Dec 27

Looking at this year’s prints, it is a smorgasboard of dots, stripes, flowers and patterns in separates from dresses to tops and skirts to jackets and we’ll see this trend continue into Spring and Fall of 2012.

As we looking at the start of this fashion trend which ranged from subdued shades just a few years ago prior to the recession, to “out there” prints, the prints have become bolder and brighter as fashion designers wanted us to feel better in a dismal economy.

Plus size women can wear prints successfully.

When wearing prints, keep in mind few basic rules of thumb to put your best foot forward and not overpower your look.  You’ll want to minimize, limit, separate and streamline.

When considering a print, remember to:

Keep it simple!  Patterns in tiny florals or small stripes can be flattering and keep you right on-trend.  Eliminating accessories can show off your print as a work of art.

Limit the palette to one print at a time so as not to have conflicting aesthetics.  If you have more than one pattern, be sure they are in subdued hues which are more flattering or a minimized separate such as this Sienna Rose Tank Top, Glowing Temperature.

Be sure to split your prints with a splash of a neutralizing solid color, such as black, white or grey in between your prints.

Make sure to avoid excessive draping or ruffles when you are wearing prints to streamline your silhouette.  Pay close attention to where the patterns and lines are placed to make sure they flatter your shape.  Take a look at this Comfy USA Diamond Side Tunic which gives a perfect example of a waist cinching illusion which is flattering and fashionable.


Prints can be a challenge, but make them a charming addition to your wardrobe by keeping a few common sense fashion tips in mind.

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It’s been a great year!   Thanks to all of our readers! Have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2012~

Dec 21
Marilyn Monroe: Fit or Fat??
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I am intrigued by the new Marilyn Monroe movie, My Week with Marilyn and cannot wait to see it.

What I love most about Marilyn is that she was the first real woman who challenged the public’s ideal of size and body image and won!  It is too bad she had such a tumultuous life.

Was she plus size?

At 5 feet 5 inches tall with measurements of 36-23-35, it looks as though she was a size 8-10 and not a 14-16 as some reports say, with an hourglass figure it  may have thrown some people’s impressions of her size. Also, sizing back in the 1950′s and 60′s was a bit different than it is now.

Whatever her size, I do believe that this icon of motion pictures was not only a sex symbol but one of the first women who challenged the ideal body image and influencing our impression of style and fashion.

Go see a movie or two over the holiday season! I cannot wait to kick back, relax and enjoy time with friends and relatives!

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More as it happens! Jodell

Dec 13

Isn’t this time of year just a glam-o-rama?  Who doesn’t love the holidays? Breakfasts with friends, lunches with co-workers and the infamous office party and how can we forget those holiday parties with your pals?

What to wear this season? The options are ever so glamorous from outright sparkle and shine to subtle hints of embellishment you will have the look that is right for you– from modest to bold as well as appropriate for the occasion.

In the mood for glitz that goes with anything?  Try one of the Teez Her Sequin Tank Tops in white or black or  for when you are in the mood for just a hint of embellishment and color underneath a slinky jacket or cape.

Want just a tad more glitz? How about this Cover Charge Sequin Cape With just sequins on the lapels, it’s perfect for both that holiday party and New Year’s Eve Celebrations!

You can never go wrong with Simply Silk.  Our best occasion line, Simply Silk has jackets and dresses with  great color such as this purple floral swing jacket or tasteful beading on the bodice such as this beaded burgundy and green kimono jacket.


Need nail polish? I have to show you!  Right now I am wearing one of OPI’s Muppet Collection Polishes, “Gettin Miss Piggy with It.” My students liked it!  I think it’s a bit much for everyday, but there’s no doubt, in just a few days, I will be ready to party and all set for the holidays!

Need some exercise tips to stay in shape this season? Check out Shawna K”s post!


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Dec 5

There was an interesting commentary in the UK edition of the Huffington Post a few days ago that gave some insight into the “Catch 22″ some plus size women may face.  As the new year and my big 5-0 approaches it got me to thinking about what I want to focus on.

Recently, celeb chef Nigella Lawson has lost a lot of weight. Prior to her weight loss, she made a big to-do about “indulging yourself in the kitchen because it makes you sexy.” Since her weight loss, one journalist called her a liar because she lost weight. (Check out this Broccoli and Stilton Soup Recipe from Nigella’s web site!)


Admit it? Were you upset when Oprah lost weight several years ago? Do you identify with celebrities that are plus size?  When they lose weight are you mad? Do you call them liars?

The central issue: As a plus size woman, how do you strike the balance between the pressure to be thin and having a positive body image regardless of your size?

Journalist Shane Watson sheds some light on this most controversial topic. While I agree on what she says, I find that it misses one thing: health.

As young girls, from a very young age we are bombarded with messages about body image and the pressure to be thin. As we grow, we understand on one level that we are more than just what our size says, but we cling to the “ideal” and succumb by adhering to the cycle of dieting and losing weight as we strive to get to our “correct, normal size.”

Watson says the solution is to promote positive discrimination in the form of plus size promotion and positive body image.  That is great and that is what the plus size industry is doing very well. But, we must, must be sure to make sure that somewhere in our positive discrimination message includes the message to be healthy at every size.

More as it happens!



Dec 4

This week, Black Cat Plus hosts the Fashion Flash.

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’ll find practical advice for surviving the holiday season from my gal pals: from health and fitness tips to fashion and style they’ve got us covered.

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