Jul 27

This week we are pleased to have a guest post from Katherine:


I would like to start off by saying that I have nothing against skinny women. This is a post explaining that the size of your body has no bearing on the personality of a woman and should not worsen ones quality of life. I feel that the overall weight debate should be shifted towards the overall health and wellbeing of a person rather than just ones looks.

Inner Happiness

We’ve all heard that beauty comes from within and if a woman is unhappy and concerned about her appearance she won’t look good even if she is skinny. According to research the more down-to-earth women were perceived as the ones who did not have perfect figures’.

So I ask you all: “What is more important – the personality or the looks of the person”? Many men will agree that they would rather have a happy woman next to them than a grumpy, body-concerned one. Even more it has been proven that the skinnier women are the ones to be the most body- concerned.

You may have heard that plus size women tend to be more lively, full-of-live, happy, humble, loyal and faithful.

It is all About Curves

Curves are sexy and very feminine so there is no reason why you should try and hide them. Some celebrities go for implants making their butts and breast look larger so why would you be ashamed of the assets that you already have? You should not concentrate on becoming light as a feather as most men will not consider it being sexy and will think that you are not happy with yourself.

Enjoy your Food

Most men don’t like women that starve themselves, they want to be able to enjoy food with someone special, not moaning about the calories, the amount of carbs and fat consumed. As long as your diet is balanced and you are not causing any damage to your own health there is no reason why you should refuse to have that gorgeous desert. Men want to be with women who have a healthy appetite and eat more than just a salad and rice cakes.

Be Yourself

Be yourself rather than somebody else, someone fake with fake breasts, butt, nails, hair and tan. You are beautiful the way you are and do not let anyone influence the way you feel about yourself. Let’s be very honest here – men like something that they can grab on to, they love curvy and feminine bodies.

All men have their own preferences, but remember one – your man would not be with you if he didn’t think you were attractive. Plus size women in general tend to be sexier and more womanly due to their feminine shapes. Fuller face tends to look much nicer and friendlier so don’t hide it but be proud of it instead.

Dear women, please change your attitudes! Let’s not aspire to be like the skinny girls on the covers of the magazines, let’s be happy as we are with the gorgeous smile and healthy attitude towards life. As women we need to support each other rather than put each other down to feel better about ourselves.


Author’s bio:

Katherine is a fashion lover who enjoys writing about all the new fashion related trends and matters. In her free time she watches fashion TV and reads fashion magazines to inform her about all the current and new in the industry. She is very passionate about the good quality designer labels currently in the industry and enjoys educating others about it.

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Jul 17

Capri’s.  Crop pants. Clam diggers. Known by different names, but are one in the same.

Capri pants were first introduced by Sonja de Lenart in 1948.  The pant name is from the Isle of Capri, where they first came to popularity, in the late 50′s and early 60′s.  Mary Tyler Moore made them famous and also caused some controversy when she wore tight fitting pants on the Dick van Dyke show.

Capri pants were actually out of favor for several years and came back into style full swing in the late 90′s.  Women now have them as a staple part of their wardrobes.


I don’t know about you, but I love capri’s.  I think they can be flattering to the plus size silhouette.  Depending upon how short or tall you are, the length of your capris are the varying factor.

Rule of thumb: The shorter you are, the longer  you will want your capri length so that you can elongate your silhouette. Take a look at these Global Carpi’s from Neon Buddha.

If you have wider calves and want to minimize them, consider capris such as these Flight Capri’s from Diane Kennedy. that are more loose fitting on your leg.  It is still flattering and you can put a longer tunic with them for a cute look.


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Jul 13

New trend on the horizon?   Yours, a London clothing store, has installed interactive changing rooms that compliment shoppers in a robotic voice. The store which specializes in sizes 14W-32W UK, opened this past week in Uxbridge, west London, – and has 40 stores around the UK – has installed interactive dressing rooms.

Each cubicle is programmed with a number of generic compliments which can be fired at shoppers as they try out the merchandise.

Shoppers hear a voice telling them how great they look.  In addition, there are positive quotes around the dressing room.

While this concept can be good in theory, is it more about women’s insecurities in the dressing room or more about the fit of the clothing?

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Jul 4

Here’s an interesting dilemma.

Many of our customers have asked whether they can “get away” with wearing tank tops when the weather gets hot.  I have noticed that the younger generation is more comfortable wearing tank tops than us older gals.  More and more I have asked them, “Well, what’s stopping you?”

I work out as well as many of my customers.  But, it is ingrained in my head the mantra, “If your arms are bigger you should not show them.”

While I was in New Orleans this past week, the weather was unbearable for this Yankee who likes to live in an Igloo.   I saw many plus size women wearing tank tops and again thought, “Well, why not? It is just too hot to wear sleeves.”

One day I wore the Diane Kennedy Mod Stripe Tunic with a slight cap sleeve.  It was just perfect in that heat and I love the band at the neckline in the back.

I think if tastefully done, I am more comfortable going out with a tank  than ever before. I did not think that the women who were wearing the tank tops looked inappropriate at all.  I thought they looked cool and comfortable and right in style with their matching capris.

We just got in some great tanks from Parsley and Sage. This Tropical Long Tank Top was a show stopper and I am proud to say I wore it alone!

Let us know what you think about wearing a tank top alone. Maybe we can start a trend!

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