Jul 25

I have worked out for almost 30 years.  I am very proud of that fact!

As I strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle–a never ending battle by the way, I am always amused when trainers act surprised that I can move as well as I do or have the strength that I do.  My routine is not perfect, but I always do my best to push myself and get a good workout each day.  Some days are better than others.  I also engage a personal trainer from time-to-time to learn a new skill or to help me get out of my old routine.  The best thing about exercise–when I am done!

I have done it all over the years: starting out in my 20′s with the old aerobics-style classes and then later on adding, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, hip hop (I could not stop laughing), spinning, ab lab, drums alive (at 8:00 AM that did not last very long), total body, and most recently kettle bell workout.  I have found it is just important to keep moving and so, I do my best to keep moving at least four times a week.  For an hour each day.  I do strength training at least twice a week and some form of cardio every day.

Photo credit: jo-hFoterCC BY

I feel more comfortable at an all-women’s gym, I have worked out with the boys as well.  But, it is more fun to sweat with the girls!  I vary from going to classes to working out on my own.  It just depends upon how I feel that day.

I am often asked where I get my workout clothes as I have found that having bright colored clothes make me look forward to working out.  I love it when the regular size women ask me where I get my clothes!   My tank and short-sleeve tops come from Neon Buddha–all 15 of them! I have several different styles to match the season and mood.  I love all cotton with a bit of spandex so I can move and breathe!

My leggings and capris come from Diane Kennedy like these cafe leggings.  I love the way they feel.  They never, ever fade, lose their shape or wear out.  So, start moving! Summer is the perfect time.  Walk around your neighborhood. Join a gym.  Just keep moving in style!

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Jul 22

Not realistic at all!! She would not be healthy at all.  See the video below? Let us know what you think?







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Jul 19

A recent study conducted by Notre Dame’s Body Image and Eating Disorder Lab with women ages 8 to 25, who were observed looking at photographs of themselves, revealed that those who engage in ’fat talk’ – critical remarks in relation to eating, exercise or their own bodies – are less popular with other women.

DanimezzaFoterCC BY-NC-ND

When women were looking at the photos of themselves and making derogatory comments about themselves, whether overweight or not, were rated significantly less likeable by the women who were studying them.

In contrast, the women who were overweight yet made positive statements about their bodies were rated as more like-able.  It has been believed that women who engage in self-depreciating comments were seen as trying to fit in and level the “playing field” with other women, but this  body of research indicates that the sentiment may not  be universal.

Interesting to note.


Jul 12

We were pleased to learn that plus size model Robyn Lawley, the first plus-size model to be featured in a Ralph Lauren campaign, has partnered with Madison Plus Select.com to launch her new swimwear collection, Robyn Lawley swimwear.  It is great to know that plus size models are leading the way and taking matters into their own hands in designing fashionable pieces for plus size women!

Photos: Robyn Lawley, Madison Plus Select

The swimsuit line includes retro inspired one-piece swimsuits and bikinis which are designed to show off a woman’s curves!   She was inspired to create a line when she found that swimsuits were unflattering for women with curves.

Robyn designed a line of classy, sexy, and flattering suits specifically catering towards women who wear sizes 8 though 18 in styles and colors in rich fabrics with fit friendly details.

Currently available for pre-sale, on MadisonPlusSelect.com, the swimsuits range in price from $140 to $194. Congratulations to Robyn and Madison Plus Select.com!

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Jul 7

In a recent survey conducted by Just My Size, 61% of the women surveyed said that they were more comfortable with their size now than 5 years ago.   In addition, 30% said that they would not change a thing about themselves.  54% of the respondents said that their fashion game had stepped up over the past 5 years as well.

When looking at the many factors that come into play for women feeling more comfortable about themselves, I see manufacturers at the center of the increase.  There has been a shift in attitude toward plus size. While it has been slow-going, there is still a noticeable shift to make trendy clothing for plus size women.

Celebrities such as the successful actress Melissa Mc Carthy, plus size fashion blogs such as our very own Black Cat Plus Blog, that show plus size women how to dress on trend, emphasis on health and fitness at every size and advertisements such as the Dove ads, that show women of all shapes and sizes have played a role as well.

While we are not “there” yet with the mainstream media, we have made great progress.

I always say to customers, “Dress for the size you are NOW and dress it well…it is what it is!”

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Jul 5

We  have this conversation every year! Yes! You! Can! Wear stripes and polka dots.  Well, maybe not together, but you can wear stripes with confidence! Nothing says Summer more than stripes.

Remember. it is all about proportion.  Looks for diagonal stripes such as this Mindy Tunic from Comfy USA which elongates and slims the silhouette.  I found these great flip flops at TJ Maxx to pair with the outfit for a complete stripe look!

Perfect outfit!

Afraid of being too bold? Try a thinner stripe or a stripe/solid combo?

Try a crop top to break up the pattern with a solid tank or top underneath Check out this great crop top in fuchsia and orange.   Take a look at this Comfy USA Crop Top it is a great alternative to a long stripe top.

Make sure your accent pieces are solid color separates which also elongates and provides some contrast in color like a color block pattern.

Uneasy about large stripes? Try a smaller stripe rather than a real large stripe if you want to be a bit more conservative?

If you are still hesitant…use stripes in accent pieces: Shoes, purses, even jewelry!

If Stripes are too much, how about polka dots? Have fun with a burn-out pattern, which dulls the fabric and is not as bold of a pattern. Check out this Polka Dot Tunic Top from Comfy USA.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the best pattern of the season! You’ll be right on trend in stripes and polka dots and can just have fun in the sun this season!