Make 2016 the Year to Set Financial & Personal Goals

Very often, the lessons of the past  can give us insight into the future. The hard work of pioneers like Susan B. Anthony, have devoted their lives to making women’s lives better.

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Susan B. Anthony, the legendary civil rights advocate and leader of the women’s suffrage movement believed strongly that women should be paid equally for doing the same work as a man and that women had an inherent right to “have a purse of her own.”

Photo: Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

Ms. Anthony said,

“Woman must have a purse of her own, & how can this be, so long as the wife is denied the right to her individual and joint earnings.  Reflections like these, caused me to see and really feel that there was no true freedom for woman without the possession of all her property rights. . .This demand must be made by Petitions to the Legislature. . .”

Susan B. Anthony Diary November, 1853

It’s just an alligator purse.  But, it represents so much more than a purse.  It is the representation of the goals and aspirations of all woman-kind.  She knew that by women gaining the right to vote, it would be the beginning of the path to independence and freedom.

With independence and freedom comes the realization that we have a responsibility to do all we can to protect our “purse.”

Decide that this year, 2016, will be the year you will start planning for retirement and thinking about your future.  A recent CNBC article revealed that only 53% of women have started planning for retirement compared to 65% of our male peers!  You can use this free retirement calculator to help with planning for all of the things you may want to accomplish in the new year such as buying a new home or starting a family.



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