Oct 29

The stackable ring has become a stylish accessory that we’re seeing on a lot of celebrities and style magazines, but not a lot of people are sure what makes a stackable ring such as these rings from Nordstrom different from other rings. There are a few differences to them that make them distinct from just another kind of traditional ring.


Stackable rings, as their name implies, are designed to be stacked. Most rings are sized so that you can only comfortably wear one at a time, and they aren’t designed for anything else. A stackable ring is designed to be worn comfortably with several others of the same size.

This makes them much more versatile. A stackable ring set can let you combine multiple rings for a single unique look. Different configurations allow you to keep things fresh. While a single traditional ring can only be worn or not, a stackable ring set such as these stackable rings from Layla Grace can be worn many different ways.

Because they’re thinner and designed to be worn in sets, it’s common that any individual stackable ring will be priced much more affordably than a traditional ring. They don’t have the same capacity to hold precious gems, and they don’t function with wider bands.

The stackable ring look is getting popular for a lot of reasons, but the versatility and price are among the most compelling for those looking to get more out of their accessory budget. For those that want a fuss-free accessory to throw on the way out the door to the club or a date, a stackable ring set is hard to beat.

For those who are fond of wearing each gold and silver tone, take into account a number of stackable rings in each and every tone. This adds to greater versatility in your other jewelry too, because you do not feel compelled to match the variety of pieces.

Lastly, never feel constrained by established style in stackable rings. There is certainly a lot of area for the own ingenuity in generating a stackable appear. The only prerequisite is the fact that the rings are configured inside a band style, or the shapes that comprise the ring interlock in a visually pleasing way. Choosing distinct designs of bands and stacking them with each other evokes a funky, bohemian flavor. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

When selecting a stackable rings for yourself or possibly a loved a single, you can find sufficient choices to locate something unique. Take into account your individual style, or the style of your loved one particular, and begin to discover the many eye-catching choices.


Oct 27
Fashion Flash Fall Edition
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Happy Fall Everyone, or Autumn.  Days are getting shorter and it is getting colder here in the Northeast.  Below are some great tips from our Fashion Flash Bloggers to keep you warm and cozy for the season.

Kari from Fab Over Forty talks about how Brows are an important way to keep looking youthful. Fab Over Forty shows us a new eyebrow pencil that works beautifully to fill in brows.


Staness from Menopause Makeover reports that,

Drinking red wine in moderation may reduce a risk factor for breast cancer, acting as a natural weapon.  A recent study found that chemicals in the skins and seeds of red grapes slightly lowered estrogen levels while elevating testosterone in premenopausal women who each drank eight ounces of red wine – just under two glasses (eight ounces) – daily for about a month.

Cindy from Prime Beauty thinks she may have taken a sip from the fountain of youth. See what new skincare product has her turning back the clock!

Welcome to Sylvia at 40+ Style!

40+ Style gives tips on how to wear an A-line skirt over 40 and shares the results of the latest ‘translate the runway’ look dressing challenge with 40+ women rocking their A-line skirts!

Positive Aging Expert Barbara Hannah Grufferma thinks too many women over 40 skip right past the THIRD PILLAR of OVERALL FITNESS . . . putting themselves at risk for, well . . . read the post to find out!

Mirabai Holland, Women’s Fitness Expert tells you what you can do to become more flexible


Still Blonde after all these YEARS brings you “The Perfect Menopause Gift” … Menopause Parking.

How do you look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks? It’s easier than you think!  Style expert Deborah Boland shares her tips for looking fabulous when money is tight.

Before you paint your face into a cat or a ghoul, see these Halloween makeup tips from Jackie Silver at AgingBackwards.com.

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  offers  a truly effective  skin care plan for less than $1/day.

And over at Black Cat Plus, we have a Fall Sale Going On!! Check it out!!

Oct 26

A plus size woman does not need to wear shapeless dresses to hide her body. There are numerous fashion clothing that is aimed at making plus size women look fashionable and beautiful. Gone are the days when designers only designed clothes for lean and thin women. Now, many great designers are designing trendy clothes such as this Sympli Duo Dive top in Sangria for plus size women. So, as a plus size woman, you can now go with the fashion trends and showcase your style sense.

Plus size women need to dress themselves in a manner that accentuates the best parts of their body. For example, show off an hourglass shape with a belt, to put emphasis on your waist. This article offers some fashion trips to plus size women, which can help them to improve their style sense and be more on trend.

Focus on the shape of your body, not its size.

To be fashionable, the first thing important is that clothes should fit well. Many women who are heavier often go for clothes like over-sized tunics and shirts which covers their shape. But, fashion calls for clothes which perfectly outline and shape your body. So, do not go for over-sized outfits. Instead, try to wear fluid and flattering fabrics which make you feel comfortable and confident. Fashion for plus size women, actually means dressing for your body shape, and not its size.

Belted Tunics and Tops Outline the Shape of your Body

Embrace new Trends.

In order to be fashionable, it is important to welcome the new fashion trends and style with open arms. However, fashion for plus size women requires wise testing and experimentation. In case the lower portion of your body is larger in proportion to your top, try to incorporate some details on top such as wide lapels, frills and collars, and go for narrow clothing for the lower half of your body. Women who carry their weight in their stomach area and are an apple shape, should go for personalized outfits with lower necklines. You can also go for cheap tees hoodies which look quite trendy and stylish on all kinds of body shapes. If you wear the latest fashion clothing, keeping such things in mind, you would go with the fashion trends as well as look good.


Animal Prints Look Good on Plus Size Women

Incorporate accessories in your look.

Plus size women should go for fashion accessories and make them a part of their clothing. Go for accessories that compliment your outfit. Accessories can significantly make you look smart and ultra-stylish. Fashion is largely about putting your creativity into function and accessories can greatly help you to do so. Wear jewelry pieces that are unique, have catchy textures and colors, for attracting attention to your face.


Plus Size Shirts are quite Stylish

Follow closely the latest fashion trends.

Be a follower of fashion and also be rational. Latest fashion not only requires knowing the shape of your body and the style suiting your personality, but it also is about getting inspiration from others. Fashion deals with all the aspects that create the difference between “being well-dressed” and “being in-style.” Fashion has equal space for all kinds of body shapes. Fashion can be reflected on your body positively only if you are brave enough to try something new. Try to follow fashion websites, fashion blogs and the latest fashion magazines. They would give you numerous fashion ideas for plus size women.


Being a plus size woman would never be a hindrance to your looking beautiful and being fashionable. Plus size women have now created a special place in the world of fashion, with designers coming up with trendy and glamorous clothing for them for every season and every occasion.

Author’s Bio: Olivia is a renowned author who writes quality articles on fashion trends and various fashion clothes like Cheap Tees Hoodies . Her articles are highly informative and useful for the readers.




Oct 20

Flattering and inspiring?  Insulting and Bragging?

Photo: Mike Byerly Courtesy Maria Kang

Wow!  Over 16 million views on Facebook and over 12,000 comments, Posters and bloggers have accused Fitness Instructor Maria Kang, 32, of “fat shaming,” claiming her photo suggests that all women can look like her if they just work hard enough.

I would love to look like that! But, am I willing? Is my body type able?  A lot of questions.  Each one of us has our own answers…What else matters? I am inspired by women who are fit.  Inspired by women of ALL shapes and sizes as they inspire me to be the best that I can be.

What do you think?

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Oct 17

Elle Magazine’s November Cover has received criticism for covering up plus size Melissa McCarthy with an oversize coat.  I love the cover.  Since the issue has a feature about, “The Perfect Coat Shape” I am not so sure this was to cover up Melissa.  Below is Elle’s response to criticism.

“On all of our shoots, our stylists work with the stars to choose pieces they feel good in, and this is no different: Melissa loved this look, and is gorgeous on our cover,” a spokesperson for the Elle said in a statement. “We are thrilled to honor her as one of our Women in Hollywood this year.”

What do you think?

Oct 14

A national survey conducted by plus size retailer, Sonsi revealed that the perception of her own body image is holding the plus size woman back.  The survey of 1000 women sizes 14+ pointed to a confidence gap.   While the majority of plus size women say they believe that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, fewer than half of the women surveyed embrace their own  curves.


gilleskleinFoterCC BY-SA

“With plus size women gracing the pages of leading fashion magazines as well as the runways at New York Fashion Week, curvy women should feel good that they finally have a voice,” said Kristin Mongello, Sonsi Director of E-commerce.  ”But surprisingly a majority of curvy women say they still lack the confidence to dress more fashionably.  It really comes back to body image.”

Interestingly enough, the survey also revealed that they prefer to find inspiration among their plus size peers and from plus size icons such as Melissa McCarthy.  They are embracing advertising, blogs and runway shows as well.

Sonsi offers a Curvy Quotient Test along with the on line Boost Your CQ resources will help them on their path to finding their own fashion style.

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Oct 11

The Stories Project is a place where women can share inspiring stories and messages about body positivity.

These videos are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but they all have one thing in common: “body positivity.”

BeauCoo states, “By sharing their thoughts about clothes, media, and self-image, women can encourage others to live a more body positive life and inspire each other to be voices for change. Through video and social media, we hope women will transform body positivity into a global movement.”

BeauCoo also wants women to take The Body Positive Pledge.   The pledge gives women a chance to publicly pledge their support of body positivity and shows a commitment to becoming a body positive warrior and encourages them to stand up against body shaming, stand up for women, and stand shoulder to shoulder to share the message of body positive to anyone and everyone.

Great idea! Take the pledge now!

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Oct 4

ABC-TV’s new sitcom Super Fun Night portrays plus size actress, Rebel Wilson as an attorney along with her two equally nerdy roommates as they all attempt to come out of their respective shells and think of things to do to have some good old fun!

Photo: ABC/ Super Fun Night/Facebook

While the sitcom stars a very talented, budding actress with Rebel Wilson, there does not seem to be any real plot other than to show a plus size, professional woman as an awkward individual who also has friends that are lacking in social skills.

The series seems to have gained some mixed (mostly negative) reviews by taking the cheap shot: playing up Rebel’s  weight over and over again, and once again, reinforcing the idea that a woman who looks like Wilson is a bumbling, social outcast.

I hope we see some character and story development or this sit com is one that could go in the trash can!

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