Feb 27

Plus size Brazilian models strutted their stuff on the catwalk this past weekend in Sao Paulo, Brazil as they showcased plus size lingerie, plus size swimwear, plus size wedding gowns and plus size dresses.  Way to go Brazil!  Check out the Fashion Flash at The Best of Everything!

Feb 25

Overall, there were few misses and a lot of hits this past Sunday for the 85th Academy Awards.

There was definitely a range of colors: from subtle shades of light pastels, to black to soft metallics.

My personal favorite was Jennifer Lawrence’s dress in light pink, by Dior Haute Couture.   I held my breath when she tripped up the steps, but she shrugged it off as you can when you are 22.

Many people did not like Melissa McCarthy’s dress by David Meister.  And Adele played it very safe (better than the Grammy’s) in Jenny Peckham gown.

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Feb 21

With 16 billion in retail revenue, plus size women account for 67% of the apparel-purchasing population. There is no doubt that plus size women are redefining the way they influence retailers, push fashion commentary, and is redefining the language of fashion.

Tired of having to go through regular channels of communication and getting nowhere, the “thought leaders” in the plus-size fashion game are taking to the internet, leveraging the influence, size and interest of their built-in market, and in turn influencing designers and brands from the outside in.  Essentially, the bloggers reward designers and retailers who cater to the plus size market and dismiss those who do not.

Margaret Bogenrief, Partner with ACM Partners said, “In short, plus size shoppers have managed to successfully run an end-around the (well, let’s just admit it) snobbishness and exclusivity of the traditional design community – one that still, despite all financial and fashion evidence to the contrary, snubs the majority of the clothes buying population and empowered itself through the power blogger and, frankly, grapevine inherent in fashion gossip.”

Sometimes, you need to go around the mainstream channels of communication to get to where you need to go and be heard…

Bogenrief adds, “So what’s to be learned from this plus size social media revolution? Certainly, and perhaps most importantly, there’s more than one way to work within and revolutionize an industry. Instead of trying to traditionally “convince” retailers the plus-size market and consumer should be front and center, these bloggers and their followers have created an ecosystem that operates outside the traditional media and advertising platform – and in doing so, have “spread the word” about where and how and when to frequent retailers that work successfully with the plus size customer. It’s social advertising at its best.”

This is how things get done!  Maybe the designers and retailers will listen?

Feb 17

The plus size models were the talk of the town at London Fashion Week.  And, it’s about time!

We are excited to read that the first Official British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend in Shoreditch, an edgy district in the east of the capital beloved of young hipsters and music fans, went off without a hitch.  The event, is sponsored by Trapped in a Skinny World and Evolve Magazine. The two-day event featured discussions, tutorials by bloggers and a final catwalk show featuring established and first-time plus models, who would rather be called “curvy”.

Running simultaneously with British Fashion Week, the plus-size fashion event is certainly sign of good things to come.  Rianne Ward, the creative force behind this event said she hopes to emulate Full Figured Fashion Week.  “At the end, I hope there won’t be two segregated shows. But for now, we want to give curvy women an option,” said Rianne Ward, one of the organizers of the event and the creator of the online  magazine Evolve, a magazine is for curvy women.

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Feb 11

Ok, we cannot resist!

We know cat s have always been in fashion! This past weekend, Designer Tracy Reese sent Lily, a real, live cat down the runway.

As it turns out, the cats were there on behalf of Purina ONE as part of their  True Nature of Cats movement.

According to a press release, the movement is all about letting cats “be who they were born to be”… by feeding them Purina ONE.  This is the first time a cat has been on the cat walk! How great is that?

Photo by: Jason DeCrow/Invision for Purina ONE/AP Images

More news from Fashion Week as it happens!


Feb 10

Rex Reed is a bully and a bigot.  He needs to be let go as a reviewer for the New York Observer, NOW!

What is this? The fourth or fifth post like this in the past year?

Ok, so he disliked Melissa’s new  movie, Identity Thief, which is not meant for an Oscar, it is meant just for us to laugh, that’s it! Laugh, mindless, fun, laughter. No sub-plot, no high-brow thoughts, just for us to laugh.  Watching Melissa do what Melissa does best, provide a zany character that just simply makes you laugh.  Melissa’s bathroom scene (you know the one) in The Bridesmaids, had me laughing so hard, I was crying and could not breathe.  Her Saturday Night Live appearance was the ONE appearance where I stayed up the whole time and could not stop laughing with one funny skit after another.  As a someone who grew up with SNL, that says a lot! I laugh out loud, OUT LOUD at her sit com Mike & Molly.  I do not laugh out loud too often with what is on television today.

And now, this film critic (note film critic, that is all you are, just your opinion for whatever it’s worth, Mr. Reed and it’s not worth much at all.) chooses to focus on her appearance?  This talented, beautiful woman who takes our breath away with her comedic range and all you focus on is her appearance?

To single McCarthy out, not for her talent, but her physical appearance and called her obese and tractor-sized with a career that has been a study in being obese and being obnoxious with equal success, is just so feeble minded, I cannot get over it.

Excuse me? That is someone who should be fired and we need to let the New York Observer know our displeasure. He’s out of touch and not with the program, that for sure. So, fire him Immediately.  And some in Hollywood are just as angry as I am and agree that he should be let go.

Film critic Scott Weinberg said in his Twitter post:

“Is it still offensive to call someone an “old queen”? Because I want to call Rex Reed that but I don’t want to offend anyone except him.”

Chad Lowe said, Film critic sideshow #RexReed‘s personal attack on actress Melissa McCarthy is vile & unacceptable. The @NewYorkObserver should fire him.

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What do you think?

Feb 4

There is a saying that, “Well behaved women seldom make history!”  Here’s a perfect example of two women who share that sentiment! Good for them!

That’s exactly what plus size brand Carmakoma did during Copenhagen’s Fashion Week  on Feb. 1.  If you have not checked it out yet,  Carmakoma is a Danish luxury line for plus sizes 14-26  (US 12-24) and meant for women who want to use fashion as a way to express their strong personal expression with a  penchant toward the rock chic glam look.

To kick off the untraditional show, Carmakoma enlisted the help of plus size model and Brazilian fashion icon Fluvia Lacerda, and other plus size models who showed off  the clothing line  up to a size 24 on the catwalk.

Spring Summer Carmakoma.com

In an interview with Daily Venus Diva, the two Danish women behind the successful, curvy fashion brand Carmakoma – Angelica Weiss and Heidie Lykke said of the decision to have the fashion show, ”Carmakoma has been on the fashion week fair several times now, but we have had to do our own unofficial shows to show off our clothes. This time we are backed by the fair. It has been hard work, but curvy women and their need for fashionable clothing are definitely on the way to get more and more recognition from the fashion industry.”


Well said! Congratulations to these two designers for taking matters into their own hands!