoe Dish, your expert on all things shoes!

Have you checked out Tom’s Shoes?  Read the Shoe Dish post about the latest at Toms Shoes and support a good cause!

I love, love, love that the Shoe Dish is talking about flip flops!

How many pairs of Flip Flops do you have?

Can you wear them to work? I compromise..I wear them INTO the building and then change into my heels when I get in.  I have a pair to match every outfit.

How do you like my new Hello Kitty Flip Flops?

Thanks to Jillian at Shoe Dish for hosting this week’s Fashion Flash! I am getting excited about flip flops!

More as it happens! Jodell

Mar 17

This Spring you’ll want to put your best foot forward and take advantage of comfortable, functional, well-made, seamless shapewear garments that  smooths and defines your curves in all of the right places.

When considering shapewear:

Decide first what you want it  to do.

Do you want full body support?

Or, do you want  to smooth and shape a particular area?

Next, determine the amount of control you want: from firm to light control, depending upon the occasion and what you need it to do.  Take a look at Rago’s long leg shapers to see the difference between light, medium and firm control.

For full body support, consider a full body shaper that slims your waist, tummy and back and provides a seamless, contoured look to your garments such as this Boxer Body Shaper from Julie France.  The experts at Julie France say to look for garments that lift, support and smooth while allowing your true shape to come through.  With a full body shaper, and its all-over contouring, it is easy to show off your curves.

Let’s say you want to minimize one area.  This season, you will see a lot of styles that hit just under the bust such as Julie France’s  high waist panty shaper which slims your torso and sculpts your waist-line.  It will be your little secret which area you are minimizing and smoothing.

Our every day favorite shapewear item is the bralet, such as this V-neck bralet from N-fini. You can wear them to work out, for every day and even for special occasions.  The bralet is a must-have item and you won’t want just one!

Seamless, smoothing shapewear that does not roll or show through and in flattering styles and fabrics is your perfect spring time accessory! If you have not tried shapewear, now’s the time!

Mar 13

It’s our turn to host the Fashion Flash this week and are we ever excited for you to read the latest and greatest tips from our talented group of bloggers.

Here’s a preview: Shawna K of Female Fat Loss Over Forty helps you keep on track for your workout time.

Welcome to new blogger Staness J of Menopause Makeover as she talks about how to feel sexy during menopause.

Deb and JoJami of Fabulous After 40 talk about finding stylish glasses.

Deb of No Nonsense Beauty talks about the top anti-aging products.

Jill of Shoe Dish talks about her new Shoe-of-the-Month Club.

And, Black Cat Plus had the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Spring Fashion 2011: What’s On Trend Now, for our friends at Plus for Us!

We’ve all had a busy week!

So, Here’s the best from the best of our talented bloggers!

Have you ever had the good intentions of getting to the gym or doing a workout and then you get interrupted? It happens to all of us. Take a look to see how Shawna K, female fat loss expert handled it.

The Menopause Makeover has tips on how to feel sexy and reveals the latest benefits of having a healthy sex life at any age – oh la la!

Whether you are just starting to wear glasses because you can no longer read the menu, or you’ve been wearing them all your life and need an update, there’s one style factor that is very important to keep in mind when selecting the right pair of eyeglasses. Find out what that is at Fabulous after 40.

Check out the  No-Nonsense Beauty Fabulous Fourteen — the top anti-aging skin care products.

It’s all about the shoes, ladies, and with the rise of shoe-of-the-month clubs (think Kim Karadashian for Shoedazzle) we’re all going to have to get bigger closets. Check out the latest in subscription-based shoe service at The Shoe Dish.

On trend, flattering patterns and silhouettes for Spring 2011 Plus Size Fashion includes draped silhouettes, muted, abstract florals and sophisticated retro embellishments.

That’s it for now! Thanks to all of our guest bloggers! Don’t forget to check out each one of their sites for the latest in fashion and beauty!

More as it happens Jodell

Mar 10

Crystal Renn lives in her truth!

She has lived in others’ truths and is now finally able to be
the Crystal Renn that she was intended to be!

Facing controversy from her newly slim, size 8 silhouette, she discusses how the media and how the plus size fashion industry has influenced our concept as to what a plus size fashion model should look like
–or–a plus size woman?

Isn’t Crystal’s video a-ma-zing!

I just had a few minutes to really reflect on what she says and she is right!

I am in the individual health fashion industry. I like that concept better! How about you?

Let me know what you think?

More as it happens. Jodell

Mar 8

Around the globe, people are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is to reflect upon our past and look forward to our future. It’s all about inspiring the next generation.

From Celebrations with First Lady Michelle Obama and U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton to recognizing women business owners for their achievements, events on the anniversary set the stage for making every day International Women’s Day!

Photo Credit:

Even Google is participating.  Today, their page features the Google doodle with the “Gle” of women as doctors and graduates.

By gathering on 300 bridges in 50 countries,  thousands of people from New York to Rwanda are showing their support for women’s rights and their accomplishments.

Go to, click on the logo to join women on the bridge. Take a look as James Bond goes undergoes a dramatic makeover as he walks in our heels!

Mar 7

This week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by the No Nonsense Beauty Blog!  The author, Deb is a wonderful health and beauty writer who has written 12 books including The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book, Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin, and Every Bride is Beautiful.

Check out the Fashion Flash this week from No Nonsense Beauty!


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