Mar 29
Plus Size Shirt Chic
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This season you will see a lot of button down shirts from the tried and true crisp and clean white to an over-sized button down pattern shirt such as this popular stick print shirt from Comfy USA.  Pair your shirt with white pants for a real on-trend look.  Try a reverse button shirt.  Button the first three buttons and the remainder of the shirt unbuttoned with a cami or high waisted pant.  Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from our newest member, Diva Debbie.

Mar 24

Today we have some great posts for you to read from our fab Fashion Flash bloggers! Enjoy!



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Want happy hair? Jackie Silver from reminds you of hair tips you know and reveals a few you may not know.

Want to lose weight? There’s an app for that! Women’s wellness expert has the skinny on weight loss apps.

Positive Aging Expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks every woman can look fresh, pretty and modern in minutes with the right makeup in the right places. See her latest tips for looking fab over 50!.

Halfway between perfectly pretty and goth lies a new type of bloom that’s dark, moody and mysterious. Deborah Boland shares the perfect way for women over 40 to wear spring’s latest trend, dark florals.

Is a lipstick worth $49? Find out what Dana from Fab Over Forty thinks about these Tom Ford lipsticks for Spring.

DivaDebbi test drove Color WOW Temporary Root Touch-Up Kit. How did it fare compared to her usual fave root fix Gray Away? Find out here





And at Black Cat Plus, Spring is a poppin’ check out our new line of Sping items at




Mar 15

We have been wearing the SONSEE tights and they are perfect for every plus size figure!

The tights are made in Italy and they don’t roll, they are not tight or uncomfortable and we have no problems hand washing and wearing them over and over.

From the web site…

• 3D & 360 degree elastane stretch technology allows SONSEE Woman hosiery to fit the lower legs, thighs, hips and waist without sagging, bagging or the dreaded “muffin-topping.”
• An Anti-Roll Waistband so hosiery can be worn high or low on the waist.
• Extra reinforcement at the thighs for greater durability.
• Unlike shape-wear – our product is both comfortable & smoothing with broad ranges in sizing, products and seasonal colors.

Sizing goes by dress size.  The tights got here in a matter of a week.  They are not heavy, hot or uncomfortable.  These tights are really great and can be worn with any of your tunics.  Try a Comfy Tunic such as this Stella Tunic, great with these tights!  Also, check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Prime Beauty Blog!

Mar 5

Department store chain, Target has been quietly removing its plus size section.  Apparently, plus size shoppers have noticed that this section is gone and wondered why.

Signs say, “Big Changes are Coming.”  No pun intended, I hope?

A spokesperson for Target told Blogger Jezebel that they are getting in a new plus size line, but sales associates are not sure when??

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Barbara at Best of Everything.

Mar 2

Each year we predict our Top Five Trends which work great for plus size:






Lace and Embellishment


We’ll check back in to see how well we did!

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from No Nonsense Beauty Blog.