Jul 26

Welcome to this week’s Fashion Flash! We have great items for you to read this week from all of our bloggers! Read on! Have a great rest of the summer!


Is summer’s heat making you cranky? Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards.com suggests these tips to de-stress – #5, who knew?

Lifestyle blogger, Pamela Lutrell, shows us a sure fire way to cover gray in between coloring…and she got the idea from the late JOAN RIVERS!


Chic at Any Age talks about What to wear for a trip to the theatre and dinner.

Prime Beauty joins the beauty army and gets muddy with Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Mud Mask!

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog explores the “it” beauty ingredient of the year– tea tree oil.

Inka of glamourgrannytravels.com likes to chill out in style in Greece. Just look at these fabulous destinations.

Society Wellness talks about, “If you love mangoes, cold soups in the summer, and the heat from chipotle and ginger, this recipe is for you!”

Tone up and cool off  with this Aqua Ballet Workout by Certified Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist,  Mirabai Holland from www.mirabaiholland.com

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 and AARP YouTube Host, wants all of you to know how to protect your skin from the INSIDE OUT! Check out her #1 best tip for beautiful skin at any age.

Eva Scrivo, acclaimed hair and makeup artist, advises second life women of the one thing they can control in the aging process.  So don’t go gray until you read this!

Do you ever wonder what dating is like for single men over 40? Here is a taste of what some of the men you are dating are experiencing.

Jul 19

We have found a great new item!

The Half-Tee is designed as a layering piece that is “all style-no hassle” and fits up to its name. The Half-Tee provides coverage in the bust line without adding the extra layer to your midsection and features a non-slip band that is truly non-slip.

I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first for plus size, as I was afraid that I would be walking around with a “bare midriff” that everyone would absolutely be able to tell, but that was not the case. The short or long sleeve styles are perfect for women who want to wear tank tops but do not want to bare their arms.

I wore the Half-Tee under a low cut V-neck tunic and it did the trick and I was not hot at all.  That was the selling point for me.


Styles include: Tank, short-sleeve and long sleeve and fabrics include in cotton, lace and modal fabric. The fabric is so lightweight you feel as though you do not have anything on. Prices range from $17.99-$34.99 retail for the full tee. For those ladies who are a bit modest and who won’t consider the half tee, the layering shirt fits the bill! That shirt has become a favorite item of mine for working out, lounging and layering! Go to www.halfteee.com for more information.

Jul 11

Celebrities such as Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson have influenced plus size manufacturers to take notice as they are about to design their own plus size clothing lines.  It is sad that in spite of the positive influence of celebrities such as McCarth and Wilson along with Tess Halliday, who recently graced the cover of People Magazine, plus size offerings are far and few in between leaving retailers such as Torrid and new plus size line X-Two, with an endless market to sell to.

“The industry has done a disservice to themselves by not offering some of those great choices for the plus-size consumer,” says Marshal Cohen, NPD retail analyst.


Cohen says major clothing stores aren’t eager to make a serious commitment to the plus-size market because it isn’t growing.

“Until the plus-size business grows at a rate greater than its current growth of 2 percent, they are going to wait. And that means that plus size is going to have to accelerate its growth rate closer to 4 and even 5 percent before the retailers are really going to embrace this,” Analyst Marshal Cohen says even the large department stores have more offerings on their websites than they do on the racks. For a lot of Americans, he says, in-store shopping is not a positive experience, Cohen adds.

It will be interesting to see just exactly what it takes!

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Jul 3

Straight/Curve, a documentary which will debut in the Fall of 2016, follows top models, photographers, editors and stylists for two fashion seasons, diving into the current status of models in the media and determine whether a size zero will remain the norm.

The film emphasizes that the use of stick-skinny, size zero models on runways and in magazines and encourages a negative body image among women. The promo for the documentary shows plus-size models, like Jennie Runk and Leah Kelley, explaining how one universal average size does not exist.