Jul 30

Great news for all of the Kardashian fans out there! The Kardashians are launching a new plus size denim line for Sears called Kardashian Kurves!

I am all for new denim lines for plus size women! Great to see that the Kardashians are into providing more options for curvy women!

The Kardashians have also announced a modeling contest where the winner will pose with the Kardashians in the Kardashian Kurves ad campaign. To enter, aspiring models must submit a full-length photo wearing denim jeans along with a description of what being ‘kurvy’ and ‘konfident’ means to them.

Hey, I wonder if Kim’s ex-sister-in-law Kaela Humprhries and new plus size Ford model will apply?

It would be nice if they had women over 40 submit photos! So, don’t be shy! We look good in denim as well!

More as it happens!  Jodell

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Jul 26

Photo: Ming Wang

We’ll be watching Sarah Robles in London as she  is the highest ranked weightlifter in the country.   At the World Championships last year, Sarah placed 11th in the world, and was able to beat every female and male American on the roster.

She is wearing Ming Wang of Dallas, TX who has the nicest plus size investment wear clothing I have seen in a long, long time.

Check out the I am Ming Wang promo on their website!

Ming Wang donated clothes for Sarah to wear at the Olympics along with designer, Jill Alexander. Two great designers who care about their customers!

Like many plus size women, Sarah has found finding women’s clothing that fits her to be a frustrating endeavor. Many brands don’t carry larger sizes and some of the larger sizes are not designed to look good on a larger female frame. It is sad to hear that for her Olympic group photos, Sarah had to wear the men’s clothing options, rolling the sleeves to look more feminine.

Sarah will be one of two women heading to the Summer Olympics this month for the Team USA Weightlifting.

Sarah will be competing on August 5th, for the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

We are on Team Sarah and we will be watching!

More as it happens!

Jul 23

With my recent posts that an increasing number of companies are using plus size models, it is apparent that the trend is not my imagination as UK Model Agency is reporting that more companies are requesting models who better represent the general public and can keep it real!


So, we are not imagining that the trend is on the increase.   ’Size doesn’t mean shame,’ says Helen Stark, fashion editor for UKMA. ‘Men and women are certainly getting bigger and the fashion industry has recognised this and know they now need to represent men and women of bigger stature.’ She goes on to say, ‘now has never been a better time for those who have got the swagger and the look, to consider going into modelling, even if they are a size 20. With more and more fashion outlets opening to cater for larger sizes, models are needed to sell the clothing in the fashion shows in the first place, but also for the hundreds of plus size catalogues that are sold on behalf of plus size clothing companies.’

We’ll be watching!  Let’s hope this trend continues! Also, I would like to introduce our newest blogger, Mirabai! Check out her site Moving Free with Mirabai!

Jul 19

Kellogg’s Special K cereal is starting a new ad campaign that will include images of real women.

The company has chosen to feature non-professional females with no modeling or acting experience that will have a Body Mass Index of up to 29. Special K has decided to do this as a way to change the way weight loss is viewed.

A Special K spokesperson has addressed the campaign saying, “We want to encourage a responsible attitude when it comes to body image and to show that losing weight isn’t  just about the way you look or a certain size you need to conform to, but more importantly about the way it makes you feel.”

Well, let’s see what the company thinks is “plus size” and how the plus size women are portrayed.

It could be another step in the right direction.

More as it happens! Jodell

Jul 16

I admit I am obsessed with ankle bracelets.  While I do not recommend you wear your ankle bracelet to work (unless you work in a boutique, but I would not wear it to teach or to consult)  I think they are the most beautiful accessory to wear on your off time or depending upon your workplace, on casual Fridays.

I don’t know about you, but I have had a hard time finding an ankle  bracelet.  I have had a few specially made and I love them.  I recently found anklet bracelets in plus sizes from Marcus Berkner Jewelry. I love the ankle bracelets and they have necklaces and bracelets to match and the prices are reasonable.

Below is the anklet I just purchased!

Photo: Marcus Berkner Designs

Some have assigned meaning to wearing an ankle bracelet in that the wearer is available or into a certain kind of lifestyle depending upon which ankle.  However, for me it is worn on the left ankle. The right is a bit more swollen due to torn ligaments several years ago and it is more comfortable and I am not available unless it is for my husband. But, I love summer and the opportunity to wear an anklet that matches my outfit and FITS!

Great job! Check it out!

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Jul 11

I was watching this video on the NBC Today Show showing that the perfect bikini body is bigger and better!  How times change?

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Advertisers urged women to gain weight before hitting the beach!


Different standards or what?

Today, there is a disconnect with images we see in magazines and the “real beach body.”

It is time we match what is real with perception.   Women are bigger now than they were in those vintage ads!

What do you think?

More as it happens!






Jul 9

Congratulations to 14-year-old Maine ballet dancer Julia Bluhm who led a crusade against having altered photos in Seventeen Magazine.

Seventeen Magazine Editor Ann Shoket has promised in the new issue to leave body shapes alone, reserving Photoshop for the stray hair, clothing wrinkle, errant bra strap or pimple.  If the magazine does have to manipulate images, it will post before and after shots on the magazine’s Tumblr page.

Skoket promises are included in a “body peace treaty” which commits Seventeen to featuring healthy girls and models regardless of clothing size. The peace treaty focuses on having a positive body image.

Maybe, just maybe things are changing and young girls and women won’t have to feel self-conscious about their bodies in years to come.

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Jul 5

Congratulations to the women who were crowned Miss, Ms., Mrs., and Teen Plus America!

Photo credit:
The winners from Left to Right are: 2012 Mrs. Plus America Kanesha Waits (TX), 2012 Ms. Plus America Kimberly Cecil (KY), Director Melissa Stamper, Miss Plus America Elite Makela Steward(WA), 2012 Miss Plus America Brianna Manning (OK), Miss Plus America Teen Maranda Zucati (WA)
In an interview with Nikea Young, Pageant Director Melissa Stamper spoke about the goals of the pageant to be happy in your own skin!
We need events such as this one to show that plus size women are active, attractive and ready to embrace new challenges.
She said, “One of the main questions I’m asked by media is, ‘How can you justify having a plus size pageant when obesity is so prevalent in society today?’ My response has always been that MPA is not about promoting obesity. It’s about being happy where you are. I will not sit in a closet and hide myself because some believe that my appearance negates my right to experience new things. That belief, in my opinion is prejudice in its purest form and unfortunately, one of the most tolerated in America today.

Great job and congratulations to all of the participants and for putting plus size in the news!

More as it happens