Oct 18

Meghan Trainor’s voice is joining the voices of other plus size celebrities of late who believe that the words, “plus-sized” should not be used.

Trainor, who is now the official spokesperson for fullbeauty.com, an online retailer for 12+ size clothing, said that it bothers her when she sees people passing scathing comments about a model just because she has put on a little extra weight.

Photo: Meghan Trainor/Facebook

She also shared during the interview that she hated the term “plus-size”. When she discussed this with FullBeauty, they were quite amicable about her not wanting to be labeled as a plus-sized girl. The e-retailer was perfectly cool about her decision.  The retailer introduced the term “full-beauty” rather than plus-sized and the term is becoming accepted among the women who wear a size 12 and above.

When Meghan was asked whether she looks up to anyone in the industry, she admitted that she like Beyonce because of her curves, Melissa McCarthy and Gigi and loves their inspirational quotes.

Good for you, Meghan!  Let’s not allow anyone to label others because of size and that includes the words skinny.

Oct 9

You have to try these socks!  Xpandasox are the answer!  They are perfect for women who have a larger calf. Say “Farewell” to socks that bind or fall down! We have found the perfect pair of socks for you!  We tried them on and wore them all day without a problem!  They fit up to a size 24″ calf!

These socks have a new and innovative concept that has a stretch panel that stretches and contracts to fit your body and stays up without binding, allowing for comfort, style and a better fit.

One pair of socks retail for $18.00 and come in several colors and patterns.   A 9-11: Fits women’s shoe size 5-10 A 10-12: Fits women’s shoe size 10-12

In addition, for every sock that is purchased, Xpandasox will donate 1 pair to The Sock Bank. Did you know that socks are the most asked-for item in homeless shelters in the U.S.A.

Try a pair today! 20% off for October with Code Save20 and Free Shipping with orders over $25!

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Oct 1

That is all I have been hearing about lately!

Check out Pursecase!

Pursecase is the patent protected smartphone clutch elegantly designed with your phone and essentials in mind. Made for Samsung Galaxy, iPhones As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank & partners with Lori Greiner, this protective smartphone case exclusively fashioned with a pocket to carry cash, ID & credit cards, a sleek chain handle that doubles as a bracelet, and a compact mirror designed for those fashion emergencies!

Check out this new accessory today!

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Oct 1

Run, jump and dash into the latest revolution in foam footwear this spring with Crosskix! Be part of the growing trend of the energizing, sleek and sporty Crosskix lifestyle and culture that is dominating the foam composite footwear market.


Crosskix is more than just another EVA shoe to slip on and casually wear. It’s pioneering functionality in mold-injected footwear for multi-purpose uses that comes in striking, attractive and sporty designs. Each shoe is designed and engineered for the best impact absorption, ventilation and water use. The stylish and functional athletic shoes are rugged enough for rigorous obstacle course races (TUFF MUDDER, etc), comfortable for marathon runs, and stylish for everyday casual wear in and out of the water!


Be one of the first to experience Crosskix’s APX and 2.0. The Kickstarter “super early bird” SPECIAL pricing will start at $34/pair (any style, color, or size). Suggested retail price starting at $64/pair. These prices are exclusively available during the Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crosskix/crosskix-20-and-apx-new-and-improved?ref=discovery until completion. Target delivery date is April 2016.

Crosskix’s 2.0 design is a follow-up to the signature 1.0 shoe with more improvements in design and functionality. Features include a fully adjustable tongue with slits on the medial and lateral sides for high insteps. A strong marine Velcro securely fastens the instep strap while submerged in water. Crosskix also added a “pin fastener” on the upper lateral side that can be inserted into pre-drilled holes on the instep strap. This allows users to wear the 2.0 as loose or as tight as they want.


The APX is designed to fit, feel and function like a high performance sneaker. New features include a full tongue with 9mm wide anti-chorine elastic specifically made for water — and will not dry up and crack. The instep can be adjusted to any height. Like the 2.0, the APX also incorporates stylish air and water vents and scupper drain holes on the rear medial and lateral sides of the shoe.


Both the 2.0 and APX are designed recreational and athletic uses and are perfect for water sports and recreational activities where the user needs to go from land to water and back, without having to switch shoes.


Don’t miss this opportunity and be the first to experience the most comfortable and functional athletic shoe in foam composite footwear with the Crosskix’s new Kickstarter for the APX and 2.0 design — just in time for Spring/Summer 2016 delivery.


Great for all ages, these Crosskix designs are perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable all-purpose athletic shoe for everyday use. Please visit crosskix.com or contact sarah@chicexecs.com.