Apr 30

Plus Size Fashion News is Everywhere….Up, down and all around!

From the lovely Kaela Humphries signing with Ford Modeling Agency and her new campaign for the Limited’s new plus size line…


to the designers such as our very own Sympli Grand and other retailers like The Limited who are getting into plus size and H & M with Tara Lynn who is in a bikini! Good for her!

Not to mention that everyone is still talkin’ about what is going on with former plus size model Crystal Renn’s weight loss and what she is up to with her new hair color and her new size…

So, from Spring Colors that Pop in brights and feminine We have a lot to talk about and keep you posted as Spring is in full bloom!

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More as it happens…



Apr 26

We are pleased to introduce Sympli Grand to our esteemed list of designers! Finally, Sympli decided to add a plus size line for their stores!

What impressed me the most is that the company spent countless hours in the design process and even called me to discuss my first impressions.  The company made sure that every size was draped on real bodies and that extra special attention was paid to the placement of style lines and details, adding pockets, angles and length wherever possible to flatter the figure while maintaining shape.

Sympli made sure that every stage of the design process must encompass style, size, shape, height and comfort simultaneously.

The final product was only ap­proved if it flattered and satisfied ALL of their plus size models. There is a fit for every body!

This line has generous sizing, interesting separates in on-trend colors and fabric that you can easily grab and go! Check out this Rapt Tunic as it is a perfect example of style and comfort!

Sympli Grand is the long awaited plus size line from Sympli which, “Encourages women to embrace their inner beauty and strength and enjoy our collection with confidence. We want women to wear clothes as a compliment to their individual personality, mood and purpose and dispel the myth that they would be happier with a “perfect body.”

Sympli supports the Looking Glass Foundation, a local non-profit organization who caters to troubled youth who suffer from an eating disorder or those who simply have a misguided perception about body image and happiness.

As Sympli says,
“Positive self-esteem and self worth belong to all of us.”

Well said! Check out the line when you get a minute!


Apr 23

Tadashi Shoji uses draping, ruching and shutter pleats along with luxurious fabrics such as jersey fabric, chiffon and lace to create a silhouette that flatters the plus size woman.  Check out this cap sleeve twisted gown available up to a size 16 at Neiman Marcus.  This gown is a perfect example of a piece that flatters!

Shoji is among only a handful of designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, David Meister and Michael Kors who make couture fashion for the plus size silhouette.  Shoji’s designs go to a 16 and many styles go to a 24W.

His following is particularly strong among plus-size stars including Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer, Gabourey Sidibe, Queen Latifah, Oprah Winfrey and Mo’Nique.

Kudos to Tadashi Shoji! I love highlighting designers who do not discriminate and include curvy women!

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Apr 19

This Spring, you will love, love love the array of colors! We are looking at bright colors that pop!  This Spring is the perfect time to incorporate color into your wardrobe!

Royal blue, Violet, Yellow, Green and Coral are the go-to colors this season.

Take a look at this Crossroads Blazer in  Turquoise and Coral from Neon Buddha. With the wonderful color and jeweled buttons, this is the perfect blazer to take you from daytime to after-hour festivities.  A great example of the colorful brights we are seeing this season!

So, don’t be self-conscious to wear color! For the next few seasons, colorful separates and dresses are all you will see!  I compare wearing colorful clothing to getting used to wearing a RED lipstick shade. Most of us who wear make up, started off by wearing more subtle lipstick shades and as we got used to having some color on our lips we were able to deepen the color and perhaps back off the intensity of color on our eyes and cheeks so that we can play up one feature!

The same principle applies to your wardrobe! Start off with perhaps with an accessory or two and move to a colorful tunic and then, perhaps bottoms, like the ever popular colored denim we are seeing out now.

Remember, plus size women do not have to be banished to wearing dark colors anymore. It is a myth and it is outdated thinking and we need to stop it. If you have worn basic, neutral colors start with my suggestion to focus on accessories and then move to clothing pieces.

Spring is the perfect time to start!

Happy Shopping!


Apr 16

Photo: Getty Images

One of the most renown plus size models is now a size 6?
Wow, what a change!

Crystal Renn has taken up hiking and yoga and has trimmed down considerably.

She is a blonde and looks good! But, what is the message here?

“I feel pressure — probably more from any place — probably from the public and the media,” Renn said recently in interview posted on the blog of her modeling agency, Ford. “I think that by placing a title on my head, which is ‘plus-size,’ and then the picture that these people have created in their mind about what plus-size actually is, I’ve basically failed you just with that. Because I couldn’t possibly live up to that, and at this point in my life, I would have to actually have another eating disorder to live up to that expectation.”

Well, good for her if it is just that she wanted to slim down.

Here’s what I hope it is not. I hope it is not another bout of anorexia that Renn described in her 2009 biography, “Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition, and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves.”

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Apr 12

We are pleased to announce Ezze Wear from Canada as our newest plus size line here at Black Cat Plus!

We are even more excited that we have already sold some of the pieces and the line has been in our store only a few days!   Below is one of our favorites, the Red Zipper Top.

Ezze Wear fits right into the trend of comfortable, casual and stylish clothing, that is you guessed it–Easy to Wear!


Watch Natasha Brunklaus Sales Manager for Ezze Wear as she tells us all about this line!


Cotton fabric, zip or snap closures with fun, bright on-trend colors make this line a must have in your wardrobe. The clam diggers are perfect for running errands or a day at the beach.

This season, it’s all  about great color and comfortable, casual clothing that you can live in!  Bring on summer!

Apr 8

We are pleased to bring you the latest news for Spring from my favorite gal pal bloggers!   From beauty and hair, to wardrobe and travel we’ve got you covered! Take a peek!

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And over at Black Cat Plus, we are pleased to have new plus size items in from Ezze Wear, Neon Buddha and Simply Silk!


Apr 2

I was reading an article recently from the U.K. that talked about plus size models and that a larger-size model shows other plus size women that it is possible to maintain a positive body image and look good.   The controversy centered around whether having models that are too large sends the wrong message.

Photo: V Magazine

So, here are the key questions?

1. How large should a plus size model be and can models be too large?

What do you think?

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