Is There a Plus Size Clothing Shortage?

Why do you think designers and mainstream brands believe that the thin customer drives the fashion market?   Many in the plus size fashion industry are asking the same question!

From Karl Lagerfeld (although he seems to have changed his mind) to the recent Abercrombie & Fitch CEO’s comments about how his brand is not meant for plus size, I wonder if many designers feel the same way these two do?

Granted, it is not easy to design for plus size, with the various plus size body types and having to find a universal fit for the majority of those body types…but plus size women are the majority and will soon be the norm!

DanimezzaFoterCC BY-NC-ND

So, how about it?   I am going to count how many brands this coming week at Vegas  Market offer plus size!   While it is impossible to carry every brand, I will do my best to name some of them as they are considerate of the plus size woman!

Maybe things can change in time so a plus size clothing shortage will be a thing of the past!

Check out this week’s Fashi0n Flash from Prime Beauty Blog.

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4 Responses to “Is There a Plus Size Clothing Shortage?”

  1. Kim & peter says:

    Both Peter and I agree with you, we have noticed there seems to be very few designers and brands that specialise in a the plus size range. The way most of the fashion industry advertise is with a size 8 to10 model. Some brands then to hopefully cash in on the plus size market so they clone the same style in sizes up to a 24 expecting you to believe or accept it will look just as good on your size 18+.
    This was one of the reasons why we opened our online store specialling in the plus size market because that’s who we are plus we say normal sized people and were disappointed at not being able to find styled clothing for our age mature group and size.
    I mean lets be real here, (feel free to comment if you disagree) we found that being over 35 and a plus size you are so busy with your life that most times trying to lose those few pounds gets put on the back burner or on your wish list that continues to get longer every year.
    So why cant we have designer clothes that suit our size now and make us feel good until we can get around to the wish list.
    At The Unique You this is what we are all about using real sized models mostly ME and searching for those designer styles that are made of the normal people in this world.

    Happy for all and any feed back or suggestions on styles and designs, via the contact us link or comments to this blog.

    We ship world wide at a set rate.

    Some rules we like to live by:

    Live and enjoy your life like there is no tomorrow, be the person you are and not the person other people want you to be.

    It’s the person who is sexy not the size.


    Kim and Peter
    The Unique You

  2. [...] Black Cat Plus address the reasons why there is a shortage of good, plus size clothing. [...]

  3. [...] Black Cat Plus address the reasons why there is a shortage of good, plus size clothing. [...]

  4. kristi says:

    Hi Jodell,
    We have recently just added plus sizes to our collection! We are showing in Las Vegas this week. I will email you our new Spring 2014 collection when we get back.
    Made in the USA!

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