Plus Size Women Can Wear Color with Confidence

I have just read the Power of Style by Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for the Today Show.

This book makes an excellent reference book and serves as a reminder for women of all shapes and sizes, that they can wear color. The key: the shade of color that you choose is important.

To determine whether you are “cool”  ”warm” or a combination, take a look at your wrist on the inside of your veins.  If they are more blue than yellow tone, that tells you, you are a cool.

Cool colors have more blues and jewel tones, like the ocean such as this Simply Silk Aqua Burnout Tunic.


Warm colors have tones more like a sunset such as this textured print kimono jacket, also from Simply Silk.

To help you determine your color palette, you can also take white and ivory scarves and see which color “pops” and makes your features stand out more.

As Bobbie says, “It is all about the power of attraction.”

To find out more info from color to body type and determining which styles look best and the proportion between your shoulders and hips, check out this excerpt from The Power of Style.

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