Dear Jodell

Jun 25

We have had a few inquiries recently about proper wedding attire.

Just to review:
#1: What does the invitation say? Any clues?
#2: How formal is it? What time of day? Morning, Evening? Kiyonna’s Black Scalloped Lace Dress is a Perfect Choice for Evening? For Daytime, there are many patterns and prints out there. From Linda Lundstrom’s Pretty Leaves Dress to Connected Apparel’s Blue Multi Banded Short Sleeve Dress. If you like sleeveless, daytime is a time for sleeveless. Nightime for strapless.

Overall, keep the look light and festive. Be careful with white and do try to make sure you find out what the attendants are wearing. One wedding I attended, I blended right in with the bridal party!

Jewelry should be minimal as should makeup, hairstyle, and accessories. Need a bag? Check out our Uddini Mini’s. So cute. Love is in the air..Reminds me of my August wedding, almost 23 years ago. Remind me to tell you about the time I lost my slip while walking down the aisle. Hey–it was the 80′s and we had a ton of dress on the bottom… Only me! A reminder, try things on and wear them a bit before the day. You will be able to tell if shoes are too tight a strap is not right or a neckline is too low.

Happy Wedding! Jodell P.S. We are in the process of building our new site!! We have outgrown the old site! YAY!