May 31

It is beach season and a time when some plus size girls and women tend to hide their bodies in cover ups at the beach. I watched with interest as plus size blogger, Gabi Gregg was interviewed on the Today Show about posting photos of plus size women in bikinis.

Image: xoJane

Gabi posted an image of herself in a bikini when she was on vacation and was amazed by the outpouring of positive and even some negative comments on wearing a bikini, which she calls, Fatkini.  Gabi encouraged other plus size women to send their vacation images to xoJane because she wanted to show more people that all women, regardless of weight or size, can be happy heading to the beach.

Gregg said it was important for women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies. She encouraged her readers to embrace what they have. “Don’t let body shame keep you from having a good time!” She wrote on her blog.

Great idea! What do you think?

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May 28

Go Try it On! That is the name of one of the most useful and interesting fashion and free apps I have come across recently!  Upload a picture of yourself wearing the outfit and within seconds the app’s fashion community will deliver their opinions.  The best thing: there is a blur filter which allows you to remain anonymous.

Another free app is Trendabl, which a friend told me about—this app allows you to snap, upload and tag – pieces you admire and note where you bought it, the designer and price.  You can also invite members to follow trend-setters Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Nicky Hilton and more.


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May 24

The Vogue Pact is a great move forward as Editors of 19 international editions of the fashion magazine have made a pact to stop using models under the age of 16, or those who appear to have an eating disorder.  Most recently, Tyra Banks wrote an open letter in support of this idea as well as other designers and industry executives.


Maybe the pact will affect change, maybe it won’t.  Time will tell.

I would like to see that pact include using models who represent real-life women of all ages and sizes!

Let’s see? Is that too much to ask?

May 20

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May 15

A recent study conducted by Ben Barry of the Ben Barry Agency who was doing the research as a part of his doctoral thesis reveals that women want to see an attainable, realistic version of who they are and not an unattainable version!

Barry conducted focus groups with over 2500 women of all ethnicities, ages 14 to 65 and with dress size 0 to 18 across the U.S. and Canada.

The study found that diversity in body type helps sell clothes! We knew that!

Barry said, “My study found that women increased their purchase intentions by more than 200 percent when the models in the mock ads were their size. In the subgroup over size 6, women increased their purchase intentions by a dramatic 300 percent when they saw curvier models. Conversely, when women saw models who didn’t reflect their size, they decreased their purchase intentions by 60 percent, and women over size 6 dropped their purchase intentions by 76 percent.”

Leading Plus Size Magazine Cover with Model Fluvia Lacerda

The same actions occurred when buyers saw women of their own age in the ads.  When viewing a model who resembled her body type said, “I’d buy the dress in an instant because [the model] looks like me. I can see how this dress will hug my curves in all the right spots.”

It is no surprise that women felt beautiful and confident when they saw models who had similar traits and felt motivated enough to buy the dress.

That’s what we have been saying all along….WHEN will the designers listen?

More as it  happens,


May 9

I must admit, I am addicted to Fashion Star, the reality competition show for fashion designers. Have you seen it?

Every week designers have a fashion challenge which culminates in a fashion show with the option of having either the buyer from Macy’s, Saks, or H & M bidding for the items.  At the end of the episode, America has a chance to immediately purchase the designs off of the retailers’ sites. Check out the items, wouldn’t you love to see some of these in plus sizes? How exciting is that?

Here’s what I want to see: a challenge that includes plus size clothing.

After all, with the majority of American women wearing a Size 14 or higher, wouldn’t you think that being able to design for the majority would be a requirement for any designer today?


The show is interesting with Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie as the resident designers who are in charge of coaching the contestants.  It is also interesting to see what items actually catch the eyes of they buyers!

Maybe we can convince the producers to consider it! In the meantime, tune in next week Tuesday, May 15 at 10pm Eastern, as Ronnie, Nzzmiro and Kara vie for the title of Fashion Star!

So, write to them and let’s see what happens!

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More as it happens!




May 6

It’s that time of the year with parties and weddings and all sorts of functions to attend!

Quick Tip!

Don’t forget the secret weapon every celebrity and fashionista knows about!

Plus size shapewear, especially the bodysuit or the slipdress are perfect shapers to wear under your favorite dress as it transforms your silhouette!

A twist on the old favorite is the boxer body shaper which resembles a bodysuit but covers like a slip!

Remember, shapewear should fit snugly in order for it to do its job, so you can do yours–and look absolutely fabulous!

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Either one you choose, we have you covered!

May 4

We were so excited to hear that What Not To Wear Host Stacy London, is producing a new series on plus size shopping with Lee Lee’s Valise in Brooklyn!  How great is that?  The show is set to debut on TLC sometime this May!

Stacy also has a new venture with her business partner Cindy McLaughlin, that offers personal styling advice, called Style for Hire for women of all shapes and sizes! This is such a great idea to help women so that they can show off their own signature look to the world!