Apr 28

It’s here! The Wedding of the Century!

Take a look!

Westminster Abbey is all set and looks as though it will be the perfect setting for William and Kate!


Which brings us to the question…what to wear to this season’s weddings and how to dress as though you are going to the Royal Wedding?

We have a few things for you to keep in mind:

  1. Do not upstage the bride. (In this case, no problem!)
  2. Stay away from white.  Black, navy or grey are excellent choices.   Check out this Ruffled Silk Dress from Simply Silk.  This dress is black with a hint of beading and not too over the top!
  3. Think Cocktail dress.  It is a perfect time to wear a flattering, tasteful cocktail dress and a  good way to look up-to-date and in style.
  4. Kate’s step-mother-in-law, Camilla is fond of the longer jackets. A classic look to be sure!  Pair the likes of a long topper such as this long patch grey and white jacket from Tara Vao with your fave pair of pants.

A silk pants suit and jacket is a great outfit such as this Patch jacket from Simply Silk  and is the perfect luxe item to wear to a daytime wedding! Clean lines and fine material makes this a chic and elegant outfit when paired with silk pants or a silk pencil skirt and tank top.

How will you celebrate the wedding of the Century? Will you be up at the crack of dawn?  We will!

Here’s to William and Kate! Best Wishes for a Happy Life!

Diana, we know you are smiling from above!

Happy Spring!

Have fun watching and attending the season’s weddings and celebrations!

Apr 25

Yes, it’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Check out the No Nonsense Beauty Blog for the latest tips from our cadre of talented bloggers!

No Nonsense Beauty heralds the book, The Small Change Diet from one of her favorite nutritionists, Teri Gans, who discusses how to identify making small changes in your diet that add up! Great and practical info!

As usual, great info! Take a peek!

Apr 19

Welcome Earth Day on Friday, April 22, 2011.

Black Cat Plus is pleased to offer plus size eco friendly fashions from Neon Buddha Pure & Co. and Diane Kennedy.  Each manufacturer uses eco-friendly materials and keeps the environment as a priority in creating their garments, products made from bamboo, to incorporating sustainable practices their manufacturing process, Neon Buddha, Pure and Diane Kennedy inspire all of us to find ways to give back to the community and protect the environment.

And, we love cats as you can tell by the name of our store! So…

Celebrate Earth Day April 22, 2011 with Disney’s African Cats. A great way to develop an awareness of nature and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment,  African Cats is sure to entertain the whole family.


Go see African Cats during opening week (until 4/28/11), and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to ensure the future of lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, giraffes and a host of other animals in the African savanna.


You’ll also be able to spread the film’s message and philanthropic mission on Facebook.

Lion King meets the big screen in a “tail” of two rival cat families of African Lions and Cheetahs and how they teach their cubs to live in the wild.  Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, a theme song, The World I Knew, by Jordin Sparks, join us as we celebrate Earth Day and the lives of African Cats!

Apr 18

Check out what the gals over at Fabulous After 40 have to say!

As hosts of this week’s fashion flash, they bring the best of the best of this week’s tips for looking and feeling your best!

While you are there, claim your Fabulous After 40 Starter Kit which includes a subscription to their newsletter, special report and give-a-way!

Get a great start to your week and check out the Fabulous After 40 site today!

Apr 17

What a great idea to hang out with other plus size fashionistas!

Join now!

According to Plus Size VIP this site is for, “anyone who is IN or wants to be IN the plus size industry as well as anyone who supports and loves curves!”

Connect, engage and communicate with others interested in all things plus with Plus Size VIP!




Apr 14

Perfect accessory items to flatter the plus size woman’s silhouette.  Not tooo big, not too teeny, there are items that are  just right in shape and size.

Pay special attention how an accessory items fall, make sure it fits your wrist or finger.  No squeezing necessary as there are so many options to choose from this season.

Statement jewelry choices range from rings and bracelets to watches along with statement shoes are perfect accessory items for the plus size fashion conscious woman this season.

Up first is the Princess Diana, now Katherine Middleton’s engagement ring!

I cried when I saw that ring on Kate’s  finger.   I must admit it was good to see Princess Diana’s ring again.

Do you have your ring in honor of the Royal wedding? Replicas are popping up all over and the ring is right in style with its size, an eye popping sapphire, that color is stunning and bling!

Yes, I will be wearing mine (ok, copy!)  in honor of the Royal Wedding how about you? It will look great with my new lounging sapphire blue outfit so I can be right in style bright and early on April 29, 2011.  My friends are coming over for a party at 4:00 am!

Also going strong for rings and bracelets, pay attention to Retro florals, antique styles and multi-colored gems.

The watch as an accessory item is still going strong.  Take note of Fashion Watches such as the popular ToyWatch.   (Love mine, getting another one!) Can’t splurge for the real thing?

Don’t worry plenty of copies that look just like the real thing such as Sandra Bullock’s Blindside Watch.

These watches are fun and you can mix and match colors and styles depending upon your outfit. Wide faces, small faces, round faces, whatever color and style you want with just a hint or a lot of bling!

Statement shoes provide so much excitement!

From high, mile high heels to peep toe, to kitten heels and lace up booties to round out the selection, you will have plenty of options to choose from this season. Show off those legs if they are your best asset!

Have fun with accessories–they provide the perfect compliment to any plus size fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe!

More as it happens! Jodell

Apr 11

Are You Fabulous Over Forty?  We are!

We love our new blogging buddy, Kari at Fabulous Over Forty!

Kari offers tips and suggestions based on in-depth product research and expert interviews.  You’ll lover reading her expert tips and advice.  Recently featured in Redbook Magazine’s 2011 Most Valuable Beauty Products, Kari is one of the beauty experts for testing and ratings.

Bookmark her site as one of your favorites!  Keep up on the latest in fashion and beauty for 40+!  You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Monday! Jodell

Apr 7

This spring, fashion trends for the petite, full-figured woman are all about elongating and flattering the form.  A slimmer silhouette can be achieved through longer lines and making sure that clothes fit- this spring, tailoring is in.  Lengthening a petite form gives the illusion of more height and clothes that fit perfectly are more flattering to a curvy figure.  By following these basic guidelines you can lengthen and flatter your figure while still feeling light and springy.

Soft, flowing styles: Simple, versatile, and fresh are all components of a great spring wardrobe.  Romanticism is in with light, airy knits that drape and flatter the figure.  Check out this Floral Cape from Cover Charge–a great example of romantic, texture and a print that works!

Longer hemlines: these can actually do wonders for a shorter frame if you add some height.  This can be done by showing a little skin- in this case it would be a little leg.  Skirts such as this Comfy USA  Slim Skirt that goes to just below the knee are ideal.  You can also add in some fabulous wedge sandals to complete the look and add even more height.

Prints: While this spring is a print-heavy season, it is not necessarily always the best option for petite, full-figures.  Another option: texture can be a better option than print in certain circumstances.  If you do decide to go for prints, however, choose low contrast, monochromatic prints or smaller prints.  You can pair these with a cardigan or cover up from the same color family for a completed look.  Be sure to only have one patterned piece per outfit.

Whites and brights: White is another popular spring fashion trend, but all-white may not the best option for the petite, full-figured shape.  Instead, try cobalt blues or darker versions of the bright colors that are in this season.  Putting bold colors on top such as our fave Neon Buddha’s Slash Collar Tunic paired with darker bottoms is a great way to draw the eye up and accentuate the face.

Wedge heel: Wedges are one of the best ways to make the leg look longer.  You don’t even need to have that much of a heel, unless you want to- just enough to create the illusion of more length.  Wedge sandals such as these UGG cork wedge sandals are particularly popular this spring.

Statement accessories: Stay away from big jewelry because the contrast will only serve to make you look shorter and will add bulk.  Stick with medium-size to small jewelry instead.  Long, layered necklaces and pendants are the best option.  Accessorizing with color is always a great idea, but be sure to only have one statement color piece per outfit.  Belts are also a great way to accessorize.  In the case of a full-figure, stick to mid thickness belts that accentuate, but don’t cinch the waist.

Wider legs: Bell bottoms and flares will rarely do the trick.  This season stick to straight legs such as our most popular pant this season our super slim pants from Comfy USA that create longer lines and length.  Avoid super skinny legged pants as they serve to accentuate the fullness of the hips and butt.

About our guest blogger and author: Jenni Sunde is a freelance fashion writer and pop culture junkie. As one of the editors with a fashion careers blog, Jenni specializes in all things fashion-related.

From designer profiles, to careers in fashion Jenni loves to write and explore all facets of style. With her love of art and all things beautiful, she delights in sharing her sense of style from her closet to your computer monitor.

Apr 3

You will love this site dedicated to menopause.

Sound strange? No, really!

I learned so much from this week’s host of the Fashion Flash.  Buzz around the site and see for yourself!

One of the former Executive Producers of Oprah’s Oxygen Network, Staness Jonekos is the creator of the site and blog and author of the book, The Menopause Makeover, available through Amazon.

Meonpuase Makeover the site and book feature tips and advice from experts and the latest information on menopause, with the objective to treat each woman differently. As the site says when it comes to menopause, “No one recipe fits all.”  Hearing from other women going through menopause helped me refine the Menopause Makeover program to encompass all their needs and concerns.

The Menopause Makeover offers eating and exercise advice, beauty tips, and emotional and relationship support, topped off with a splash of spirituality and a dash of happiness—you need to work on all areas of your life in order to truly manage menopause.

Sounds like a plan to me!