Jun 30

This season pay special attention to lightweight, loose jackets in fun prints.  Black and white is also popular and goes with everything as well.   We love this Cover Charge Salient Breeze Mesh Cape.  Jackets are loose weave or in a mesh fabric which is great for plus.

Pair your jacket with a tank, capris, or use a short jacket such as this Art of Cloth jacket that can be paired with a tank dress for a fun, summer style.

While you are out and about, don’t forget your Mirrored sunglasses – a la Victoria Beckham.  Check out these cook Mirrored Sunglasses from Jeepers Peepers. Available at Asos.com.

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Jun 25

Plus Size Designer, Kenyatta Jones’ new reality TV show, House of Curves on We Tv has been criticized for promoting obesity on her new reality show.

That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard?  Jones has admittedly struggled with her weight even at her highest weight of 350 pounds, still wanted to wear stylish clothing.  The series follows Jones as she tries to make her way into the industry and tries to eliminate the stereotype  that fat people are lazy and don’t care about their appearance.


She says, ”I am not promoting obesity.  I  just wish that someone would have given me something nice to wear.”  What is wrong with that?

Jun 19

We know that there is a demand for on-trend plus size clothing that fits well, is age appropriate,  well-made and appeals to plus size women.  Easier said than done.

I am always preaching to design students to consider designing for the plus size market.   Both the design process and the manufacturing process for plus size take special skill sets.

This issue was addressed by Brandon Wen and Laura Zwanziger, both apparel design sophomores at Cornell University, whose research revealed that plus-size women account for 28 per cent of fashion purchasing power in the U.S., but their spending only contributes to 17 per cent of sales.  The correlation: Plus size women would buy more if we could FIND More clothes that meet the above criteria: fit and stylish!

In a previous blog post, we talked about the Cornell design students having to design a Size 24 mannequin because they could not purchase one.

Photo: Lydia Hudgens Swimsuits for All

Recently, Gabi Gregg’s Fatkini sold out in just a few hours at Swimsuits For All..

We know…If it is there, we will buy it.   Anyone listening?

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Jun 11

Here we are again! Wouldn’t you know it? Melissa Mc Carthy’s new movie poster for the movie, The Heat has a slimmed down version of the actress’s neck and face?

Poster: 20th Century Fox

What is the message here? Us it that Melissa has to be “trimmed down” in order to be seen as acceptable for a movie-going audience?   While it seems as though this is standard practice in Hollywood as Melissa was trimmed down for Bridesmaids as well as Rosie O’ Donnell for one of her films, this practice is unacceptable and discriminatory.

I cannot wait to see this movie.  Melissa is laughing all the way to the bank, for sure. She is one of the most talented comedic actresses of our time, but what about the message this poster sends?


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Jun 6

One blogger, Jes M Baker of the Militant Baker, a size 22, has made her own statement about what she thinks about Abercrombie & Fitch Mike Jeffries, the CEO’s remarks.

She said, ”What this is about is eliminating the differentiation between cool kids and not cool kids, not using the versus when it comes to pretty vs. ugly and not separating attractive and fat,”she told the Today Show.


Interesting to see what comes of this.  From former sales associates who dieted to fit into the clothing to the backlash from the negative press surrounding this controversy, maybe the company will do something about it and maybe other companies will think twice before doing anything along the same lines.

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Jun 2

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