Sep 27
Plus Size Fashion for 40+
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Fashion for 40+ curvy women

Getting dressed is easy in your twenties because, basically, anything goes. In your 30s, hemlines get a little longer and necklines get a bit higher, but in general, it’s stil pretty easy. But, once a woman reaches her 40s, this all changes. Suddenly, you find yourself in that in-between stage. You’re not young anymore, but far from old.

Our post this week is from guest blogger, Nisha. Nisha represents a site called BigCatwalk.com. She enjoys writing about fashion and design. Feel free to visit her site for more information on large women’s shoes.

Contradictory to what you might think, during a transition like this, experimentation is more important than ever. A silhouette that previously might not have worked on you, may be your new best friend. Figure out what your complimentary colors are and stick to three or four of them. Experimenting with different textiles and fabrics will be important as well.

One way to not overwhelm yourself is to think of your needs is terms of where you go during the day. Break it down.

Most of your life is spent in the office so comfort is key here. Avoid styles that are overly baggy. Clothing that is more form fitting can actually be the most flattering. The concept is counterintuitive, but it is absolutely true. Accentuate the positive. Try pants and skirts with a little bit of stretch such as these great, classic slim demi pants from Sympli Grand.  These pants have the right amount of stretch and are great for work.

You’ll be comfortable sitting in them. Loose fitting blouses also work well with tight bottoms.

Everyone wants to be stylish even when they are out running errands. You want to feel good about yourself whether you’re running to the market or having a cocktail with a friend.  The key in your 40s is a couple of great staples: a great pair of jeans, a great t-shirt and then accessorize like crazy: scarves, earrings, hats.  Check out this lovely wrap from Art of Cloth-makes any outfit look like a million!

This way you always have a great base and you can vary the style to suit your needs. You don’t need lots of jeans and lots of tops. You need one amazing pair of jeans such as these pretty crop jeans from Multiples and a couple great fitting tops. When it comes to choosing a pair of jeans, don’t be a fashion victim. Don’t feel like you have to get the style that is the most “in.” Instead, get the style that looks best on you because denim is always “in” as long as it looks good.

More as it happens!

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Jackie at Aging Backwards.


Feb 5
Fashion Flash February
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Hi! It’s Fashion Flash February as Black Cat Plus plays host to the latest and greatest from our favorite bloggers.  Read what’s in the news this week!


Female Fat Loss Over 40, Shawna K, loves ‘workout finishers‘, you can read all about this cool way to drop fat quickly in a super short amount of time.


The Spring Beauty Collections have popped up everywhere and vibrant shades of pink and coral are the focus.  Fab Over Forty shares with us some of the most wearable beauty Spring Collections for women over 40.


What do you wear to a casual sporting event to look like a stylish spectator? The Glam Gals have the perfect fashion solution at Fabulous after 40.


“Déjà Pseu observes that denim at the office isn’t just for Fridays anymore…”


Staness talks about women’s health.  ”This is a dangerous time for women’s health. The last year has seen unprecedented attacks on women’s access to care and on the fundamental right of every woman to make her own medical decisions.  YOU can make a difference, so your daughter has the same health rights as you. Support women’s health today.”

History has shown us that the quest for ultimate beauty is nothing new – it’s just gotten more high tech. Even in antiquity, dating back many thousands of years, famous beauties – including Cleopatra – searched the world over for the best beauty “treatments.” Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards.com shows you that great skin is as close as your doctor’s office with today’s cutting-edge lasers.

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  takes a close look at anti-aging  properties of yogurt.

And, over at Black Cat Plus, we are getting ready to go to our trade shows in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for MAGIC, WINN, MODA, and more so we can bring you the latest in plus size Spring Fashions for 2012 and give you a sneak peek at Fall 2012, stay tuned!


Sep 28

This season we are seeing some really great trends with a nod to the 70′s with a color, texture, and animal print focus.

You can take advantage of color blocking and use it as an economic way to keep your costs in check and not look as though you are dressing in costume.

Color blocking as pop art is not what you want.  Think understated and the use of solids such as a solid knit top such as this Neon Buddha
pullover paired with your fave black pencil skirt.

This outfit makes for an easy color block that provides the right amount of balance without going over-the-top.  Afraid that it is too much? Use the darker color on the bottom and the brighter color on top.

Want more bold? Pair texture and print but be sure to stay within the same color family and never mix two of the same prints.

Animal print pieces are still going strong this season. Remember with animal prints to wear one print at a time as well so as not to look to busy.

We love this Simply Silk jacket with its animal-like pattern and a tad bit of beading for texture in the most appropriate fall shades. 

Both pieces are $109 and $110.  Cost-conscious, appropriate and on trend for Fall ’11~

Also, Need help with your wardrobe but on a budget? Then check out Fabulous After 40′s ebook Chic on the Cheap!

More as it happens!


Jun 6

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Fabulous After 40!

And while you are there, don’t forget to sign up for their Fabulous After 40 Starter Kit and for a chance to win Artisan Design Gallery Cuff Bracelets!

Apr 18

Check out what the gals over at Fabulous After 40 have to say!

As hosts of this week’s fashion flash, they bring the best of the best of this week’s tips for looking and feeling your best!

While you are there, claim your Fabulous After 40 Starter Kit which includes a subscription to their newsletter, special report and give-a-way!

Get a great start to your week and check out the Fabulous After 40 site today!

Sep 10

We were so excited to hear that we were in the top FIVE, out of

the top 40 plus size fashion blogs on the web for 2010.

What do you think of that?  As you know, I love writing about all things related to plus size fashion and trends–it is one of the fun things that I do as owner of Black Cat Plus.  We have worked hard to bring you on the spot video interviews with designers and key fashion experts this season and it is good that others have noticed!

The review says,

“The Black Cat Plus blog is actually part of the bigger Black Cat Plus online shop. The shop has tons of great plus size clothing in many of the biggest brands, all of which are available to purchase through the site – which is something that sets it apart from many of the other plus size fashion blogs on the web. The blog itself is written by Jodell Raymond and has a vast amount of information on plus size fashion & fashion trends in general. Taking cues from pop culture and fashion sources alike, this blog puts together great posts that give good tips to its readers.”

Isn’t that great!?  It is an honor to be on that list with fellow  bloggers, Glen Johnson of Full Figure Plus, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, M. E. Wood of  PlusShe (look for a give-a-way on there soon!) and Sara of Pazazz, who have inspired me  to keep on bloggin’. When you get a minute, please check out these talented bloggers as they dish on all things plus!  The top 40 also has a few new and established blogs to check out.  It is a great resource for all things plus size!

Need a Halloween costume? The top 40 list is a part of the Halloween costumes site. When you get a minute,  check it out!  Yes, there are even a few cat costumes in the mix!