One Size Fits All Jewelry

By Vera Mosley, An author with an eye for fashion.


For a while now the fashion world has been offering “his and hers” accessories and this season is no exception. From shared ear and neck pieces to girlfriends wearing their boyfriend’s watches there is sure to be something a couple can share.

In fact, one designer, Stephen Webster, has designed a lady’s collection based on men’s jewelry. He has taken men’s accessories and resized them to fit women and the style has already been spotted on red carpets adorned by the stars.

An Australian designer, Jordan Askill, has designed gorgeous galloping horse rings and delicate panther necklaces that are attracting interest from both genders.

There is also an array of unisex jewels to choose from. Leather friendship bracelets that sport peace signs (often encrusted in diamonds), glass bead and white pearl creations for a more laid back kind of style, and 22 carat gold charms for men and women are increasingly growing in popularity.

The trend seems to be leaning towards a far less showy attitude but rather a more relaxed kind of style. So the debate seems to be whether to display the jewelry in the men’s or women’s department in a store, and whether or not unisex watches, necklaces and wrist straps will sell.

These days, many men seem to feel that the more delicate lady’s accessories are easier and more attractive to wear. And so that gentlemen do not feel any less masculine when purchasing a ring to match their girlfriend’s, they seemingly wear it on their pinkie finger.

It has not gone unnoticed that more and more women of all sizes are choosing to wear men’s time pieces. In fact, it is known that Victoria Beckham chooses to wear male sized Rolex watches and owns more than one of them. Some designers believe this trend is due to women appreciating the mechanisms and technical characteristics of the pieces. Besides that, big wrist pieces help make women feel thinner!

When it comes to wedding bands, both genders are happier to wear the same designs, again opting for a more simplistic creation to suite both of them.

Another popular unisex, any size trend is collections that incorporate rubber and stainless steel. The ranges of these vary from classic to urban chic and come in rings, pendants, cuff links and bracelets.

It seems that like fashion, accessory boundaries are becoming more difficult to define. But where did this trend of “he can wear hers and she can wear his” stem from? Some say it dates back to the ancient Greeks and hasn’t let up since. And it seems that department stores may have to rethink their layout to incorporate the best of both worlds as opposed to having different sections for men and women.

From rings and bracelets to neck pieces and especially watches, jewelry is rapidly becoming a one size fits all trend.

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