Jun 28

With cool offices and chilly evenings, knits are perfect to wear!

You’ll want to look for silhouettes that are designed to flatter the plus size figure with designs that create waists or skim over hips.

Take a look at this navy and cream studio swing cardigan with a nautical twist from Pure and Co., a perfect piece to layer and flatter with a defined waist!

Today’s designs such as this Cosmic Vee Cardigan from Pure and Co.  emphasise a retro look that celebrated a curvier silhouette,  with  a hint of 50′s styling.  The open weave provides for a sexy, flashy outfit.

It is easy to layer these knit styles and be right in step with fashions that flatter this summer!


Jun 27

Yes, do check it out! Female Fat Loss Over Forty Blog with Fitness, Fat loss,  and Other Tips for Busy Women!

Deb’s  passion is teaching people how to work fitness into their daily lifestyle in order to improve their quality of life. She works with clients to help them reach their fitness goals!


Her latest tip: I love this one! 25 minutes and you are done!

Jun 19

I must say how excited I am to see a lot of imagination in plus size fashion these days.  Gone are the days of drab colors with shapeless tents.

Can plus size women wear these hot on trends colors and styles? Yes! Why not?

You will find bold,bright colors,  neutrals, white, gold accents from jewelry to embellishments and an updated, modern 70′s chic look.

So, incorporate color into your wardrobe if you have not already! Now is the time!  You’ll see jewel tones such as this royal blue pant set from Simply Silk that can be paired with one of their matching jackets or basic black for a stunning contrast.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are neutral tones that range from grey to sand to cream. The nice thing about neutrals is that you can use them as a backdrop for your favorite accessories and play up your best features.

Check out this charcoal shirred cardigan from Chalet with its matching pants or skirt for a complete outfit.

And of course, you can wear white! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!

For a bit of a nautical “twist” try these Neon Buddha white love knot pants! Pair with Navy or Black Jacket for a complete outfit.

Gold accents are everywhere from embellishments to trim.  Do you love jewelry as much as I do?

Love this gold floral orchid necklace, perfect for those neutral tones.  Combines feminine, floral and chic!

Speaking of chic, how about 70′s chic? We cannot live without our Sienna Rose tops! Year-round appeal with versatility and colorful patterns, you cannot go wrong! Brighter than is a fave pattern of mine!


So, there you have it! Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun!

More as it happens!




Jun 19

Our turn to host the Fashion Flash.

I am always so impressed by the quality of blog posts from what new in shoes to feeling and looking your best after 40 to the latest tips on fitness and more.  So, let’s get right to it!

Check out Kari at Fab Over Forty, this week she shares, how, “Cancer patients suffer from skin sensitivities and irritations with their various medications and treatments. Fab Over Forty shares information and reviews on a new skincare line Love Life Skin created by doctors for those with sensitive skin who still want skin care results.”


Next up: Tips on how to sleep through menopause by Staness Jonekos, Co-author of The Menopause Makeover.


And, are you as curious as I was with this title? Well, check this out!

Deb at No-Nonsense Beauty tries out  the anti-aging hat.

Worn white yet?   Here’s a few tips! The all white fashion trend is hot this spring. Can anyone wear the look, or will it make you look washed out? Find out what the Glam Gals think at Fabulous after 40.
And Catherine has some great shoes for you to check out! She says,
“Hello shoe lovers! The Fall 2011 Nicholas Kirkwood shoes are amazing, check them out at Obsessed with Shoes.”
Once again, Get inspired with Female Fat Loss Expert Shawna Kaminski and one of her awe-inspiring clients!
At Black Cat Plus, we have the latest and greatest in Spring and Summer styles that can take you from the work to play and everything in between.  Check out new styles from Simply Silk and Chalet.
Jun 13

Your  No-nonsense guide to anti aging solutions, the No Nonsense Beauty Blog hosts this Monday’s Fashion Flash from all of your fave bloggers!

While you are there, get the white paper, Road Rules for Retin-A!

Jun 11

What do you think of getting rid of the term, “plus size?”

If it is up to Queen Latifah, who is launching her own line later this summer for the Home Shopping Network, the term “plus size” wil no longer be a term used when describing clothing for sizes 14+.

Latifah told Women’s Wear Daily recently, ” ‘I wanted to make something size two and up. ‘The truth is, we all would like to wear the same clothes. We all want to wear beautiful, fly clothes no matter what size you are, and so for me it was important to match with a company that understood and respected that ideal.”

She applauds designers such as Donna Karan and Marina Rinaldi who offer styles for the plus size woman, but added that more work needed to be done for other designers to add more sizes and flattering styles to her line.
Latifah adds that her collection will appeal to and be appropriate for women of all shapes and sizes with style that range from softly-draped dresses and waterfall-neck jackets to jeans that unzip at the ankle and versatile knitted ponchos.
So, how about it? What do you think? Eliminate the term plus size?  Replace it with what, if anything?
More as it happens!
Jun 6

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Fabulous After 40!

And while you are there, don’t forget to sign up for their Fabulous After 40 Starter Kit and for a chance to win Artisan Design Gallery Cuff Bracelets!

Jun 2

In an attempt to draw attention to plus size fashion, Vogue Italia‘s editor, Franca Sozzani, has chosen to use plus size models wearing skimpy lingerie, on its latest cover.

Question: Does this cover take away from the plus size fashion movement or does it advance the cause?

I have said this before..but I truly believe that evolution, especially of this kind, in terms of changing attitudes will come in tiny bits and pieces, forwards and backwards and side steps.

Undoubtedly, there will be some hits and misses in advancing acceptance of plus size fashion into mainstream fashion.

Would we have seen a fashion spread like this ten years ago?

I am curious to see what is inside the issue and how the cover is explained in context?

The cover is in black and white photographed by photographer Steven Meisel, features plus-sized models Candice Huffine, Robyn Lawley, and Tara Lynn and they are all wearing quite the attention-getting lingerie.

Here’s the thing…we won’t know which cover, article, fashion spread, advertisement is a hit or a miss or its impact for some time to come.

Here’s another thing..I think this cover will be more a hit in the long-term because it gives us one more perspective and is a way to change one more perception. Maybe it does stand alone and is not connected to anything relevant inside? So, what?

So, I am for the hits and the misses and everything in between…because you cannot have the hits without the misses!

Let’s keep the creativity and innovation coming!

More as it happens! Jodell