Sep 29

Last week we looked at Color and Denim as examples of excellent on trend styles for Fall.  This week we are continuing the discussion with the following trends:

Leather- A quality made leather piece will always be in style. For plus sizes this fall, leather jackets and skirts are popular. Choose to wear one piece of leather at a time paired with a more subtle piece for balance. Leather is so versatile it can be casual or supper dressy. Quilting and texture leather pieces are being seen in stores and all over the runways. Invest in a piece you love and feel good in and you will be able to wear it on many occasions.

Boots – Another myth is if you have a fuller figure boots will make you look larger. Boots are here in a big way for the fall and winter seasons. A boot actually balances out proportions sometimes better than a slim shoe. Both short boots and long styles are on trend this season. One of the most popular styles is an equestrian feel with straps and buckles.  Take a look at these Fitzwell Wide Calf Riding Boots!

Photo: Zappos

Prints – Many larger women shy away from prints thinking they are not flattering. This fall’s trends show how prints are being interpreted for all sizes. Animal prints continue to be a favorite in fashion such as this Kiyonna Portia Pin Up Dress. This season bold graphics and plaids are also in high demand. A great way to incorporate them into your closet is a fabulous coat.

This fall try one or more of these trends to spice up your wardrobe. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and do not pay attention to others when they talk about what styles or prints plus sizes should wear. You will be happy you took a chance in your fashion choices. It will open your eyes to a completely new way of thinking about how curvy women can dress.


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Sep 27

The arrival of the fall season has brought many exciting fashion trends. Fashion has evolved greatly over the years in its view toward plus sizes. Designers and the fashion industry are making interesting and exciting clothing for women of all sizes. Here are a few of the seasons must have trends that can be enjoyed by everyone especially those with knockout curves.

Color – Bold, interesting color has been prevalent in fashion all year and continues into fall. Many women think if you are not a size two you have to wear black to look slim and fashionable. One of the most popular colors for the autumn season is rich burgundy such as this Art of Cloth Zoya Tunic or deep greens such as this Comfy USA Jamie Tunic in deep green. Pair a top in one of these colors with your favorite skirt. On the other hand, really make a statement with a pair of trendy jeans in the shade of your choice and a neutral top. If you just want a small pop of this color, try it in a handbag or shoe.

Denim – Denim has been a fashion mainstay for decades, but this fall season it is very prevalent. Whether you pick traditional blue or bolder colors jeans are top trend. With so many styles and shapes to now choose from in plus sizes it is easier than ever to find a pair you adore. Just like leather, denim can be worn for almost any occasion from casual to even the workplace.

There are many trends that plus size women can take advantage of this season!

Olivia is a proficient author writing articles fashion, plus size fashion and other similar topics. She contributes regularly for designer wholesale clothing.


Sep 19

Rent the Runway convinces designers including Carmen Marc Valvo, Badgley Mischka, and Theia to offer their regular clothes in larger sizes. This is great news for all plus size fashionistas who can now have access to formal wear such as this Adrianna Pappell Sheath Dress.

Rent the Runway CEO Jenn Hyman elaborated on the decision at the launch party and said that she founded the site so that every woman could have a Cinderella moment.  She felt that up until the addition of plus size clothing, her mission had been inauthentic.   She said,

“Until now, we have only been able to follow through on this undertaking for virtually half of the female population,” she said in a statement released today. “We are so proud that our business has grown enough that we are finally able to make designer fashion not only accessible to, but also inclusive of, women of all shapes and sizes.”

What a great idea and added bonus for plus size women who want to have their Cinderella moments!

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Sep 13

Choosing a bra can be rather difficult, especially when it comes to choosing plus size bras. After all, there is so much at stake: comfort, support, appearance, and overall satisfaction. By following these simple tips on how to choose the right plus size bras you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect bra that leaves you feeling beautiful and comfortable- all at the same time.

Eatmorechnips Flicker CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

1. Find Out Your Measurements

If you already know how to find your measurements on your own at home, that’s great! If you aren’t sure on how to measure yourself or would prefer to have a professional find out your perfect measurements, you can head down to a plus size lingerie shop and have a sales associate help you. They will be able to determine your band and cup size without hassle. If you do so choose to measure yourself at home, make sure you are as accurate as possible. Remember to add 2 inches to your band size for the perfect fit.

2. Decide Which Bra is Right for You
There are seriously tons of different bras to choose from. But selecting the perfect plus size lingerie will all depend on your specific wants and needs. For example, if you’re an active woman you may be searching for a sports bra with enough support to hold you throughout your workout but may also need a lot of flexibility. Or perhaps you are seeking an everyday bra you can wear to the office, and an under-wire bra with plenty of support is just what you need. Assess what type of bra you’re after without heading to the store and your trip time will be cut in half.

3. Pay Close Attention to Detail
There are a lot of aspects you need to consider when choosing the perfect plus size lingerie. However, one important detail you need to pay close attention to is straps. Different types of straps will offer different levels of support and comfort. For example, small straps without padding may not be ideal for an active woman who will use her bra often, especially during workouts. Large, wider straps with padding is a great idea for woman with larger busts who need extra comfort or ladies who workout often. Other details you should consider before buying is the level of padding in the cups. Too much can cause quite a disaster while having too little may not satisfy you and your specific needs.

4. Design and Color
The last thing you need to worry about when choosing plus size bras is the design and color. For example, if you’re looking for something sizzling to wear in front of your significant other, you may opt for a lacy bra in a deep, luscious red color. If you’re looking for a bra you can wear around the town with all your favorite garments, a subtle white, black, or beige bra may do the trick. It really comes down what you need and your specific likes.

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Sep 8

I always love to look at what Designer Tadashi Shoji has in store for us and it is pastels!~His theme: Sweet Liberation. He said, “ Everything is stronger, frosted white, white tulle, white sequins, white lace, on cool pinks and mint, and all of these stronger colors.”  Women are not afraid of being strong and feminine!

When you get a minute, take a look

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, the designer talked about why he does not shy away from designing for Plus sizes.  He said that perhaps they are not confident about the clothing or to make bigger women look beautiful.  He said, he is up for the challenge and confident he can do it.

We agree! He has done it and we hope he will keep doing it!


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Sep 5

BeauCoo, a site that launched in late 2012 to help women share shopping and styling tips with other plus size women.

Using Beau Coo’s web site and apps for iPhone and Android devices as well as Kindle Fire tablets, women are prompted to enter their own body measurements which provide them with  image feeds of similar sized women who are  usually trying on clothes in a store’s dressing room.

Photo: Founders, Beau Coo

When the shopper clicks through, brand, store and sizing information is then revealed.

Users can like and comment on images, save them to their favorites or upload their own photos.

Co-Founder and CMO, Victoria McLean, who is plus-size, said she went online because she was having an impossible time of finding fashionable clothes that fit while shopping in malls.”

By connecting to similarly sized women online, she could discover new brands and ways to style them for her figure and aesthetic sensibility.

A great idea to help plus size women find great fitting clothes and be part of a community at the same time.  This platform allows users to shop with their new-found friends!

Sep 1

Congratulations to Eden Miller and her collection, Cabiria as she is  joining five other non-plus designers in a showcase presented by the Fashion Law Institute at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week!  Congratulations! We cannot wait to see how it goes!

Photo: Cabiria

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