Aug 30

Just want to get the word out!

Here’s your chance to model plus size fashions on the style segment of NBC’s Today Show!

Go to this link and share your photo and info with Today and you just may be the one to show off the new Fall Fashions on the Today Show!

Good Luck!


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Aug 26

Did you see that latest Project Runway?

Shame on Ben Bhudu! Here is one designer who needs a bit of education!

It is unfortunate that a handful of designers see designing for Plus Size (btw, the model was a Size 14!) as some kind of cruel fate and punishment!

Do you think there is still some prejudice among fashion designers to design for plus size women?   Share your thoughts!

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Aug 19

Hi from Fabulous Las Vegas and MAGIC where we are attending our trade shows this week to see the new Spring 2013 Fashions! We’ll catch you up on the latest and greatest later for on trend plus size styles.  Today, we are doing a seminar at the Off Price Show! But for now, here’s the news from my blogger gal pals!

Up first is news from Staness:

A new study reveals that combined with a healthy lifestyle, drinking red wine could reduce your risk factor for breast cancer. has the results of this study.

It’s always fashionable to be healthy! Jackie Silver from has the info on a new wellness contest. Submit your video today!

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Eating fewer calories, exercising more and still having a hard time getting those extra pounds off? Here’s a question for you: How’s your sleep? Mirabai Holland has some interesting research to share

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog finds the perfect facial.

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Cindy over at Prime Beauty got her youthful glow back with Ellen Lange’s Retexturing Peel Kit! It’s fun to use, restores radiance,  is economical and fabulous for the over 40 woman!

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Aug 13

I watched the Nike commercial with interest over the past few weeks as Nathan Sorrell, a 200 pound, 5’3″  12 year old slowly jogs down an open road, looking toward the camera, panting and sweating.

I kept thinking, “Well, how long is it going to take before someone objects one way or another?”

I got my answer.

There is a voice over as he jogs, that talks about greatness and ends with, “Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We’re all capable of it. All of us.”

Critics say this ad is exploitation of overweight kids? Others, as Nathan, say it is motivating and motivates him to keep going.

Decide for yourself. Exploitation? Motivation?
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Aug 10

I am so excited to see the red tops and jackets come in for Fall ’12!

I love reds, don’t you?  It is a power color and looks good on everyone!

The best thing about red is that there is a shade to match every skin tone.  Summer will fade right into Fall with a range of red tones from Bordeaux Red to cherry reds and beyond.

Another great thing about red is that you can use your make up to play your outfit up with dramatic eyes or a red lipstick or you can tone it down, depending upon the occasion and your mood.

For a funky fashion look, take a look at this Art of Cloth Mara Tunic in Tomato.  Put the tunic with a pair of tights and off you go!

Art of Cloth also has some great shades of red in their jackets and tunics for Fall.

For a night on the town how about our ever-popular Kiyonna Flaunt Cocktail Dress?

A great pump will take you from day to evening. Show off your fun side with red this season!

More as it happens.


Aug 6

Well, this is great news! Whitney Thompson the plus size winning model from America’s Top Models is the face of Anna Scholz White Label Collection which debuted last week! Whitney looks stunning in Anna Scholz bold prints and embellished items, don’t you think?

Size 16 Robyn Lawly, Australian and Italian Vogue’s Cover Girl has signed on with Ralph Lauren as his first plus size model!  Lawly came under some criticism recently as the new face of lingerie brand Boux Avenue.  The brand was criticized for airbrushing Lawly to what readers said was a size 12.

Well, that does defeat the purpose and is totally up to the brand as to how they want to portray their models.  Determining size is difficult. Perhaps in time, they will change their minds or relax their requirements.

Both Lawly and Thompson are such great representatives for  plus size women and we are excited to see them in mainstream media publications and representing such esteemed brands as Lauren and Scholz.  Way to go!

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Aug 2

Here’s an interesting bit of information…How many times have you walked into a store and saw mannequins that are a size 0 and walked right out?  Well, that situation may be changing.

We got word that a manufacturer is making plus size mannequins to better reflect women’s actual body measurements.

Alvanon, Inc.,  a mannequin manufacturer has gotten on board to create a new fashion form which is based on three dimensional body scans of thousand of fuller figure women, ages 25 – 45, from across North America and Europe.  Alvanon, Inc. offers the Global Plus Women’s Series in sizes that are equivalent to US sizes 16 – 24, UK sizes 20-28 and EU sizes 46 – 54.

While the National Center for Health Statistics in the US reports that 66 percent of women are now either overweight or obese, research indicates that only one-third of plus size women are actually buying plus-size clothing today.  Perhaps if women are exposed to mannequins that better resemble their body type, they may be more inclined to purchase.

More as it happens, Jodell