May 30

I mean it, you’ll love this site! It has everything you need to know about designer shoes!   The host of this week’s fashion flash, Obsessed with Shoes which focuses on the latest in designer shoes and features the latest in shoe fashions! Check it out!

May 26

There is little doubt that comfort and function are in style!

This season, we are seeing stretchy, sporty loungewear that can go from yoga class to the office to an evening out!  There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing soft and comfortable items so that they are flattering and functional.

Remember that soft materials do not have to look frumpy!

To eliminate the frump factor, try a few of these silhouettes.

Polished Lounge Look.  A polished lounge look can be achieved by using stretchy sporty materials that you can wear to the gym and afterward to run errands.

This Neon Buddha Retro Raw Edge Pullover can go easily from yoga class to lunch and running errands.

Pair this comfortable, sporty pullover with one of Neon Buddha’s capris such as these Urban Button Capris.   If you need to add a jacket, try this Drawstring Collar Jacket.

Voila! Polished Lounge Look.  Add a pair of strappy sandals and you are good to go!

The second layered look is a layered look. For a flattering layered look, think long and loose:  the options are endless and can go from vests to classic cardigans.

Harem pants such as these Comfy USA Harem Crop Pants are actually flattering and give the illusion of a tailored, classic look.  Add a wedge heel and you have a casual, fun outfit!

Comfortable dressing is a breeze when you use stretchy, sporty materials that provide polish and panache!

More as it happens!





May 25

No, this is not about shoes..not really about fashion, although in a round about way, it is how you choose to present your platform…

So, did you watch? What did you think?


I laughed! I cried! I frantically looked at the clock and thought, “Please God. Stop Time. Now!”

So, what did Oprah teach you?

She taught me how to enjoy the journey of finding “my own platform.”  I spent my 20′s and 30′s trying to be comfortable with doing one thing and fitting into expectations of others.

The thing is, I realized that doing one thing does not reflect my different interests or personality.   So, I started to figure out what different aspects of my platform made me happy and worked to get there.

In one of Oprah’s last interviews she talked to Maddie Stepanek’s mother.  You remember Maddie, the boy with Musular Dystrophy, who spoke like a prophet?  According to his mom, Maddie’s last full sentence was, “Choose to inhale.  Do not breathe only to exist.” Whew!

My platform is teaching college students about business;  Black Cat Plus by finding clothes that helps women look their best while doing their best; this blog which serves as my voice,  and lastly, my consulting work for organizations which leaves me always seeking for a better way–finding a better ROI, a better way to market…a better way to communicate…

I am thrilled that my platform has many different stages, at almost 50, I am the busiest and most energized than I have ever been!

I have said many times, “Dress for Success.” Finding your signature style is the first step to presenting your platform to the world.

Embrace fashion as one of your best expressions of you.  Experiment!

Find the right outfit, have fun! Don’t worry about trends: focus on what looks good on you and accentuates your positive features.

And….know you can!

P.S. In case you were wondering as was I the whole time she was talkin’…That pink tassel bracelet with the diamonds..Lorraine Schwartz. On her FB page, Lorraine said, “Oprah, it was a great moment having you wear my bracelets during the finale. You looked beautiful and I loved the way the pink tassel diamond bracelet dangled! We all love you Oprah!!”

We can dream!

More as it happens, Jodell



May 23
Are You Fab Over Forty?
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Do you want to be?

If so, check out this week’s Fashion Flash hosted by Kari at Fabulous Over 40!


While you are there, check out the site and learn how you can be Fab Over 40 with all the latest news and tips on beauty, fashion, skin care, hair care and fitness!


Check it out! And thanks Kari!

May 19

Yes, you can wear trends at any age and size by keeping a few things in mind!



The point when evaluating a trend is to wear what looks great on you and conveys who you are!

For example, some stylists caution against wearing leggings if you are heavier.  However, if your legs are your best feature, go for it! You can also look at pairing leggings or a variation of leggings which are more loose at the ankle such as these plus size shirred leggings from Chalet

with flats or heels whichever is most comfortable, or for a long tunic such as this cute, detail top from Sienna Rose which provides balance and draws the eye upward of pair with a dress such as this Neon Buddha polo dress.

Most of the women in my family wore heels, even stiletto heels to the grocery store well into their 80′s!

Age and size is not an issue.  The issue is how comfortable you are and what looks fabulous at any size and age!

More as it happens!





May 19

Madison Plus says, “YES YOU CAN wear the latest fashions, be
privy to wearable celebrity looks and dress just like your friends.

Madison Plus has created an online destination for plus size women to be on the brink of fashion and rock the latest runway looks without feeling left out.

Madison Plus helps plus size fashionistas get dressed and find the latest options in her size.

You can shop the latest fashions, see what’s new, check out the blog, and style guides.  There is a wealth of information right at your fingertips!

While you are there, don’t forget to sign up to get the latest news.

May 15

Happy Monday!

Lots happening today! You’ll want to check out our Fashion Flash at Menopause Makeover with their Self Confidence Awareness Campaign and learn more about how to celebrate your uniqueness during menopause.


I really love this site! Maybe it’s because I can relate! How about you?

So, check it out!  Great new tips at  Menopause Makeover on beauty, fashion, fitness, diet and more!

May 11

Do you love yoga as much as I do? Actually, to be honest, I just like the one complete hour of silence…

Well, the newest trend is plus size yoga!

Buddha Body in New York City offers plus size yoga classes; no Size 0′s allowed!

Michael Hayes, owner of Buddha Body says, “There are heavy people who are fit and not necessarily fat.” Buddha Body offers practitioners the opportunity to practice yoga, ask questions and to take advantage of props such as levels of adjustable straps that are more congenial to the plus size individual.

The end result, more confidence, the ability to move more freely and for those who wish, weight loss.

Check out in your area for plus size yoga classes! What a great concept!

May 9

This week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by Shawna K of Female Fat Loss Over Forty!

Wonderful tips on fat loss and tips on how to stay fit! Check it out! Shawna has great ideas and insight!

More later! Jodell

May 4

Well, here’s a new one!

A new study out of the University of Bologna by Dr. Davide Dragone and Dr. Luca Savorelli suggest in their research paper, Thinness and Obesity: A Model of Food Consumption, Health Concerns and Social Pressure, that using plus-size models such as the lovely Marquita Ping, on the catwalk and in advertisements could make women fat because it decreases the social pressure to be thin.

Photos: Ford Plus

Here we go!

The researchers cite the relationships between Italy, Germany and Spain and each of their respective fashion communities to produce more plus-sized clothes and uphold a minimum size for models.

They said, “To promote chubby fashion models when obesity is one of the major problems of industrialised countries seems to be a paradox. Everyone has to trade off in life a number of things like the pleasure of eating and going to the gym or something as a cost.  So if you just fix the average healthy weight then maybe you will throw up some incentives to be thin.”

So, why are nations as a whole overweight?  Given the numerous images we see of rail thin models, we should all be a size 0.

Not that simple since there are so many other factors that come into play.

While you can give credit to the influence of media and fashion on appearance and what is in vogue, it is not the only influence?

I think it is time we stop trying to “categorize and rationalize” and figure out a way to “normalize” without excuse or explanation.

What do you think?

More as it happens! Jodell



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