Jan 30

Well, were we ever excited to see our fave plus size actress, the most talented Melissa McCarthy, nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in The Bridesmaids. (this is one movie to RENT!)

At yesterday’s SAG Awards, Melissa wore a lovely navy blue cowl neck dress by Badgley Mischka.  This cowl neck look is definitely reminiscent of Pippa and so on trend with the go-to color of Navy!

Getty Images

With several film and television projects in the works along with her own fashion line, we cannot wait to see what is in store this year for Melissa!

She designed her own 2010 Emmy gown with dress maker Daniela Pearl.  She says about plus size fashion. ”Trying to find stuff that’s still fashion-forward in my size is damn near impossible. It’s either for like a 98-year-old woman or a 14-year-old hooker, and there is nothing in the middle.”

Well, let’s see if she sticks with Badgley Mischka to dress her for the Oscar’s! She’s definitely off to a great start!

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Jan 23

From time to time I hunt around for things to recommend to customers.  I have been working with a few great fashion and style apps recently that I would like to share with you.

First up is Style Tag which is free on the iPad or iPhone.  StyleTag allows you to discover your favorite brands, styles and item’s information based on another user’s comments and tags.  You can share your looks on line and keep up-to-date on trends.  Download Styletag for free on your iPad or IPhone.

One of the other apps I have downloaded is Style Tips.  Style Tips features videos that give you examples of the best clothing for your body type, scarf tying and more!  Check it out!


There are many apps out there that give you all sorts of good info with just a touch of your screen. The last app is a great new fashion app called Stylebook.  For your iPhone, Stylebook allows you to upload photos that you have taken from items in your wardrobe and tag and categorize everything you own.  You can plan ahead what you will wear in the coming month and track how many times you have worn an item.  The most exciting thing is that you can move, assemebe and resize pieces from your wardrobe right on the screen, layering outfits to see exactly how they will look when they are worn. Be sure to Photoshop your images ahead of time prior to uploading. Download Stylebook for $3.99 to your iPhone.

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Jan 19

Mother of the Bride Attire Options


If your son or daughter is getting married in the near future, you’re probably ecstatic. At the same time, your child’s wedding may be a source of some stress in your life. You may have to help plan and prepare for the wedding. You may have to provide your child with advice and reassurance if they are feeling nervous about anything related to the upcoming marriage. And you’re going to have to find the perfect outfit to wear, which can be the most difficult and stressful part. If you’re having some trouble figuring out what to wear to look stunning at your child’s wedding, consider these options:


I. A sequined, V-neck gown:

Sequined dresses have made a comeback recently, and that’s a good thing! Sequined dresses show off curves and tend to have a slimming effect on waistlines. Full-length sequined gowns are usually your best bet for a wedding, since they tend to be appropriate for the most formal of occasions. If you decide to go with a sleeveless sequined gown, you may want to pair it with a matching sequined jacket for some extra pizzazz.   For an alternative, take a look at this V-neck long, tank dress from Simply Silk that can easily be paired with a jacket such as our Simply Silk Burgundy and Green Kimono Jacket.


II. A mock two-piece dress with waistband:

This type of dress creates the optical illusion of being a shirt and skirt. If a mock two-piece dress interests you, you may want to consider investing in a dress design that includes scalloped fabric on the upper half of the dress and a smooth, A-line skirt portion on the bottom half of the dress. The scalloped upper half will bring attention to your upper body. A thick waistband that includes some kind of fabric flower embellishment is a nice touch to add some flair to the dress.


III. A taffeta gown with portrait collar:

Taffeta doesn’t cling to your body in the same way other fabrics do, and it’s one of the most elegant fabric choices available. A portrait collar, in conjunction with a ruched bodice, will draw attention to your neck and shoulders. A dress of this kind looks great with three-quarter length sleeves and an A-line skirt that lands about two centimeters above the floor.


So, consider the attire options above and get ready to look fabulous at the upcoming wedding!


About Clari Farkash


Designer and fashion entrepreneur Clari Farkash was raised in Europe and studied design at the University of Upsala. She designs prom dresses, short dresses, homecoming dresses and other special occasion dresses for the Clarisse line of dresses sold by Promgirl.net. Clari strives to integrate environmental friendly techniques in the manufacturing of all her designs.




Jan 16

So, what did you think about the Golden Globes last night?

I thought that overall, we had mostly hits out of the ball park!

Best Supporting Actress Octavia Spencer for her role as Minny in The Help wore Tadashi Shojai a scene-stealer in a beautiful orchid-lavender dress. Prior to the awards show, Octavia mentioned that NOT ONE designer came to her to dress her and Tadashi dressed her for press tours to promote the Help and she wanted to show her appreciation.  I bet finding a dress for the Oscars will be different for her! What do you think?

Loved Melissa McCarthy’s dress by Badgley Mischka with her long, flowing  hair she looked very pretty!

We saw a lot of black, blush is still going strong and we had splashes of color in blue, yellow, green and purple thrown in for good measure.  As for the silhouette we saw very slenderizing looks with a few bows, feathers and fish tail trains.

Reese was just stunning in Red Carpet Red! Angelina in that white satin Chanel with the splash of red at the top that matched her lipstick.  Wow! I am a fan of Lorraine Schwartz who dressed 15 celebrities in diamonds and jewels! Lucky them!  The Oscars will be announced on Tuesday, January 24th at 8:38 am, during the Today Show! Can’t wait to see who will be nominated and what the attendees will wear!

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Jan 10

With the new year getting into full swing, it is a good time to evaluate the plus size market potential in order to give us some clues as to what is in store for plus size for 2012.

It appears as though fit and quality are still front and center in the minds of plus size women with having the item in line with keeping us fashion conscious as a close second and then price.

Although, it’s really hard to rank the three elements, let’s face it, if the top, jacket, skirt or pants do not fit, we won’t buy it.  As for price, that is the most justifiable element in my mind.  I can justify price if I love the item! I have had many customers do the same. We love it we wear it and we have fun with it!

Speaking of loving an item, what do you think about this Art of Cloth Abby Tunic? I love the Art of Cloth line and this is a perfect example of justifying price if I love the item!  This line is just pure wearable art and we are so glad that it has been embraced by our customers.

If the item is not on trend, we won’t buy it. My informal research with my customers has revealed  that many plus size women feel left out when it comes to two things: the retailer not carrying their size or that there is nothing to wear that is fashionable. Many are amazed that we have a whole store just for plus size.

The other element I would have to add is work-to-weekend wear.  Neon Buddha is one of our key lines that conveys this trend very well.

I look forward to 2012 and in a few weeks revealing to you the newest selections of fashionable styles that fit and won’t break the bank!

Also, check out the Fashion Flash post for this week! The gals over at Fab Over 50 have some great New Year’s tips!

Jan 5

Selecting the Right Swimsuit For Pear-Shaped Woman

Just as the imperfection of the skin that can easily be camouflaged by beauty brands, like Neutrogena, Olay, and others; choosing the right swimwear can make a big difference in making the body of plus-sized women look sexy.

With little patience and perseverance, you can not only find the perfect plus-size swimsuit that accentuates your curves just right. There are only a few tips that you need to keep in mind, before you start shopping for your perfect swimsuit:

Wear A Flattering Swim Suit – A pear shaped body has bulkier buttocks, thighs and hips. The upper body is slimmer. Buy swimsuits that do not draw attention to the hips. You can choose swimsuits with a dark colored bottom to make it look slimmer. Choose the top in a lighter shade and with embellishments that will focus on the bust.

Buy A Two-Piece Swimsuit – A 2 piece swim suit will flatter you the best as it can be worn in two differently matched colors and styles. As the upper part of your body is slim, you should wear a top that will draw eyes to your upper body and face. The lower of your suit should be in dark colors as they make a person look slimmer. Black is an eternal color that can be matched with anything. Also do not buy swimsuits in bold patterns that will focus on the body.

Highlight Your Attractions – Take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you set out to buy a swimsuit. Make a note of your assets and then when you buy the suit, choose flattering styles and colors. You can choose styles that will make your legs appear long and slim. Your backside should be covered if it is bulky and your bust should have the support of an underwire if it is large.  Like dresses, swimsuits can also have embellishments at the bust. Choose a suit top with a ruffles and pleats et al. If you have attractive shoulders, then flaunt them with strapless or a single shoulder suit that also has bright colors and designs. Then there are suits that have control panels. These are especially for the pear shaped woman to make her bulky parts look slimmer.


If you are averse to two-piece suits, you can wear a suit in single piece too. When you choose styles like V-necks, halter-tops and other attractive tops that focus on the upper body, the lower body remains unnoticed. To cover the lower body or to make it appear slim, wear short-skirted swimsuits or a suit like a camisole.

Thank you to our guest blogger, Christina Lyttle, who is a fashion expert with five years of experience under her belt. In her free time, she loves teaming wigs of different colors, like purple wigs, blonde wigs and others to enrich the look of  men’s costumes designed by her.