Mar 27

Once again, the use of a plus size mannequin has stirred debate about fashion, obesity and body image.  The Swedish department store Ahlens has a mannequin that represents the curvier woman with its rounded stomach and larger bust line.

The store’s choice has sparked debate about whether the use of mannequins are encouraging women to be at an unhealthy weight or whether it is good for a woman’s body image to see a mannequin that represents the average size of today’s women.

It is interesting that this debate comes at a time when many countries such as Britain and Spain, are placing limits to designers as to what size models can be used to represent their clothing lines.    However, I believe it is a smart move for retailers who are trying to appeal to women who are interested to see accurate representations of their size.   What do you think?  Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Fab Over Forty!


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Mar 21

Animal prints are here to stay! And, for the plus size woman, there are plenty of options to choose from this season.

Want to make a fashion statement? How about these leopard print yoga-style pants from Cover Charge? You may want to pair with a solid brown or cream color top or for a bit of pizzazz, how about a turquoise tunic?

if the pants are a bit too much animal instinct for you, try a more subtle print such as the peacock-inspired Fantasy tunic from Cover Charge?

Whether you want to go bold or have just a hint of animal print, you will find that this print is a bright, colorful and yes, versatile, fashion statement.

Leopard, cheetah, tiger, peacock, zebra all of these prints should be worn as a neutral print which can make anyoutfit sexy and fabulous!

Experiment! Have fun! One thing is for sure, animal prints are here to stay and the plus size woman, the options are endless!

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Mar 14

Agencies in Australia, London, even Malaysia are popping up with plus size models.  Many plus size models are having luck  getting work through talent agencies.  Bella Rahim (pictured below) is an example of one model from Malaysia who has found success.

The message is clear and two-fold: women need to know that it is ok to be who they are and things are slowly changing.  A fuller size does not equal an inability to be fashionable.  It is essential to instill a healthy, realistic self-image in women. And leaders in the fashion industry appear to be committed to facilitate this shift.

Several months ago, Plus Model Magazine had a bold shoot featuring a nude plus-size model posing alongside a straight-size model. The magazine released some interesting statistics regarding the conditions of models in the fashion industry today compared with previous years. An average fashion model used to weigh 8% less than the average woman, but today, that figure is 23%.

Hey, if  Karl Lagerfeld can change his mind (when he cast plus size models in shoots and hired Beth Ditto to headline a Fendi party), who knows what’s next?

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Mar 10

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