Aug 22

Art imitates life or not?

Here’s an interesting anecdote that I wanted to mention.  We know that there are stereotypes we need to overcome, especially if you are plus size.

Recently, I was doing a promo sheet for a magazine that I write for.  While I was trying to find some graphics, I found it virtually impossible to find a graphic that shows a plus size woman being valued for  ”herself.”  I was not interested in graphics which depicted a plus size woman standing on a scale, looking in the mirror 25 pounds thinner or exercising.    I finally settled on the graphic below since I thought this image could be also saying that size does not matter and is a mindset.   To me, this was the least offensive.  The graphic is being used after all, for a plus size editorial and advertising promo sheet.

It is a sad commentary that every plus size graphic had a plus size woman on a scale or working out like mad.   I am so glad that I had our graphic designer CREATE what is the reality.  That plus size women enjoy full lives on their own terms.


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Aug 17

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Aug 8

Another controversy when it comes to size.  Except this time it is about being too thin.


Most recently, Gap has been on the receiving end of criticism as of late after the company tweeted a photo of a super-skinny model wearing a pastel plaid dress.  The image sparked an endless amount of controversy with followers of the Twitterverse, with some followers defending the model’s thin physique, while others expressed outrage over the controversial shot on both sides of the issue.


.Photo:  Twitter/Gap

Gap has since responded to the controversy via a statement to E! News. “Our intentions have always been to celebrate diversity in our marketing and champion people for who they are,” Edie Kissko, Gap Inc. spokesperson said. “Upon reflection, we understand the sensitivity surround this photograph. Customer feedback is important to us and we think this is a valuable conversation to learn from.”

When are we going to learn as a society that it is not good to criticize fat or thin?

Aug 3

Discouraged by the bias toward plus size in Russia and the lack of plus size models, Dilyara Larina has found a solution….

She has written a book and founded her own agency! According to the national research center Healthy Eating, almost 59 percent of Russian women are overweight.

The imposition of model beauty standards on everyday Russians is a multi-million dollar industry. One reason for this has to do with retail stores themselves and the lack of variety when it comes to size.

Larina has been promoting plus-size models and has written a book on the subject called Living in a Non-Standard Body. She has also opened her own modeling agency, called Plus-Size Model Agency.  She is a perfect example of living life to the fullest at any size!

Source: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

Larina explains that for plus-size models, what is most important is not necessary being curvy, but having a beautiful face and inner strength. “The body of a beautiful, well groomed woman attracts male attention,” she says. “I love my weight because it’s mine. In it, I find something even dearer than my body itself. In it, I find something that satisfies the soul.”  She said she strives to represent the people whose products she promotes.

Equal rights when it comes to beauty and fashion…that is her real goal!

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