Apr 25

I have talked about this before that just like regular size models, plus size models’ measurements are more balanced and proportionate than the majority of plus size women.  US Weekly editors did an experiment because of the fact that a lot of plus size clothing is sold on line leaving women to decide for themselves whether to buy an item based on how the clothing looks on the model.

Editors Kristin Chirico and Sheridan Watson, who frequently shop for plus-size fashions, signed themselves up for a day of trying on clothes from brands including Forever 21, Torrid, ASOS, and Fashion to Figure.  Their experience with outfits had more than a few snags.  Items on a 5’11″ model looked way different on the shorter editors.

Read more about their experience and see if you agree?  While there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, there may be ways technology can assist plus size women with shopping for their particular silhouette.

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Apr 17

We must change the way we see ourselves.  When you are plus size, things are not good or bad; right or wrong.   Blogger, Jessica Kane proves just that point.

Jessica Kane took offense to the label of “brave” when she posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit on Facebook.

“When you say you’re being brave, what you’re implying is you are doing something you probably shouldn’t be doing,” the Florida-based fashion blogger told PEOPLE Magazine. “I know so many people who are doing actual brave things in this world that mean something much deeper, and I want to emphasize that me getting in a swimsuit shouldn’t be perceived as brave.”

Kane – who is the creative director for the plus-size fashion line Cool Gal Blue – and the owner of Skorch Magazine, was inspired to post her swimsuit shot on Facebook after a well-meaning friend said, “Wow, I wish I was brave like you,” in reaction to posting the photo.

As she says, “It is all about perspective.”  We must live our lives for NOW! Thanks for the reminder, Jessica!

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Apr 9

Yup, what’s the point?  It’s a direct dig at Victoria’s Secret.  But, why and to what end?    Watch the video as it features plus-size models wearing bras and panties from the new Cacique by Lane Bryant collection.  How does this remind us that all women are sexy?  Can’t we celebrate both Victoria Secret and Cacique?

The 30-second spot is done in black-and-white and without any music with a few sound bites from the models, who all declare that they’re no angels.  Take a look and decide for yourself.

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Apr 5

As if this decision to sell Lilly Pulitzer at Target wasn’t controversial enough! The Lilly Pulitzer brand is the next fashion brand to sell at Target after such brands as Vera Wang and Missoni, Target decides to sell the popular, bright and summery resort wear prints on line for plus size.  While it is a good thing that SOME plus sizes are even offered, the brand is selling up to a size 18, it is not encouraging to see another brand sell plus only on line. Target’s explanation talks about providing an assortment and allowing for some trial and error, but BLAMES the customer in that the last time they tried plus size designer collection it did not work?  Really?


The promotional efforts look great and the brand even has its own video and an app.

The brand is available on April 19, 2015.  Transport yourself to the land of Lilly in Palm Beach by watching the video at People Stylewatch, and we bet you’ll be in a beach ready for sure!  Get  closer look at the collection here in an interactive party setting that seems to be a preview of the app being launched with the collection.