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Mar 7

Join us live on Black Cat Plus Radio on Wednesday, March 10 at 3pm EST, where host, Jodell Raymond, will talk with Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi Founder and CEO of Kiyonna Clothing.

Jodell Raymond, the Owner and CEO of Black Cat Plus and host of Black Cat Plus Radio, says about this month’s show, “I am excited and honored to talk to Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi of Kiyonna.  We have been carrying Kiyonna since we started our business and are pleased that the line has a loyal following. We love Kiyonna’s dresses and tops and we are anxious to hear what is in store for Spring ’10. “

Also on the show, will be Tai Goodwin Career Makeover Coach who will talk about adjusting your career goals in this economy.  Jodell says about Tai, “You’ll love Tai’s energy and passion for what she does.  Tips and techniques abound with Tai who is clearly an expert in her field.  We are proud to have her on our show.”

Dec 7

Every now and then I read a book and I cannot put it down.  It hit close to home.  Way too close.  This was the case with Dara Chadwick’s, You’d Be So Pretty If…Teaching Our Daughters To Love Their Bodies Even When We Don’t Love Our Own.”

I grew up with a mother who had a mastectomy at the age of 32.  I was 3.5 years old and remember waving to her at her hospital bed from outside the hospital.  She never talked about her own body and never discussed her mastectomy with me–Never.

However, my mother’s message to me about appearance, weight and being thin was always loud and clear. It’s not enough.  You are not enough.  Try harder. Diet. Starve if you have to. Boys won’t like you unless you are thin.  Some of our worst, most painful mother-daughter moments was hearing her say, “You do not need to eat one more thing. Do not put that in your mouth.” It was said in a loud, stern voice across a crowded room as I was putting something, cannot remember what, in my mouth.  I was mortified.

When I had gained a few pounds (ok,20 pounds) between my Junior and Senior year in college and saw my parents for the first time that summer, she said, with my fiancee, (now my husband) right there, “What did you do to yourself.  You blew up.”  Again, I was mortified.  The whole ride on the way back home was all about how we were going to change my image and be a new me in the Fall of my Senior year.

And, while she was on her death bed, one of the last sentences she said to me before she went into a coma was, “You’ve gained weight and you are getting bigger.”  Great.

What a waste of energy and precious time.  I want to believe her intentions were good.  Her method was just so very awfully, horribly, wrong.  I never had children.  (For many reasons) But, the child back then and the adult now wishes we could do those scenarios all over.

I was never petite, tiny, or thin no matter how much I dieted.  What I was/am—I was/am strong, assured, and self-confident.  I take pride in my appearance and do my best to look good and feel good.  I am not always at 100% but that is the goal–to strive for 100% in everything I do.  I go after what I want and get it.  I owe most of that drive and determination to her. But those comments, her comments, remain in the air like stale smoke, still here after all these years.

So, when I read Dara’s book, I immediately got in touch with her.  Here was a mother who did not want to repeat the cycle. Maybe I could gain more insight into the mother that is no longer here to ask. (She died when I was 22, never saw me get married, was never there for the triumphs and sadly, what I remember the most about her are those judgmental comments).

Dara says,

“As mothers, how we feel about and relate to our own bodies–and the conscious or unconscious expression of that relationship—creates a “body image blueprint” for our daughters.  Our girls may grow up to look different from the way we look, but the foundation for how they relate to their bodies as adults is one that we help build, brick by brick, through our own behavior toward our own bodies and toward theirs…  Body image matters not because we all need to look like gorgeous supermodels to be happy.  It matters because if we don’t feel good about what we look like and the body we live in, we’re less inclined to show the world who we are.”

There ya’ go!

We can break a cycle.  Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 3:00 pm EST on Black Cat Plus Radio.  We begin.

More as it happens.   Jodell

Nov 12

Thanks to our V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Lyn Baskett, the best sales rep in the world, Cynthia, and all of our friends at Pure & Co., Hand Knit for their offer to raffle a hand knit wrap to one of our listeners for Black Cat Plus Radio! No purchase necessary!  We are just passing on the spirit of thanks for the month of November!!

Have you tried the wraps? You must!  Makes a great gift item!  We love Pure & Co., and we know you will too!! A company that is committed to social responsiblity and to providing a product our customers ask for by name!

As Pure & Co., says, “We are proud of the dedication and commitment we receive from the 3,500 women who partner with us to translate our visions into intricate masterpieces.  As artisians, they knit in their villages giving life to our designs.  We deliver yarn and pick up finished pieces from localized hubs allowing for these women to knit from their homes in remote parts of Northern Thailand.  On arrival to our facility each piece is inspected by a specialized quality control team assuring superior quality.  There are a lot of sweaters being produced in the world today but only a few that make a difference.”

Black Cat Plus is excited to be recognized as an official e-retailer for Pure & Co. and Neon Buddha!

Sep 26

Kudos to Kelly Bliss for launching her new Lifestyle Watchers Program!

Congratulations to Black Cat Plus radio Lifestyles segment contributor, Kelly Bliss, for offering this new and innovative program!

As Kelly says, “Self Care works better than self hate!” Amen to that! Striving to live the healthiest lifestyle that we possibly can is the best gift we can give to ourselves and to those we love.

So, I promise for today to live the healthiest lifestyle I possibly can in body, mind and spirit! How about you?   WE look forward to talking with Kelly about her new Lifestyle Watchers program on our next show which airs live on Wednesday, October 14, 2009.

And, if you live in the Philadelphia, Pa area, check out one of Kelly’s Lifestyle Watcher Classes