Sep 28

This season we are seeing some really great trends with a nod to the 70′s with a color, texture, and animal print focus.

You can take advantage of color blocking and use it as an economic way to keep your costs in check and not look as though you are dressing in costume.

Color blocking as pop art is not what you want.  Think understated and the use of solids such as a solid knit top such as this Neon Buddha
pullover paired with your fave black pencil skirt.

This outfit makes for an easy color block that provides the right amount of balance without going over-the-top.  Afraid that it is too much? Use the darker color on the bottom and the brighter color on top.

Want more bold? Pair texture and print but be sure to stay within the same color family and never mix two of the same prints.

Animal print pieces are still going strong this season. Remember with animal prints to wear one print at a time as well so as not to look to busy.

We love this Simply Silk jacket with its animal-like pattern and a tad bit of beading for texture in the most appropriate fall shades. 

Both pieces are $109 and $110.  Cost-conscious, appropriate and on trend for Fall ’11~

Also, Need help with your wardrobe but on a budget? Then check out Fabulous After 40′s ebook Chic on the Cheap!

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Sep 20

Well, always on the lookout for new shapewear items, when I was contacted by Squeem I was a bit skeptical.

So, I took the vest out of the package and was surprised at how lightweight it felt. Put my arms into the shoulder straps pulled the two ends together and began fastening from the bottom up to the top.

I wore Squeem’s Miracle Vest on a few different occasions.   Yup!  True to form! It lifted, flattened and reduced just as their ads proclaim.  My 101 year old grandmother looked at the vest and talked about by-gone days with corsets and how this vest looked and felt so different.  And she wore a corset every day til she turned 100!

While I am not a fan of having shapewear as “every day wear” I must say that when I wore this vest out to lunch friends asked if I had lost weight.  The manufacturer is correct, after having the vest on all day and then wearing it to an evening function, it was a bit too long of a time, at first.  You must ease into wearing the shapewear until you get used to it-one hour, then two, then three and so on.

The most important things that I was reminded about shapewear:

  1. It made me stand up straighter–my posture was better.
  2. I did not overeat
  3. I just felt better!

So, check out Squeem’s Magical Lingerie and take a look at what they have.  Their Miracle Vest and Perfect Waist both go up to a 5XL sizes 22W-24W.

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Sep 19



I just adore this actress don’t you? Did you see all of the actresses who were nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series go up on stage when their names were called? How funny was that?

Congratulations to Melissa,  who looked so nice wearing a custom gown by designer and dress maker,  Johanna Johannsen.   Cannot wait until she hosts SNL on October 2!

Also congrats goes out to Margo Martindale as Best Supporting Actress in Justified.

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Sep 14

Changes in manufacturing technology keeps plus size women feeling in style and on trend! Check out this interesting video!

Sep 14

Did you watch it? What did you think?

Yesterday, the women did an interview on the Today Show and talked about their experience and to promote the last episode of the season.

The Learning Channel’s show Big Sexy, stars hope that they have taught viewers to change their attitudes about sexy. As one of the cast members said, “Once you go big, you never go twig!”

The show has been praised for showing plus size women as beautiful and sexy and criticized for their complacency in not challenging their critics when faced with adversity.

In the final series episodes, Heather Roach (plus size fashion designer), Nikki Gomez (a plus-size model), Leslie Medlik (plus size stylist and personal shopper), Audrey Lea Curry (a makeup artist and aspiring plus-size model) and Tiffany Bank (plus-size model) went to Miami for a photo shoot to promote Heather’s new swimsuit line, “Heather Feather: bikinis and bras for busty broads.”

And…the fun never ends…

Love that tagline!  Let’s see what’s next! What do you think, if TLC made more episodes would you watch?

Sep 14

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Obsessed with Shoes.  They said, “It’s Fashion Flash time and here are some great tips about fashion, beauty and lifestyle from some of the best bloggers on the Internet.”

If you haven’t checked it out! Do so now!

Sep 8

I love Fashion Week in New York! Even though we are previewing the season ahead, in this case, Spring ’12, we can identify a few trends that look as though they are here to stay for a few seasons.

Trend #1: Longer length from tunics, to skirts, to dresses.  Check out this Charcoal Skitty Skirt from Chalet.


We see that hemlines are longer, from below the knee to way below the knee.  You will find the longer length is more practical with the cooler weather, just throw on your favorite pair of boots and you’re good to go!

Trend #2 Color, Texture and Pattern

You’ll see a lot of color blocking this season with warmer, richer tones for autumn.  A lot of bold, contrasting patterns  from stripes to tiny florals, mix and match two to three pieces.  If you are a bit apprehensive about color, consider a lovely wearable art piece such as this tunic from Art of Cloth which can be paired with solid bottom such as tights or leggings–be on the lookout for leg warmers–again!  Add texture, but not a lot of bulk with pieces  that have faux fur on a quarter to half of the garment to slub fabrics.

Trend #3 Glam it up! Just a touch of glam from your eye shadow to a top that is embellished with rhinestones and sequins.  Check out this Rodeo tunic from Cover  Charge.

Enjoy wearing all of the plus size fashion trends this fall that can easily be taken from one season to the next.

Sep 6
Fashion Flash September News
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Sep 1

Have you ever seen people walking down the street and wondered what the heck they were thinking when they chose their outfits that morning?  You know what I’m talking about; the OG-wannabe with the pants hanging down below his butt, the girl with the muffin top, the businessman wearing white sneakers with his slacks, or the trophy wife who insists on showing her cleavage, her legs, and every other inch of skin that is within legal limits?

These people are not alone in dressing in clothes that just don’t fit; both physically and stylistically.  So if you’re beginning to wonder if your clothes fit (and fit in), here are a few telltale signs that indicates that you might not be on track with your wardrobe.

Let’s start with how clothes fit on your body.  The simplest rule is that your garments should be neither too loose nor too tight.  In general, fabrics should skim your body without bunching, sagging, squeezing, or otherwise emphasizing your worst features (or entirely masking your figure).  Clothing should show off your assets (but not to the point of causing a public disturbance) while working to camouflage problem areas that you’d rather not have on public display.

When it comes to clothes that don’t fit your physique, there are two ways you can go: too big or too small.  But how can you tell if your clothing falls into these categories?  Well, it’s surprisingly simple.  Clothing that is too big will look baggy or boxy, turning an otherwise curvy figure into nothing more than a blob.  You might as well be dressing in a trash bag.

If you’re wearing clothes that are too large in an effort to “hide” problem areas, you may get more than you bargained for since no one is likely to notice you at all.  And if your clothes are too small, just the opposite will occur.  When your pants are so tight that a muffin top is the least of your worries (ladies, you know what I mean) and your tops only serve to emphasize  bulges that have popped up over the years (hey, we all get them), people are going to become hyper-aware of you – they may not be able to stop themselves from staring.

So what can you do to find clothes that fit well?  There are a couple of options.  The first is to go for a fitting.  Bras, in particular, can make a huge difference in how you look when they’re fitted properly, as can other supportive undergarments.  From there, you’ll want to seek clothing that cuts in and flares out in the right places (as in nips in at the waist and then gently flares to the hip to create that hourglass look).  And pants should fit snugly but not uncomfortably (a straight leg or boot cut is almost universally flattering).  Remember that you can always spend a few extra bucks for alterations to make garments fit you perfectly.

As for wearing clothing that fits in, you’ll simply have to assess what is appropriate for your particular setting.  Use fashion magazines and blogs to stay up-to-date with what’s trending, but use your own aesthetic compass to decide if particular styles are right for you (shoes that look like furniture on your feet may be in vogue, but that doesn’t mean you can maneuver the office or a playground in them).  In other words, stay abreast of fashion trends so that you can adopt the ones that speak to you, but don’t let them dictate your personal style.

Carol Montrose writes for where you can design your own custom clothing at affordable prices.  Check it out!