Feb 27
Congratulations Octavia!
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Looking stunning in a Tadashi Shoji gown, Octavia Spencer accepts her award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help.   Congratulations Octavia! Way to Go!


Check out this week’s Fashion Flash at Fab Over Forty.

Feb 23

Just as one can rely on a wrinkle-free cream or proven beauty tips to camouflage the creases on your face, you can also feel stylish and sexy by choosing the right clothes to fit your silhouette.

It is natural to feel resentful of fashionable clothes that are only meant for Size 2 teenagers. But thankfully, designers have now come to understand the plight of plus size women and have come up with many fashionable options for the plus size silhouette.

Stores, such as Black Cat Plus, have devoted their entire existence and primarily caters to plus size figures and their fashion demands. So, don’t settle for anything less than the best because there are many fashion tricks you can use when you shop for your shapely plus size silhouette –

1. Prints – Prints help in camouflaging your figure flaws by drawing the eye away from them.  Although animal prints, such as this Animals in Color Beaded Tunic by Sienna Rose,  seem to be making a comeback, you need not restrict yourself to animal prints only.

You can try many bold prints such as this plus size Sienna Rose Flying Rose Ruffled Tunic, that makes a statement. The golden rule is to have the size of the print  in equal proportion to your body.

2. Colors – Darker colors are oxygen to plus size figures. This doesn’t mean that you will have to lead a black and white life. Know where your figure flaws lie and focus on them. If you are bottom heavy, combine a fun colored top with straight black denims.


3. Stripes – Vertical stripes, such as this Diamond Side Tunic from Comfy USA make one look slimmer and taller while horizontal stripes can have the opposite effect if the stripes are not in proportion. Play on the mystic quality of the vertical stripes and contrast the color to create a winning combination. Wear pants or a skirt that has horizontal stripes and combine them with a solid color shirt and  jacket, and you will turn many heads.

4. Skinny Jeans – Although boot cuts still remain a classic, Cigarette Denims and straight cuts are a plus size figure’s paradise. Slim fits and leggings like our Comfy USA plus size Zipper leggings, when combined with a longer top can do an excellent job in making you look slimmer. But the wash should be dark. If you are okay with your lower body, you can even combine it with a shirt; but a longer shirt would be preferred if you don’t want to draw attention to your lower torso.

With plenty of options to choose from, you will be right in style as Winter fades into the Sunset and we Spring into Action, this season!


Feb 19
Dreaming of Chanel
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A few things this week that I will be posting. First check out Staness with the Fashion Flash.


I had the opportunity this past week at MAGIC to meet Charlotte Smith, author of Dreaming of Chanel.

Charlotte Smith discovered that her American godmother had made her custodian of more than three thousand pieces, dating from 1790 to the 1990′s, including originals by Chanel and Dior.

In her book, Charlotte offers a glimpse inside wonderful pieces that every woman would love to own, with entertaining back stories behind each piece. The illustrations are by Grant Cowan, and are so breathtaking as each piece tells its own story.

Below, I asked Charlotte what she thought about today’s fashions.


Feb 17

Well, we have lots to talk about this week with MAGIC and the Fall Buying well underway.

But, the talk of this week is that this year’s models for Fashion Week in New York were too young and too thin.  They were reported as being boyish and very slender.

Back in 2006 after the death of one fashion model, Anna Carolina Reston, from anorexia, the Council of Fashion Designers of America issued a statement and guidelines for models which included resources for models who have an eating disorder.

While the models for Calvin Klein and other designers look healthy, there are many models who are clearly not taking good care of themselves.  In her documentary, Model Sara Ziff shows a grim portrayal of the dark side of modeling, where teens were encouraged to eat a rice cake a day and cotton balls. The CFDA and many designers have imposed a No Alcohol and No Smoking Policies, but without any enforcement power, it is a sad commentary for young women and the state of the fashion industry. What does it say for aspiring models? How about those plus size models wishing to break into the fashion industry? Could it be an indication that there is no room for plus size models?

When are we going to learn?

Feb 13

Take that Lagerfeld! Congratulations to Plus size songstress Adele Atkins Album of the Year! Looking gorgeous in a black Armani Prive gown and landing the cover of the March Vogue, The year of Adele is continuing!




In this 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, Adele’s message to women about body image and her outlook on success is clear, “The first thing to do is be happy with yourself and appreciate your body– only then should you try to change things about yourself.” Check out Shawna K who hosts this week’s Fashion Flash!

Feb 7

I am very impressed with Vogue Italia and their efforts to feature plus size models in recent issues of the magazine and promote women of all shapes and sizes on their Vogue Curvy web site!

Although, there is some criticism that the plus size models are always shown in the nude or in lingerie, due to the lack of plus size high fashion, I think that the fashion spread is very tastefully done with the models showing off their curves!  As for high fashion, there are more designers out there catering to plus size women, you just have to look for them!  Change comes about slowly in fashion and I take this as a big leap forward!

More as it happens!  Off to the trade shows for Fall 2012!


Feb 5
Fashion Flash February
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Hi! It’s Fashion Flash February as Black Cat Plus plays host to the latest and greatest from our favorite bloggers.  Read what’s in the news this week!


Female Fat Loss Over 40, Shawna K, loves ‘workout finishers‘, you can read all about this cool way to drop fat quickly in a super short amount of time.


The Spring Beauty Collections have popped up everywhere and vibrant shades of pink and coral are the focus.  Fab Over Forty shares with us some of the most wearable beauty Spring Collections for women over 40.


What do you wear to a casual sporting event to look like a stylish spectator? The Glam Gals have the perfect fashion solution at Fabulous after 40.


“Déjà Pseu observes that denim at the office isn’t just for Fridays anymore…”


Staness talks about women’s health.  ”This is a dangerous time for women’s health. The last year has seen unprecedented attacks on women’s access to care and on the fundamental right of every woman to make her own medical decisions.  YOU can make a difference, so your daughter has the same health rights as you. Support women’s health today.”

History has shown us that the quest for ultimate beauty is nothing new – it’s just gotten more high tech. Even in antiquity, dating back many thousands of years, famous beauties – including Cleopatra – searched the world over for the best beauty “treatments.” Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards.com shows you that great skin is as close as your doctor’s office with today’s cutting-edge lasers.

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  takes a close look at anti-aging  properties of yogurt.

And, over at Black Cat Plus, we are getting ready to go to our trade shows in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for MAGIC, WINN, MODA, and more so we can bring you the latest in plus size Spring Fashions for 2012 and give you a sneak peek at Fall 2012, stay tuned!