6 Awesome Tips on Choosing the Right Plus Size Fashion

All individuals regardless of his or her body shape and size like to appear fashionable. This is why the big names among the fashion brands have introduced a completely new selection of plus size clothing. With the introduction of the plus sized fashion, women of all shapes and sizes have the option of appearing hip and trendy at parties and social gatherings.

But, it is not enough to buy just any of the plus size garments to look good. You need keep a few important thing in mind to ensure that you look the best.

Tips on Plus Size Fashion

1.  On the very first hand what is important in deciding what to wear is your comfort level. There is no sense in comprising comfort-ability for the sake of looking fashionable. Remember that if you are awkward with your dress then all the effort you have put behind looking good, will be marred.

What is most important is your positive attitude. Fashionable items are available in abundance in the market. However, what is the use of buying them, if you cannot carry them well? When you appear in the party scene, you must radiate a positive energy! There’s nothing like a great outfit such as this Simply Silk Layer Dress to radiate energy!

2. There is a common notion among plus size women that they appear slimmer in black dresses.  While it is true that black is slimming, it is a good thing to try out different shades and colors. If you can carry various shades, they will obviously match your personality and enhance your style. Moreover, you will have a lot more options to experiment with. One of our favorite colors of the season is turquoise, such as this Neon Buddha turquoise top

3.  One special tip for women with slim legs, it would be wise to try out something like knee-length skirts and show them off.  But, what if your legs aren’t your best asset? You will have ample options regarding ways to cover them. You can rest assured that you will look pretty in them. For instance, evening gowns, long skirts or trousers obviously add a spark to your outfit. Check out these new Teez-Her Skinny Pants! These pants will make your legs and silhouette look fabulous! Great price too!

4. Pay attention to the shoes that curvy women can wear. Experiment as to which styles slim and show off your curves. You may want to look for a shorter, box heel, rather than a spike heel.

5.  People often tend to overlook the necessity of wearing perfect undergarments. They are very necessary.


We recommend our great line of Julie France and n-fini shapewear.

6.  You may want to take a tip from the rich and famous and have your garments tailor-made!

As a curvy woman, you will want to select your clothing and accessories carefully so that you will make the right choice for your shape and stay right in style!

Author’s Bio

Thanks to our guest blogger, Mary James for her tips on plus size fashion.

She has a vast experience in writing articles on Fascinators and other fashion related topics. In this article she has given us some great advice to follow for plus size fashion.


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More as it happens! Jodell


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4 Responses to “6 Awesome Tips on Choosing the Right Plus Size Fashion”

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  2. Really glad to find your article and to read it, the tips are very useful and informative for me, looking this kind of information. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sarah says:

    Love the styles! You should check out Monif C….have you heard of that designer? I love their online store, I’ve ordered 4 dresses since I found out about them and literally love them all!!

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