Rex Reed Slams Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Not Talent in Film Critique

Rex Reed is a bully and a bigot.  He needs to be let go as a reviewer for the New York Observer, NOW!

What is this? The fourth or fifth post like this in the past year?

Ok, so he disliked Melissa’s new  movie, Identity Thief, which is not meant for an Oscar, it is meant just for us to laugh, that’s it! Laugh, mindless, fun, laughter. No sub-plot, no high-brow thoughts, just for us to laugh.  Watching Melissa do what Melissa does best, provide a zany character that just simply makes you laugh.  Melissa’s bathroom scene (you know the one) in The Bridesmaids, had me laughing so hard, I was crying and could not breathe.  Her Saturday Night Live appearance was the ONE appearance where I stayed up the whole time and could not stop laughing with one funny skit after another.  As a someone who grew up with SNL, that says a lot! I laugh out loud, OUT LOUD at her sit com Mike & Molly.  I do not laugh out loud too often with what is on television today.

And now, this film critic (note film critic, that is all you are, just your opinion for whatever it’s worth, Mr. Reed and it’s not worth much at all.) chooses to focus on her appearance?  This talented, beautiful woman who takes our breath away with her comedic range and all you focus on is her appearance?

To single McCarthy out, not for her talent, but her physical appearance and called her obese and tractor-sized with a career that has been a study in being obese and being obnoxious with equal success, is just so feeble minded, I cannot get over it.

Excuse me? That is someone who should be fired and we need to let the New York Observer know our displeasure. He’s out of touch and not with the program, that for sure. So, fire him Immediately.  And some in Hollywood are just as angry as I am and agree that he should be let go.

Film critic Scott Weinberg said in his Twitter post:

“Is it still offensive to call someone an “old queen”? Because I want to call Rex Reed that but I don’t want to offend anyone except him.”

Chad Lowe said, Film critic sideshow #RexReed‘s personal attack on actress Melissa McCarthy is vile & unacceptable. The @NewYorkObserver should fire him.

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What do you think?

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