Sep 27
Plus Size Fashion for 40+
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Fashion for 40+ curvy women

Getting dressed is easy in your twenties because, basically, anything goes. In your 30s, hemlines get a little longer and necklines get a bit higher, but in general, it’s stil pretty easy. But, once a woman reaches her 40s, this all changes. Suddenly, you find yourself in that in-between stage. You’re not young anymore, but far from old.

Our post this week is from guest blogger, Nisha. Nisha represents a site called She enjoys writing about fashion and design. Feel free to visit her site for more information on large women’s shoes.

Contradictory to what you might think, during a transition like this, experimentation is more important than ever. A silhouette that previously might not have worked on you, may be your new best friend. Figure out what your complimentary colors are and stick to three or four of them. Experimenting with different textiles and fabrics will be important as well.

One way to not overwhelm yourself is to think of your needs is terms of where you go during the day. Break it down.

Most of your life is spent in the office so comfort is key here. Avoid styles that are overly baggy. Clothing that is more form fitting can actually be the most flattering. The concept is counterintuitive, but it is absolutely true. Accentuate the positive. Try pants and skirts with a little bit of stretch such as these great, classic slim demi pants from Sympli Grand.  These pants have the right amount of stretch and are great for work.

You’ll be comfortable sitting in them. Loose fitting blouses also work well with tight bottoms.

Everyone wants to be stylish even when they are out running errands. You want to feel good about yourself whether you’re running to the market or having a cocktail with a friend.  The key in your 40s is a couple of great staples: a great pair of jeans, a great t-shirt and then accessorize like crazy: scarves, earrings, hats.  Check out this lovely wrap from Art of Cloth-makes any outfit look like a million!

This way you always have a great base and you can vary the style to suit your needs. You don’t need lots of jeans and lots of tops. You need one amazing pair of jeans such as these pretty crop jeans from Multiples and a couple great fitting tops. When it comes to choosing a pair of jeans, don’t be a fashion victim. Don’t feel like you have to get the style that is the most “in.” Instead, get the style that looks best on you because denim is always “in” as long as it looks good.

More as it happens!

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Sep 20

Wow! This is great news!  Burberry has signed a deal with singer Adele to act as an Ambassador for the brand and consult on the Burberry plus size line!

There seems to be a trend as Adele joins Melissa McCarthy and most recently, Kelly Osbourne of E!’s Fashion Police, as plus size fashion designers.

All good signs. Let’s see what these women come up with.


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Sep 17

The ever-popular cardigan is the key piece this fall that will help you pull your wardrobe together and make your look  fashion forward!

From color blocking such as this Pure Handknit Sochi cardigan to button down cardigans, this piece will definitely be a welcome addition to your closet!

Pair your favorite skirt and top and for after hours, with tights or jeans and you are set to go!

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Sep 13

I was truly excited to see this film for two reasons: #1  it documents two plus size pageant contestants’ stories and #2 women film makers doin’ their thing!

In many ways, best friends Allison Kopach and Jenny Flores are typical pageant queens. They love makeup, fashion, and anything that sparkles. However, unlike Miss America, at a size 22 the only doors open to them are in the plus size pageant world. The film, by Emily Sheskin and Veena Rao, follows the two friends as they prepare for and compete in the 2011 American Beauties Plus Pageant and revisits them in 2012 to reflect on the outcome of the pageant and what has changed in their lives.

You can donate to the film!

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think?


Sep 5

With the unofficial end of Summer on Monday, we were doing an inventory of what we had in stock and what was coming in over the next month or so.

Transitioning from one season to another is easy if you do a wardrobe review and make a few small, but significant changes.

Summer Trend #1: The Hi Low Skirt such as this Art of Cloth Kelsey Skirt can be paired with a cardigan, scarf, tights and boots as the weather gets cooler.

The next trend that can transition very easily is the Neon Look such as this button blazer jacket from Neon Buddha.

The key to Neon for Fall is to tone it down a bit with textured, warm and cozy pieces. Try grey bottoms for a toned-down ensemble.

Have you gotten the Shoe of the Season yet? The Ankle Boot like this cute ankle boot from David Tate is the must have item.

So, don’t be sad that summer is over!  Take inventory and make this Fall your best season ever!


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More as it happens, Jodell